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Q: 2019/20 Wolves (a)
a. At last we have a win now let's make it two, win
b.Wolves will be tougher than the rent boys but I think we can grind it out, draw
c. We rarely follow up a win with anything and Wednesday will be no different, lose
d.The poll's back and everything is rosy, I've missed you old friend
e. Well how's your luck this one is on Amazon Prime and I subscribe along with SKY, BT & Netflix I've got all bases covered, it may be cheaper to buy a ST but then I'd have to get out of the armchair, WHU through & through me

Leonard Hatred 12:11 Mon May 28
Del Shannon - RUNAWAY

Tottenham do the double

First man in space

JFK inauguration


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Loafer 12:15 Tue May 29
Re: 1961
Went to Butlins Bognor Regis as a near two year old. God knows how I got there.....

.......my parents went to Margate.

Coffee 6:55 Tue May 29
Re: 1961
Threads like this show that WHO is far from a collection of undisciplined young whippersnappers and more of a bunch of disgruntled old codgers.

claret50 6:44 Tue May 29
Re: 1961
Iron Duke 12:42 Tue May 29

Is claret50 the oldest poster on WHO?

Doubt it, 77 is the new 50. ;)

Alfs 5:16 Tue May 29
Re: 1961
The year that I was conceived by my charismatic, womanising, Kray's gangster, cunt of a father (died 1971).

Ronald_antly 1:14 Tue May 29
Re: 1961
I spent the first ten weeks of 1961 in the final stages of gestation.

Iron Duke 12:42 Tue May 29
Re: 1961
I like this thread.

I feel young for a change.

Is claret50 the oldest poster on WHO?

LeroysBoots 2:35 Mon May 28
Re: 1961
I was born

ted fenton 2:30 Mon May 28
Re: 1961
I started at Canon Palmer.

claret50 9:23 Mon May 28
Re: 1961
I got married, St Michael's church, Manor Park.

J.Riddle 3:32 Mon May 28
Re: 1961
Thalidomide banned in the UK. Although has now made a comeback!

An evil invention thought up by a bunch of Nazi scientists who's CV's included building Auschwitz, inventing Sarin and working at Hitlers labour camps unsuccessfully experimenting on live prisoners with an anti-typhus vaccine from which many perished.

What could go wrong?

panamahat 2:09 Mon May 28
Re: 1961
3 years before I saw the Beatles at the Brighton Hippodrome !

only1billybonds 2:02 Mon May 28
Re: 1961
I was 1 year old.

I have nothing further to add.

gph 2:00 Mon May 28
Re: 1961
When does this series start?


841 BC, which my sources (first few results of a Google search) returns as the first reliable date in Chinese history (bizarrely, without saying WHAT happened then)?

The year Len first saw the light of day?

I reckon it should be 841BC, just so the WHO collective mind can tell me what happened...

BRANDED 1:02 Mon May 28
Re: 1961
My year of birth. Interesting decade to grow up in. Mostly it made me a Wedt Ham fan.

Hammer and Pickle 12:31 Mon May 28
Re: 1961

arsene york-hunt 12:29 Mon May 28
Re: 1961
....and I got caned in front of the whole assembly for bunking off through a hole in a fence after I had been booked in on the register.

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