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Crassus 11:12 Sat May 19
Level 42
Love Games - top tune

Was down in Devon recently and a yoot put it on a pub jukebox

Roll back the years to Mr King on bass, all wedged up blonde barnets and playing up with the lads - happy days

Starchild is worth a listen too

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the coming of gary 5:23 Mon May 21
Re: Level 42
haha surely their tribute band is called level 43

Mike Oxsaw 5:21 Mon May 21
Re: Level 42
I'm waiting for Level 43 - come on Sullivan, pull your fucking finger out!

Swiss. 5:11 Mon May 21
Re: Level 42

Swiss. 5:10 Mon May 21
Re: Level 42

agreed but Freeez IOU not funk as such is a masterpeice and ground breaking in terms of electro dance hip hop scene

Razzle 4:47 Mon May 21
Re: Level 42
"on the back seat of the car, with Joseph and Emily...."

w4hammer 1:48 Mon May 21
Re: Level 42
id rather shit in my hands and clap that listen to these guys, ever again±!

There were so many better bands at the time and also who's music stands the test of time in that era than this bland white soul boy stuff

Freez- Southern Freez being a good example


13 Brentford Rd 1:45 Mon May 21
Re: Level 42
Yes Swiss, as I said too, the American Jazz/funk/soul of that era was different class!
Rare groove was just as turgid though.

Swiss. 1:39 Mon May 21
Re: Level 42
I liked them. I bit poppy I guess. Was a big funk fan in the 80s. But like said the stuff coming from the US was so much better.

I was lucky to see Defunkt live at the Venue New Cross. No you're talking.

Russ of the BML 10:27 Mon May 21
Re: Level 42
Alex V 1:28 Sun May 20

An easy band to hate!!

What the fuck are you on about?

FruityBoots. 9:56 Mon May 21
Re: Level 42
First band I saw live, in 1986 when I was 15. Great live act and Mark King superb front man. Lovegames, Hot Water, Living it up (when the sun goes down) & Something about You should be right up there in great 80’s stuff.

Takashi Miike 11:13 Sun May 20
Re: Level 42
who said they were better than anyone? you're the only cunt making it in to a competition

BRANDED 10:53 Sun May 20
Re: Level 42
All the 80s US soul and Jazz fusion and acid jazz and rare groove and funk was infinitely better. Even Chicago house was better.

zebthecat 10:52 Sun May 20
Re: Level 42
eusebiovic 10:29 Sun May 20

You are right, they did

White Pony 10:45 Sun May 20
Re: Level 42
97MDE = Alex V.

11MDE 10:39 Sun May 20
Re: Level 42
I got into them with the first album and then the Early Tapes in 1981. Some of the early stuff up to Standing in the Light is really good. I like the commercial era they had too, but the 80-83 period really stands out for me.

Love Meeting Love, If Paradise Is Free and Why Are You Leaving especially bring back good memories.

eusebiovic 10:29 Sun May 20
Re: Level 42
Acid Jazz was a lot more fun...and genuinely cooler

Level 42 had that vibe on the debut album but quickly lost it


White Pony 10:24 Sun May 20
Re: Level 42
Couldn't stand their insipid pop funk.

Gazza_AZ 10:20 Sun May 20
Re: Level 42
May not be a classic band, but ah happy memories. Gals from Essex particularly liked them as I recall (Sharon et al)
But come on - Cortinas and Capris with furry dice and grandad shirts.
Ah happy memories YES,
classic music - NOT

tunwhu 3:46 Sun May 20
Re: Level 42

The Kronic 3:07 Sun May 20
Re: Level 42
They were decent up to and including World Machine. And that's all I have to say about that.

Westham67 3:06 Sun May 20
Re: Level 42
Used to throw a few shapes whilst carving carpet to Level 42 in Kings nightclub

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