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The Libertine 12:45 Tue Apr 24
Keeper next year

Lukas Hradecky from Eintracht Frankfurt is ending his contract at the end of the season and will not renew.

He has been playing 3 years as their number 1 and currently 28 y/o.

A free agent who would probably love the challenge of Premier League football, so just about right for the board, although at 28 its probably 10 years to early.

Sign him up.

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Trevor B 11:15 Wed Apr 25
Re: Keeper next year
He'll be off to dortmund

The Libertine 10:57 Wed Apr 25
Re: Keeper next year
Sam Jonhstone is still unproven, although I do recognise his potential. For me, I would say he is a good signing, but is he really ready to be in charge of our defence... I am not a 100% sure, but of those other keepers mentioned he is one of them I would be excited about, which is purely based on others opinions.

I mentioned Lukas Hradecky, because he is a free agent, not because he is shit, but because he didn't want to extend his contract with Eintacht Frankfurt, and I have seen a fair share of games with him. He is good.
The Transfermarkt website rates him as the best rated keeper with an ending contract.

And with the experience of the German league in a sub-top team it cant be bad (Dont mention Nordveit). After all even we cant start to play a goalie out of position, unless of course Moyes misunderstand goalie for goal scorer and replaces him with Arnie.

Bullet 1:14 Wed Apr 25
Re: Keeper next year
Eerie Descent 1:48 Tue Apr 24

Athletico Easthamico 1:09 Wed Apr 25
Re: Keeper next year
Forster has turned to shit. Makes Hart look mobile.

FruityBoots. 1:00 Wed Apr 25
Re: Keeper next year
Wouldn’t take Hart on a free and I’ve never been a massive fan of Adrian especially not as first choice.
What’s happened to Fraser Forster at Southampton, Injured or out of favour?? I thought he’d be England’s number 1 at some point.

ornchurch ammer 12:43 Wed Apr 25
Re: Keeper next year
One of the best keepers that I have seen recently is Neil Etheridge at Cardiff.

SteveJacko 12:31 Wed Apr 25
Re: Keeper next year
Pepe Reina is a free agent in the summer.

35, free agent, past his best, sign him up SULLY.

terry-h 12:12 Wed Apr 25
Re: Keeper next year
Nathan Trott is capable of making spectacular saves, but there is a casual manner about his technique that worries me.
Nowhere near ready for the premier league.

. . 10:02 Tue Apr 24
Re: Keeper next year
I've mentioned him previously Sam Johnstone at Villa (on Loan from the Mancs) was going to WBA in January for 4mil. Would be worth giving him a go as back up, future replacement for Adrian. I'm sure our board can spin it into we sold Randolph for 5 mil and replaced him with a younger model for 4 mill

As for out of Contract Rob Green is out of contract at Huddersfield at the end of the season. Can see the twitter news now: Hammers in negotiations with ex England International or World Cup Keeper Linked with Hammers

13 Brentford Rd 9:32 Tue Apr 24
Re: Keeper next year
It will be Hart as long as Sullivan can persuade him to take a pay cut, and get him cheap from City or in some convoluted performance related deal.

Texas Iron 9:26 Tue Apr 24
Re: Keeper next year

Lee Trundle 9:24 Tue Apr 24
Re: Keeper next year
Nathan Trott is meant to have a bit of potential (he's in one of the England youth teams), but probably a bit too young to be considered just yet.

Tomsdad 9:18 Tue Apr 24
Re: Keeper next year
What are the young keepers we have on the books like?

Any worth making the step up to the bench?

Lertie Button 9:11 Tue Apr 24
Re: Keeper next year
Bobby Ferguson was actually preferred to Gordon Banks, who was available, because he was a couple of years younger.

lab 8:51 Tue Apr 24
Re: Keeper next year
Luke McGee.

Athletico Easthamico 8:47 Tue Apr 24
Re: Keeper next year
Adrian is good enough for us.

Must be hard for any keeper playing for us at the moment.

Forwards that can't hold the ball up, midfielders that can't tackle or pass and a crap defence in front of them. They've probably got shellshock with the ball coming back at them all of the time.

Butland, Lloris, Forster, the Liverpool keepers have all chucked the ball in the net.

Toughen up the team and give the keeper a chance.

Sven Roeder 8:38 Tue Apr 24
Re: Keeper next year
Our best keepers in the last 30 odd years have been Parkes and Ludo who we paid fees for.
As said our recent history is about trying to get by with a free or a loan which tells all you need to know about the club.

cornish 8:03 Tue Apr 24
Re: Keeper next year
A keeper like Butland won't go to a club to sit on the bench will he.

Exiled In Surrey 7:39 Tue Apr 24
Re: Keeper next year
I fear we will be keeping Joe Fart.

dealcanvey 6:55 Tue Apr 24
Re: Keeper next year
Butland will be in demand from some bigger clubs even if he sits on their bench to fill their homegrown quota.

Chigwell 6:49 Tue Apr 24
Re: Keeper next year
Ferguson was always a bit iffy. Quite short from memory. It was a revelation when we signed Parkes, who seemed secure and reliable.

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