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Q: 2022 Summer Transfer Window - How many 1st team players will we sign before August 6th
a. None as Sullivan will wait until the last week before he gets his scattergun out the cupboard
b. A couple of freebies paraded as superstars, usual hype to follow
c. I'm more optimistic as surely they know we need to strengthen, 3-4 with decent money spent.
d. Who gives a toss as we have a great squad already, I've already ordered the new replica kit, socks and all and can't wait to wear it at our first game, down the pub of course, I bleed claret & blue

Leonard Hatred 5:11 Mon Apr 30

Charlie George

Jethro Tull - Aqualung

Green Shield stamps

Proper football


The Black And White Minstrels

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Loafer 12:18 Tue May 1
Re: 1971
Atomic Rooster - In Hearing Of...;
Budgie - Budgie;
Stray - Suicide;
Can - Tago Mago;
Gene Clark - White Light.

joe royal 2:00 Tue May 1
Re: 1971
Too Much Too Young 9:33 Mon Apr 30
Re: 1971

I had forgotten all about those .

Nurse Ratched 9:51 Mon Apr 30
Re: 1971
David Hepworth is a very nice chap.

Too Much Too Young 9:33 Mon Apr 30
Re: 1971
Them combs with the built in razor blades that your mum thought be a cheap way to cut your hair.

fucking painful..

BRANDED 8:25 Mon Apr 30
Re: 1971

The Exorcist
Day of the Jackal
The Dice Man
Fear and loathing in Las Vagas
Rise to Globalism American Foreign Policy Since 1938

BRANDED 8:16 Mon Apr 30
Re: 1971
Cheers Zero.

There's a great moving called '71 that I've now watched about 5 times. Probably my favourite movie of the last few years. If ypu'venot seen itdo.

lab 8:10 Mon Apr 30
Re: 1971
I was putting on layers of sun cream in prep for 1976.

only1billybonds 7:50 Mon Apr 30
Re: 1971
Type '1971 albums into wiki.

A truely astonishing list when you read it slowly.

Bungo 7:38 Mon Apr 30
Re: 1971
SurfaceAgentX2Zero 6:14 Mon Apr 30

To be fair I did overlook that but you are probably right anyway.

Did I ever mention I was in the band that played at Dave Davies's son's wedding? Wasn't really sure which one he was..

zebthecat 7:29 Mon Apr 30
Re: 1971
In Search of Space

Leonard Hatred 7:18 Mon Apr 30
Re: 1971

Yeah, it was that DB show that made me investigate Hepworth's books.

A very good writer.

only1billybonds 7:08 Mon Apr 30
Re: 1971
Janis Joplin. Pearl.
Lrd Zepplin 4
Bridge over troubled water. Simon & Garfunkel
Every Picture tells a story. Rod Stewart.
Blue. Joni Mitchell.
Tapestry. Carol King.
Sticky Fingers. Rolling Stones.

Agree with the blike who said the Hepwirth book was a good read. He was on Danny bakers radio show ( DH,not the poster) when it was released. They were reeling off the albums from that year and its true,cant ever have been a year like it before or since.

FHB 6:28 Mon Apr 30
Re: 1971
Cheers Len, i will try and grab it.

Swiss. 6:28 Mon Apr 30
Re: 1971

What's Going On ..yep

Listen to Gil Scott Heron's version of 'Inner City Blues"

I actually had the pleasure of seeing him live.

Leonard Hatred 6:27 Mon Apr 30
Re: 1971

Yes, an excellent read, that.

His follow up UNCOMMON PEOPLE is excellent as well.

FHB 6:25 Mon Apr 30
Re: 1971
Great book by David Hepworth called 1971, where he explains that 71 is the greatest year in musical history. i could not believe how many great albums were released that year.

oh and i was born

SurfaceAgentX2Zero 6:19 Mon Apr 30
Re: 1971
Fucking hell, Branded, not often you post something wise.

BRANDED 6:18 Mon Apr 30
Re: 1971
Marvin Gaye. What's Going On

SurfaceAgentX2Zero 6:14 Mon Apr 30
Re: 1971
***Notes absence of Muswell Hillbillies***

***Decides Bungo is a Phillistine***

BRANDED 6:13 Mon Apr 30
Re: 1971
Intel launches first Microprocessor, Internment in Northern Ireland, Idi Amin, Oil overtook coal as the most consumed fuel in Britain for the first time, Spaghetti Junction motorway interchange was opened north of Birmingham city centre, The House of Commons voted in favour of joining the EEC by a vote of 356-244, Britain expelled 90 Russian diplomats for spying, Harvey Smith was stripped of his victory in the British Show Jumping Derby by judges for making a V sign

cup of tea 6:12 Mon Apr 30
Re: 1971
I was -5

Parents were probably shagging non stop as opposed to now arguing non stop

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