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Q: 2020/2021 Where will we finish up this season?
a. Top Four, Champions League here we come
b. 5th-7th Europa League is well within our grasp
c. 8th to 14th anywhere in mid table is about right
d. We're in a dog fight before a ball has been kicked and we'll do well to finish 17th or just above
e. GSB have derailed our season before a ball has been kicked, the Championship beckons

Mr Anon 1:47 Mon Apr 23
Westworld Season 2
First episode is out, been looking forward to this.

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Hammer I am 4:09 Tue Jul 3
Re: Westworld Season 2
Loved it, and its not hard to follow once you let go of looking for a linear narrative, some called where it was going early on so it is not that hard.

Last episode was amazing, now that the man in black will be a host he's going to be a proper psycho!!

Swiss. 4:00 Tue Jul 3
Re: Westworld Season 2
I told you it was shit.

greenie1 11:15 Tue Jul 3
Re: Westworld Season 2
Gave up on season 2 at episode 3.

Trevor B 10:34 Tue Jul 3
Re: Westworld Season 2
I presume everyone watched the end credits scene?

joey5000 10:30 Tue Jul 3
Re: Westworld Season 2
I was a bit disappointed with the season finale... I think they went too far with the philosophy and forgot to write a story. Also don't get me started on the swat teams which were straight out of a James Bond villain manual.

Grumpster 10:10 Tue Jul 3
Re: Westworld Season 2
Just finishing up the series and not sure I'll bother with a 3rd if there is one.

Its watchable, but wouldn't call it brilliant and don't really know what's happening most of the time.

Nicey 9:46 Thu Jun 21
Re: Westworld Season 2
Robert created William to send him out to the world, infiltrate the rich and bring investment into the park. I dare say Robert kept shutting him down and aging him during the years to avoid suspicion. Williams daughter was someone else’s because William was never their and his lush wife was getting it elsewhere.

That’s my theory now

Hammer I am 9:09 Thu Jun 21
Re: Westworld Season 2
Bernard left Elsie because he didn't trust himself. Teddy shot himself as he didn't like the changes deplores made to him. She changed his settings to make more violent but was still aware of his actions

Hammer I am 9:07 Thu Jun 21
Re: Westworld Season 2

Think mib has lost all sense of reality. Not a host just thinks he is one hence hacking away at his own flesh

mallard 8:25 Wed Jun 20
Re: Westworld Season 2
Although it wasn’t clear, I’m expecting Man in Black to be a host as he was fumbling away at his arm.

Still confusing though - why did Bernard leave Elsie ? And why did Teddy turn the gun on himself?

Hammer I am 6:14 Wed Jun 20
Re: Westworld Season 2
Gutted there's only one more of the season, last couple have been best so far. Reckon that Ed Harris character will die at some point and be reborn as a host. Still no clue where the park is, Mars?

Eddie B 6:01 Wed Jun 20
Re: Westworld Season 2
Finally gave up with it last night, after 6 episodes. Totally fucking lost me ages ago.

DukeofDevo 1:52 Sat Jun 9
Re: Westworld Season 2
Last two episodes called Vanishing Point and The Passenger two of the most arty farty films of the 70s.

Really looking forward to finding out what they're all about.

Brilliant stuff.

mallard 12:30 Fri Jun 8
Re: Westworld Season 2
Nice theory, but where does Maeve come into all of this ?

PwoperNaughtyButNot 9:19 Thu Jun 7
Re: Westworld Season 2
Here is my theory

Ford and Arnold are the good guys who just wanted to advance AI and create playgrounds for fun.

The money men were looking for eternal life for the boss and the harvesting of data to predict all human choices to make money.

The original hosts were just very good AI bots but quite limited.

In the quest for eternal life the money men hired scientists that managed to extract the soul from Delos and put into his host.

After doing this they did it with other hosts to make them more real.

Where they got these souls from is the sinister part. We will find out that the mass murdering nutter hosts were extracted from mass murderers on death row or similar. Other souls from people that the scientists murdered to advance their science.

The flashbacks some of the hosts have are of their real lives. They do have a soul and only now are they realising it.

William and Ford are well aware of the craziness they have created. William wants to capture all of the data but Ford has hidden it as he doesn’t want humans to be enslaved by their own thoughts.

Delores’ Dad is somehow the saviour / messiah in the story. The nailing of him to the bed was symbolic.

It aall harps back to Mary Shelley and Frankenstein’s monster - they can put the parts together, provide the spark to bring it to life but it isn’t really alive without the human essence, the soul..

...and that is what was in Marcellos’ briefcase!

4ever-blowin-bubbles 4:18 Wed Jun 6
Re: Westworld Season 2
its a great series hopefully there are some twists and turns at the end of the season

Hammer I am 3:23 Wed Jun 6
Re: Westworld Season 2

Hammer I am 3:23 Wed Jun 6
Re: Westworld Season 2
Just watched latest episode, amazing. Some theories touts on here are playing out now

joey5000 4:05 Wed May 16
Re: Westworld Season 2
I definitely think the Bernard timeline we're currently seeing is out of whack.

Episode 4 was the best of the season so far, absolutely incredible episode. Ed Harris is killing it.

Trevor B 3:41 Wed May 16
Re: Westworld Season 2
*with Logan

Trevor B 3:41 Wed May 16
Re: Westworld Season 2

you need to pay more attention mate! ;-)

William started off as the boring, homely brother-in-law but turned into someone completely different due to his time in the park with in the first series. he was the driving force behind convincing Delos to invest in Westworld, and this season we have seen how he managed to persuade him. As mentioned below, it was made clear in season one that Wiliam was the man in black and that there were two time lines. Obviously there are at least three time lines presently, possible more.

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