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Bungo 11:41 Fri May 25
Saucerful Of Secrets
For those interested (because this isn't West Ham related at all), Nick Mason has formed a new band which will be playing old Pink Floyd material live.

Tickets out now.


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Bungo 7:39 Mon May 28
Re: Saucerful Of Secrets
Far Cough 7:25 Mon May 28

They are certainly louder and that wins a few brownie points from me!

Far Cough 7:25 Mon May 28
Re: Saucerful Of Secrets
Aussie Floyd are great almost better than the real Floyd

Bungo 7:01 Mon May 28
Re: Saucerful Of Secrets
zebthecat 11:15 Sun May 27

Nice one. I think I may have seen them some time ago but have mostly seen various incarnations of the Aussie/Brit Floyd over the last few years.

I remember the Aussie Floyd doing Echoes a few years back. Great stuff!

jack flash 12:44 Mon May 28
Re: Saucerful Of Secrets
The Stoat~

Found it! 5th Feb Sophia Gardens Cardiff Arts Project but it doesn't seem to have which year & only Daddy Long Legs, I must have got Sam Apple Pie confused with another gig somewhere else, sorry again!

I reckon the year will have been about 1970

jack flash 12:05 Mon May 28
Re: Saucerful Of Secrets
The Stoat 10:57~

You could well be correct I know it was around by Sophia Gardens somewhere!

I've actually got the original poster for that one somewhere (along with the Festival Hall / Azimuth Coordinator one) so I'll dig it out & see

zebthecat 11:15 Sun May 27
Re: Saucerful Of Secrets
Bungo 9:52 Sun May 27

Went to see Think Floyd a few months ago (not a fan of tribute bands!) but my partner got me a ticket.
They were very, very good indeed. The only thing that was out of place was the singer's voice which is much better than Roger Waters.
They only did two post Waters tracks (thankfully from my point of view as I find the Gilmour era Floyd pretty turgid) and also threw in Astronomy Domine and Arnold Layne. They also did a perfect version of Echoes in all its weird glory.
Think Floyd also have the official nod from Floyd themselves and sell both their own and Pink Floyd's merch.

The Stoat 10:57 Sun May 27
Re: Saucerful Of Secrets
jack flash 8:58 Sun May 27

No worries but I think you probably meant the AFAN Lido rather than Sophia Gardens?
I was in the process of asking Sam Sampson if the Pie had ever played Hyde Park as well ;-)


Bungo 9:52 Sun May 27
Re: Saucerful Of Secrets
COOL HAND LUKE 9:02 Sun May 27

I think it's quite clever. I would be very surprised if Mason knows what he is worth to the nearest few million quid, so I doubt that's the motivation.

All through the later years, Mason has been the one who most wanted to play, and has described himself in interviews as 'waiting for the phone call' from Gilmour to get out there one more time.

As the more recent Floyd stuff has been done to death by the tribute bands, it actually makes sense for him to put something together just playing the early stuff, which I have heard very little of from the various PF tribute bands I've seen.

I think he just wants to get out there and play some more before it's too late.

Far Cough 9:24 Sun May 27
Re: Saucerful Of Secrets
Led Zeppelin did a song about Roy Harper

Takashi Miike 9:17 Sun May 27
Re: Saucerful Of Secrets
he sang 'Have A Cigar', well. I wonder if he was flashing Waters when recording it?

COOL HAND LUKE 9:08 Sun May 27
Re: Saucerful Of Secrets
Bloody hell... Roy Harper... he of the naked masturbating live on stage at Knebworth! He was 'entertaining the crowd' (his phrase) as we waited for (?) - the Stones or possibly 10cc. Might have been 10cc as they decided quite late in the day to record their own performance, and the technology took about two hours to put in place. It would be 76/77 or thereabouts without checking...

COOL HAND LUKE 9:02 Sun May 27
Re: Saucerful Of Secrets
Let's be honest here - if we are mentioning The Beatles, the debate (like it or not) is then about who was the second best band ever.

Why Mason would bother trying to recreate PF himself is beyond me - he must need the money or something. Dave Gilmour himself, and millions of others, have long since recognised The Australian Pink Floyd as 'as close to the real thing' as you will ever get. The band is touring the UK again during late 2018, so do yourself a favour.

jack flash 8:58 Sun May 27
Re: Saucerful Of Secrets
The Stoat 4:22 ~

Brilliant! It's the first time I've seen that video & I'm in it with my girlfriend at the time

Any Old Iron 5:53 ~ Apologies looks like there were more there than I realised! We arrived by car quite early & parked in Hyde Park only having to walk a few minutes to be right up to the stage (the truck). A lot more people must have arrived afterwards which we weren't aware of

I clearly remember the weird guy dancing around with the hat & cape thing. He'd painted his face bright crimson

The other memories I have is of a couple of giant bubble things about a yard in diameter floating about (I think it's them you can see on the cover of A Saucerful Of Secrets but I could be wrong!)

I think it was Jethro Tull's debut. Ian Anderson came on with a cardboard box in his hands, which turned out to be full of harmonicas, some of which he threw to the crowd I believe. I remember people almost gasping, thinking who the hell is this old tramp, before being knocked out by the music

Pink Floyd weren't really on for very long before Roger Waters announced that they were going to turn off the power soon & they were going to play something from their new album, Saucerful Of Secrets, just as an aeroplane flew over

It was an absolutely magical day, one of the best in my life

Their second free concert at Hyde Park was awful, I only went to see Pink Floyd

Apologies once again to The Stoat. I got the other artists on the bill mixed up with another Pink Floyd concert at Sophia Gardens in Cardiff where they were accompanied by Daddy Long Legs & Sam Apple Pie (2 superb groups of the time)

You could hardly hear Pink Floyd at the second free concert at Hyde Park. We got there early by train & it was heaving. We were miles from the stage & the atmosphere was totally different. People were profiteering everywhere, selling bottles of coke for about 10x the retail price etc
To be quite honest, we'd had enough after about an hour & went home

I never went to another free concert again after that

You have to bear in mind, that this was 50 years ago & in the 60's & although some of the memories are extremely vivid while others are (shall we say) a little distorted

Incidentally, John Peel, RIP, used to have a brilliant radio show on Sunday afternoons in those days, playing some really great music

While most of the other dj's of the time were churning out the top 20 mainstream pop, he stuck to interesting & progressive stuff

Many thanks again for that clip The Stoat. I'd show it to my wife but I don't know how she'd react to seeing my girlfriend of the time!

Any Old Iron 5:53 Sun May 27
Re: Saucerful Of Secrets
jack flash 12:22 Sun May 27

It's you who said this:
"I can remember going to the first free concert in Hyde Park circa 1968 to see Pink Floyd, Tyrannosaurus Rex, Jethro Full , DJ John Peel. I would guess there were only about 200 people there!"

As Stoat has correctly pointed out there were approx 15,000 there.

So it's you that's talking bollox. As I said, you're a bit confused.

Swiss. 5:03 Sun May 27
Re: Saucerful Of Secrets


The Stoat 4:22 Sun May 27
Re: Saucerful Of Secrets
Footage of Tull from the 1968 gig (no sound)


The Stoat 4:21 Sun May 27
Re: Saucerful Of Secrets
Following on from my earlier thread it appears the first one was held on the back of a lorry but still i cannot find who was on the bill.

So the second (although documented as the first (confusing)) was the one which featured Floyd, Tull, T.Rex & Roy Harper, reported attendence was circa 15000.

Another one which took place in 1968 was held on the bandstand and it seems was poorly attended (circa 500) and apparently featured Roy Harper, The Action, The Move, The Strawbs, Clouds & Pete Brown's Battered Ornaments. Pink Floyd were due to play this one and were indeed in the audience but their gear never turnde up due to the truck breaking down

I cannot find any info of either Daddy Longlegs or the excellent Sam Apple Pie doing a Hyde Park Festival

Bungo 8:01 Sun May 27
Re: Saucerful Of Secrets
jack flash 12:22 Sun May 27
Re: Saucerful Of Secrets
Bingo 10:45~

"However, for me it's a bit like recreating the highlights of a great football match only using different players & knowing the final score & all the major incidents in the game!"

You know, I wouldn't be at all surprised if somebody tried to create that if they could sell tickets to it (and I'm sure they would).

The Stoat 7:17 Sun May 27
Re: Saucerful Of Secrets
I think there is a bit of confusion going on regarding the Hyde Park shows,the first one was indeed poorly attended by all accounts but I don’t know the line up at present, the second was the Floyd, Tull, T. Rex one which was indeed attended by far more than a couple of hundred. See the YouTube video by Pathe News titled Soul in Hyde Park 1968.
Maybe Daddy Longlegs and the magnificent Sam Apple Pie played the first one? I will try and find out later.
I didn’t go until The Stones one and then done several after that including Floyd

jack flash 3:19 Sun May 27
Re: Saucerful Of Secrets
& who the fuck is Bjork?

jack flash 3:17 Sun May 27
Re: Saucerful Of Secrets
Any Old Iron 2:14~

Sorry mate but you're talking total bollocks

I was there at the first ever free concert in Hyde Park in 1968, you clearly weren't

The event was not publicised beforehand & most people assumed it wasn't going to happen

200 people could even be an exaggeration as there were probably less. Anyone could have walked forward & touched the stage throughout the concert. It finished earlier than expected as the authorities decided to cut the power

Perhaps you're thinking of their second free concert at Hyde Park with Daddy Long Legs & Sam Apple Pie, which I also went to

I left early as it was absolutely packed & the acoustics were hopeless

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