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Q: 2023/24 Hopes & aspirations for this season
a. As Champions of Europe there's no reason we shouldn't be pushing for a top 7 spot & a run in the Cups
b. Last season was a trophy winning one and there's only one way to go after that, I expect a dull mid table bore fest of a season
c. Buy some f***ing players or we're in a battle to stay up & that's as good as it gets
d. Moyes out
e. New season you say, woohoo time to get the new kit and wear it it to the pub for all the big games, the wags down there call me Mr West Ham

jooliandix 11:19 Wed May 23
Cremonese coach
Was anyone else here on the coach to Cremonese for the Anglo Italian cup match ?,we got to the game late and broke down on the way back at Lake Como,then took over this tiny Swiss pub and all got pissed.i remember some nut threw a glass at a car and we had a whip round to pay off some Swiss coppers who tried to arrest him,happy days

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MikeHammer 11:29 Sun May 27
Re: Cremonese coach
Jool... Yes Gina arranged my refund too. Best trip ever ... Shame about the match !

jooliandix 2:26 Sat May 26
Re: Cremonese coach
I remember Gina Allen, God rest her soul,got me a total refund on the cost, about 85 quid I think,still one of my favourite away trips

JohnnyL 12:56 Sat May 26
Re: Cremonese coach
Sounds great Mike ...wish I was there

SDKFZ 222 9:10 Fri May 25
Re: Cremonese coach
Does anyone remember the two supporters who turned up outside the ground wearing Bermuda shorts and loud Hawaiian shirts? They ended up on my coach.

They thought that as the match was in ‘Italy’ that the weather would be hot and sunny (it was mid October and decidedly cool and a little foggy in places over there) and decided to dress appropriately.

MikeHammer 6:02 Fri May 25
Re: Cremonese coach
I was with Stewey on that coach. Arrived late, nearly beaten up by teenage police, rubbish game with only Julian acknowledging the fans and then coach broke down on Italian/Swiss border. We walk across a field to find a bar and have a laugh even leaving signed shirts. All is well walking back to the coach until a fan ('Sex Case'!!) threw his beer glass into the air as a car went by.. smashing windscreen! One of the stewards ('Tintin'?) then had to go to the police station and we ended up bailing him out or something!

Have a photo of Stewey and others on ferry on the way out ... beer bottle in hand singing "we're West Ham, we're crazy, we're going to Cremonese"!!

PS. I think we were the only ones who had a memorable experience. We even got a partial refund from the club. Stewey and got to see the stewards (Tintin and Sonic) many times after as they were on duty at the Player's Lounge under the old West Stand - they even let us in after one game (a draw against Bradford) where we drank free lager with the WAGs before the players eventually arrived ,,,, and then got a ball signed. Happy Days ... the trip and the old stand!

Eastside surge 5:34 Fri May 25
Re: Cremonese coach
Flew out for this one , did take us around Milan for a little tour including the san Siro but didn’t let us off the coach for a single minute . Funniest part I remember was the attractive young Italian girl giving the usual boring tour guide speech which ended with her saying that hopefully they would get us to the ground in time for the kick off , followed by a silent pause before a bloke at the back of the coach shouted “ you fucking want to love “ still makes me chuckle when I think off it

SDKFZ 222 5:03 Fri May 25
Re: Cremonese coach
I can’t find any other footage on YouTube regarding the Anglo Italian Cup that season, but this is the home match v Reggiana.

Apologies for the quality:


motley crue 11:54 Fri May 25
Re: Cremonese coach
I went to cremonese by plane, my other mates went by coach and missed the start.
I believe we were supposed to do a tour of the San Siro before the game but we was running late too, we ended up seeing it from the coach in the distance.

Dr Moose 11:40 Fri May 25
Re: Cremonese coach
I know the guy you are talking about, used to drink with him and drive to games with him. Not going to name him but was he drinking cider before the incident? it was his loopy juice back then.

Bright Eyes 8:51 Fri May 25
Re: Cremonese coach
one of the funniest few days I can remember, I remember the incident coming back, I think we were all parked up at some Swiss service station? My coach made it back on time but we got a slight refund as our coach was late arriving for the game and we missed kick off. Anyone else on board that coach? We had Tom Finn the old club secretary on board with us, complete shambles in true West Ham style.

Takashi Miike 12:30 Fri May 25
Re: Cremonese coach
Grumpster 2:05 Thu May 24

you should have pissed in it

Grumpster 12:26 Fri May 25
Re: Cremonese coach
Cosensa was fantastic, 51 fans I believe it was and so we were put on the same plane as the players.

Clive Allen 30 yard winner to boot.

Colchester Sid 10:31 Thu May 24
Re: Cremonese coach
I was on the day trip as well, 200 for the flight, the bus got t the ground about 10 minutes before kick off and left straight after, I don't think I sent a single lira in Italy all day

Cosenza was much better, only 40 of us there for that one, club cancelled the trip, I went by train, took a week there and back..

Grumpster 2:05 Thu May 24
Re: Cremonese coach
Went by plane and think it was £250 all in.

Was promised a tour of Milan as well, which basically meant we drove through it from the airport to Cremonese!

Very odd as they didn't have any fans there until half time, when I think they either finished work, school or took lunch breaks and all piled in.

I bought the really old man Cearns a coffee in the ground, as he didn't have any money on him. Just about summed those tight Bastards up :o)

jooliandix 1:59 Thu May 24
Re: Cremonese coach
It was my first euro trip,what a blast, it was my top the landlord nailed on the wall

stewey 11:38 Thu May 24
Re: Cremonese coach
“Poor bastards” we had a great time

SDKFZ 222 11:50 Wed May 23
Re: Cremonese coach
I was on one of the three other coaches which had made it back on time.

The whole trip was one of madness. We left the Boleyn at about 12.30pm on the Tuesday, made it to the match with minutes to spare on the Wednesday (a 1.30pm kick off), straight back on the coach after the match only to head straight back home, arriving back at the Boleyn at about midday on the Thursday.

All-in-all, a 48 hour trip, straight there and back, only to see us limply capitulate to Cremonese, who went on to win the trophy.

On our coach we had become aware that one had broken down on the Swiss border, ‘poor b******s’, we all thought.

stewey 10:55 Wed May 23
Re: Cremonese coach
Tintin and sonic the stewards

stewey 10:54 Wed May 23
Re: Cremonese coach
We’re west ham we’re crazy we went to cremonese

Crazy In Cremonese 10:20 Wed May 23
Re: Cremonese coach
YES! PM me mate..was a great trip. 26 years ago!!

Coffee 11:33 Wed May 23
Re: Cremonese coach
Andrea Mandorlini

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