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e. What's wrong with you, let's do the lot, has the quadruple ever been done

Thanks Ted 5:14 Fri May 25
GDPR emails FFS
Spamming me like Sir Spam of Spamalot.

Has WHO updated their data privacy ? Be interesting to know who has access to personal information. Hmmm

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angryprumphs 10:16 Sat May 26
Re: GDPR emails FFS
Esteban 3:51 Sat May 26

I am not sure it is such a NIGHTMARE, it is just the usual bollocks you get in this country when new legislation comes out. Everyone in business starts panicking and 'advisers' start scaremongering and rubbing their hands. Most of these people giving GDPR advice that I have spoken to havent actually read the bloody thing.

There is no reason at all for companies to be sending all this shite out over the last few days. In fact any that are sending emails have made a really poor decision which could rape their email databases.

Esteban 3:51 Sat May 26
Re: GDPR emails FFS
I'm in marketing for a global brand. from a professional POV, GDPR is a nightmare.

but from a consumer POV, the legislation is so thoroughly written it is good for everyone.

So 2 days of emails are easy enough to put up with for a lifetime of "leave me the fuck alone"

Mike Oxsaw 1:29 Sat May 26
Re: GDPR emails FFS
My understanding is that they just have to inform you of the policy changes, but some companies have taken the opportunity to purge their databases whilst spamming us all.

And, no, I don't reply either - in fact, my spam filter caught them after about the first 3, so all I do is empty my junk box whenever I feel like it.

J.Riddle 1:22 Sat May 26
Re: GDPR emails FFS
I thought GDPR had gone down since BREXIT, why are they still barking on about it?

roltrader 6:00 Fri May 25
Re: GDPR emails FFS
WHOL, we are GDPR non compliant and we don't care....

Thanks Ted 5:32 Fri May 25
Re: GDPR emails FFS
Brentford I think if WHO holds any personal information, name, email address etc then if it’s liable.

Far Cough 5:30 Fri May 25
Re: GDPR emails FFS
continue receiving emails*

Far Cough 5:30 Fri May 25
Re: GDPR emails FFS
On some I received, they explicitly state that to continue emails, I must update permissions, but still receiving emails from them

Trevor B 5:27 Fri May 25
Re: GDPR emails FFS
GDPR has helped me get rid of a mountain of shit emails that I often forget to unsubscribe from.

gph 5:27 Fri May 25
Re: GDPR emails FFS
It's only come into force today.

Not sure if there are any exemptions for e-mails asking for permission to send their usual stuff.

13 Brentford Rd 5:26 Fri May 25
Re: GDPR emails FFS
WHO doesn't need to as individuals can not be obtained dentified from the data they hold I believe.
However the Muppets in my department where I work have missed the deadline despite me reminding them and us all having to re - do the data protection course and having 3 months to sort it.
I work for a large local college too, not some small or private business.

Thanks Ted 5:21 Fri May 25
Re: GDPR emails FFS
Some have gone as far as asking you to opt in, which is good. But I haven’t read them all.

Does it mean we can get black anons back as well?

Far Cough 5:20 Fri May 25
Re: GDPR emails FFS
I didn't update any permissions on most of them and still receiving emails

gph 5:18 Fri May 25
Re: GDPR emails FFS
Great opportunity to stop getting shit from companies you regret contacting in the first place, without actually doing anything.

At least, I presume that's what's going to happen if you don't update their permissions.

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