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J.Riddle 12:34 Wed Apr 25
Wenger is the type of big name manager to attract top players and get us to the next level. Available for the first time in 22 years, just when our managers contract runs out with no compensation. 68 but still lots to offer, let's face it we wouldn't get a look in if he was 10 years younger. Plays the type of football West Ham fans like to see.

Worked on a tight budget at Arsenal for over a decade which should fit in with the tight arse 2bobs ethos. Big name respected manager who knows how to win things. Will attract top players, very attractive to French players, the Payets of this world.

Brady has been quiet about Wenger leaving, normally something to say, always wanted to turn us into Arsenal light complete with cheeseboard. There was a previous rumour that Arsenal transfer fixer Dick Law who is also leaving might come?

Personally I would prefer Benitez, Dyche or Howe but I dont think the 2bobs would pay compensation or back them with large transfer funds to get them here.

Wenger on the other hand will require no compensation and neither will releasing Moyes. That saving could go to Wengers wages. Wenger should work on a reasonable budget, if the 2bobs can't trust him they won't trust anyone with transfer funds.

Can't see the the unambitious 2bobs going for it though as they have a much cheaper option in Moyes and 17th is their mandate.

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geoffpikey 12:31 Thu Apr 26
Re: Wenger

What Carry On... film script is this?????

Texas Iron 6:55 Wed Apr 25
Re: Wenger
French National team...or DOF at a top French club...
Never at a club like WHUFC...

Takashi Miike 3:35 Wed Apr 25
Re: Wenger
id have wenger over moyes any day, i just think he's probably got better choices coming up in the summer

J.Riddle 3:33 Wed Apr 25
Re: Wenger
True Mike, can't believe I've not been called a C***!!! yet? Awaits Private Dancer :-)

Takashi Miike 2:53 Wed Apr 25
Re: Wenger
i think the x-factor bloke Wagner is a more realistic option to take over

J.Riddle 2:40 Wed Apr 25
Re: Wenger
Oh dear....

Northern Sold 2:35 Wed Apr 25
Re: Wenger
Wenger???!!! Ha ha ha... more chance of Bertie Mee I reckon...

monto 2:30 Wed Apr 25
Re: Wenger
I can see Sullivan setting up a meeting with Wenger and asking about Steve Bould’s managerial credentials.

The Joker 2:22 Wed Apr 25
Re: Wenger
I would love it, but will never happen.

Maybe we could tempt him with the DoF role.... Nah. Course not, that's the diddyman's role.

Takashi Miike 2:21 Wed Apr 25
Re: Wenger
Wenger working with those three? :.)

simon.s 2:18 Wed Apr 25
Re: Wenger
I’d say he still has some ambitions left in football, so that totally rules us out.

Far Cough 2:09 Wed Apr 25
Re: Wenger
In the immortal words of the man himself, "I can'/t see it"

El Scorchio 2:04 Wed Apr 25
Re: Wenger
He'll never put up with the shit and hassle working for this board would give him. Quite frankly, he's above it.

I also agree with others who say he wouldn't take another job in England because of Arsenal- he seems too classy for that, unlike Harry Redknapp for example.

He could probably have his pick of most clubs worldwide. Or at his age, unless the fire is still really burning inside, just retire or get an ambassadorial job somewhere

claypole 1:46 Wed Apr 25
Re: Wenger
Wenger wont be soiling his rep with Arsenal by managing in England and certainly not with us. If he did i would certainly be in.

Swiss. 1:44 Wed Apr 25
Re: Wenger

southbankbornnbred 1:33 Wed Apr 25
Re: Wenger
Look, the Wenger thing is never going to happen.

However, I almost laugh my nuts off at West Ham fans who think that somehow Wenger would not be a good enough manager for our club. That, quite genuinely, is over-thinking.

We've only twice in our history had managers anywhere near as good as Wenger: Greenwood and Lyall.

Yes, he has struggled to make Arsenal competitive against the likes of Chelsea, Man Utd and Man City in these days of Premier League mega money. And perhaps that's not good enough for Arsenal.

But he's just won three FA cups in five years - supposedly when some say he's "lost it" and doesn't buy the right players etc. Well, if that's his version of failure - I'm in.

But it would never happen. And the reason is that Wenger is way out of our league. We'd all like to think he's not. But he is.

Rossal 1:26 Wed Apr 25
Re: Wenger
Not convinced he is world class anymore...

Players seem to have gone backwards under him, he hasnt impressed in the transfer market and Arsenal have gone backwards for years now

Wouldnt surprise me if a world class 'coach' takes the forward next season as Wenger's coaching methods have been slated for a while

cornish 1:24 Wed Apr 25
Re: Wenger
He won't manage again in England.

Grumpster 1:21 Wed Apr 25
Re: Wenger
Would be immense, but other than the fact there will be better teams in for him, there's no way he would even consider working for those fucking clowns.

goose 1:17 Wed Apr 25
Re: Wenger
someone was bound to say it eventually weren't they??

no chance but i admire your positive approach.

southbankbornnbred 1:10 Wed Apr 25
Re: Wenger
I'll have it! I love tippy-tappy football.

(It's not going to happen)

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