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Claret Badger 8:38 Wed Apr 11
Party Wall Agreement
neighbour just stuffed this in my hands last night

wants to start work in 9 days - moving walls around in their house - and putting steels in the party wall

any thing I should be aware of if I do sign this??

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Gavros 8:34 Thu Apr 12
Re: Party Wall Agreement
Sorry to hear so many fellow WHOers are still poor enough to have to have a party wall.....


w4hammer 6:52 Thu Apr 12
Re: Party Wall Agreement
i forgot about this until the week before i started, told both neighbours they could chose their own or use an independent one and they were as good as gold- got a bloke out the next day did both and and never had another word on the topic

Bullet 3:41 Thu Apr 12
Re: Party Wall Agreement
Try not to get into a dispute with your neighbour as when if you come to sell any disputes with neighbours has to be revealed to the buyers solicitor, if not revealed the buyer can sue you later for not revealing said dispute should there be any future problems...just saying.

Did similar next door to me once, cut openings for steels/rsj ends to be sunk into the party walls either side to straighten sagging floors in old properties or adding a mezzanine, which shouldn't be a problem if done correctly. IF terraced similar may affect the other neighbour best to all get together for a cup of tea and a chat.

Chartered/Party Wall Surveyors and Solicitors LOVE a dispute that drags on so they can justify their high charges and increase the bill. Sit down with your neighbour(s) first and discuss any concerns you have and ask them to furnish you with all plans drawings what work is being done exactly, if still concerned as said get a surveyor.

Beckton Bill 3:19 Thu Apr 12
Re: Party Wall Agreement
Depends how you get on with the neighbour however its not enough notice.

If you do not approve or play ball then he/she can appoint a surveyor on your behalf and carry out the works anyway.

My advice would be to get the surveyor (preferably a RICS accredited) to write up a condition survey.

That way if there is any damage you can have a fall back position.

If you want your own surveyor give Jason at this company a call:


All fees should be paid by your neighbour but costs have to still be fair and reasonable.

Chrisel 8:35 Thu Apr 12
Re: Party Wall Agreement

Just been through this myself, from the other side, so to speak.

As has been pointed out, I had to give either 2 or 3 months notice.

Had to go through solicitors, either your own or you can agree to share theirs.

They pay.

martyboy 7:25 Thu Apr 12
Re: Party Wall Agreement
Claret, sounds like you have concerns. Get your own Party Wall Surveyor. they are neutral, but will speak to his people. your neighbour has to pay you surveyors bill (I think). Play it safe, and let them do the sorting out.

Chigwell 5:46 Thu Apr 12
Re: Party Wall Agreement
As far as I know the minimum notice to serve a PWA is 2 months before the date the works will commence.

Noah 9:32 Wed Apr 11
Re: Party Wall Agreement

Nowhere near enough notice. Does the form of the notice state it's notice under the Act?

As Gavvie said, you can require he appoint a surveyor to represent you.

How well do you get on with him?

Gavros 8:41 Wed Apr 11
Re: Party Wall Agreement
Noah is your man.

You can if you want dispute time I think and insist on your own surveyor.

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