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andyd12345 9:52 Sat Apr 14
Sky TV deals
Been with Sky is my new house for a couple of years and currently paying £95 for all the channels, HD, multi room etc. This doesn’t include internet etc.

In the past I’ve threatened cancellation and then a couple of days before the service is due to turn off they phone you up with a massive discount offer. Tomorrow is my cut off day and no one has made contact. I know there used to be someone here that worked for Sky - has their process changed? I’d like to keep Sky but can’t justify £100 a month. Any suggestions?

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Dr Moose 1:06 Mon Apr 16
Re: Sky TV deals
NOW TV is a good compromise, you get most of the decent channels on a pay per month so if you want rid you ain't got the hassle of phoning them or waiting till your contract is up. When you do cancel one of the passes they email you with an offer of the pass a few quid off for a few months.

Don't go for their phone and broadband, not great by all accounts.

Bernie 12:55 Mon Apr 16
Re: Sky TV deals
Whatever you do, don't switch to BT, I did that as I wanted to be able to record the Ashes. It's an abomination.

monto 12:43 Mon Apr 16
Re: Sky TV deals
Cheers Gav, I’ll have a butchers. The Doris might want to keep the standard Sky package but there’s a load of old crap that can be trimmed off that bill for sure.

Gavros 12:37 Mon Apr 16
Re: Sky TV deals
I just use thedarehub or whatever it calls itself this month. Unless you want something that's on today, you can get 95% of anything you want on that.

monto 12:36 Mon Apr 16
Re: Sky TV deals
I know mate, I was using kodi for a bit, but found I was fart arsing around with it.

Gavros 12:26 Mon Apr 16
Re: Sky TV deals
You can get everything for free on the internet, you know.

monto 12:23 Mon Apr 16
Re: Sky TV deals
This months bill came in at a whopping £125 after ordering the AJ fight, told the Doris to bell em up and fuck it off.

Jose+ 9:53 Sun Apr 15
Re: Sky TV deals
I pay £7.99 a month for Netflix and stream anything else.

What gash are you watching on telly that's worth £95.

Watch ITV Player if you're just trying to keep the ball and chain quiet in front of Corrie.

Pop Robson 8:58 Sun Apr 15
Re: Sky TV deals
Cancelled Sky about 8/9yrs ago once a 2nd deal ran out, after a couple of months they offered 66% off to come back said no.

Stream anything that ain't on Freeveiw and pay £20 a quarter for a US site that sounds all the sports

Lord Brampton 2:50 Sun Apr 15
Re: Sky TV deals
Slightly off topic but has anyone had experience of IPTV ? Was offered a deal yesterday where I can get Sky/BT, etc for £80 all in. Apparently I just need to download the app onto a smart TV, receive a code, give it to some bod, and he will get me access to every channel I could ever want or need. Obviously illegal, but any other downsides ?

Mirkwood 11:51 Sun Apr 15
Re: Sky TV deals
We just went through all this.
Sky kicked us up the nuts when the deal ran out. Went from 75 quid to 120. We rang up but they were not doing any deals. Told me that was it take it or leave it. I left it.

Got BT which was horrific. Cancelled before 2 weeks cooling off period was up yet they tried to hit me for 18 months payments.

Ended up getting Freesat box + Netflix....Internet through Call Flow which is super fast. All good now.

jfk 10:44 Sun Apr 15
Re: Sky TV deals
I've sky Q two boxes,broadband,landline(that hasn't worked for a year)full package for a £110 a month.
Well worth the price of a pint a day.

andyd12345 12:33 Sun Apr 15
Re: Sky TV deals
Reached an agreement with them. All channels, HD, multi room with Sky Q etc for £51. That’s a fair enough price

LeroysBoots 11:53 Sat Apr 14
Re: Sky TV deals
Utter waste of money

Gave mine up 2 years ago

Guess what ?.... your life doesn't end !

85 quid ., told them to poke it

hammer205 7:57 Sat Apr 14
Re: Sky TV deals
Intrigued to know the details of the deals offered

GreenStreetPlayer 7:25 Sat Apr 14
Re: Sky TV deals
Was paying £75 a month, and that was without football. Enough was enough after threatening to cancel after all the price hikes and so pleased I did, don't miss it at all.
Bought a Freesat box for around £200 and that was it, no more payments.

If you are fed up with the extortoniate amount of money imvolved in the game, do your bit don't pay let it implode and restart under controls. Football has gone away from what it was all those years ago because of stupid money.

dicksie3 7:01 Sat Apr 14
Re: Sky TV deals
I don't bother with it. Used to love watching so many football games, films etc. but I just don't really watch much TV anymore to be honest so it's a complete waste.

I'd rather save the money to travel instead.

side effect 6:43 Sat Apr 14
Re: Sky TV deals
Wish they would go bust the scouse arse lickers. Your basically paying for a scouse and manc season ticket. Or half

MTC 12:04 Sat Apr 14
Re: Sky TV deals
We were paying £92 and then told it was going up by £6 so decided to cancel,knowing they would probably offer some deal.Phoned up and after bit of haggling got it down to £60,fixed for 18 months.We’ve got all channels apart from the kids ones and multi room in the kitchen.Guy i spoke to said that they are trying to offer longer fixed priced deals to keep customers rather than reducing your price for 3-6 months.

Buster 10:55 Sat Apr 14
Re: Sky TV deals
Be prepared to go through and actually cancel and they’ll come begging. I did it so many times that they stuck me on a price freeze until 2021. I pay £55 for every channel and that includes two additional Q mini boxes.

Northern Sold 10:46 Sat Apr 14
Re: Sky TV deals
All about the bartering and who blinks first even if you have to go without it for a few days.... I'm only on the box set package (includes all channels apart from movies and sports) for £20 a month.... My kodi box gets me all the films and sport I need.... However it does not stop sky ringing me up offering massive discounts on both movies and sports.... Told my old man to do this but he does not want to go without it for a few days!

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