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goose 6:28 Mon Jun 4
Yaya calls Pep a racist
story in tomorrows 'france football' magazine where Yaya Toure says he wants to destroy the Pep myth.
Goes on to call him cruel for not playing him, was jealous of him and questions whether it was down to his colour.
also says Pep doesnt like Africans.

more mayhem??

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gph 12:05 Sun Jun 17
Re: Yaya calls Pep a racist

Why not just accept his best days are behind him, and play for fun?

He's still good enough to play at a lower level for money, not that he needs it, unless he's been very stupid.

Leatherhead Hammer 11:28 Sat Jun 16
Re: Yaya calls Pep a racist
Yaya was a quality player at his prime, but his best days are behind him. Combined wit the fact that his vast fortune would be best employed in paying for the services of a top notch psychiatrist, I don't think we should go anywhere near him.

pdbis 6:40 Sat Jun 16
Re: Yaya calls Pep a racist
If we signed Yaya we will change our club name to 'Wardrobe United'.

CR 12:25 Fri Jun 8
Re: Yaya calls Pep a racist
What we going for the oldest team in town. We should be going for younger players and building a team. We are going to end up nicknamed the hasbeens instead of the hammers.

Willtell 10:24 Fri Jun 8
Re: Yaya calls Pep a racist
After Zabaleta's example I'd be very happy to sign Toure. He is only just 35 last week and I saw him for half a game on telly just before end of season. He still looks useful. Gareth Barry played a similar role well into his late 30's. He's now 37 so I reckon Yaya could last a year or two.

A central midfielder doesn't need to cover enormous ground especially if paired with someone like Declan Rice. That's what Yaya does - holding position in front of the defence collecting the ball and spraying passes around. He still gets forward and sweats like a pig but he'd be our pig and we'd be a lot stronger than with Kouyate and Noble....

EastEndMade 9:59 Fri Jun 8
Re: Yaya calls Pep a racist
Funny how a couple of days ago his agent says he'd play for a £1 all of a sudden Sullivan wants in. I'd be confused if we went near this bloke. Throws his toys out of the pram at any opportunity.

Slap £20mil infront of Villa for Grealish. He's young, creative, can open a defense up in an instant.

Sven Roeder 7:04 Fri Jun 8
Re: Yaya calls Pep a racist
Pep has his very defined style of play and he needs everyone playing to the plan.
If you don’t fit and you don’t contribute then you don’t play.
Showed that with Joe Hart ... he needs a keeper who can use his feet like an outfield player. Can’t or won’t do it? Out you go
A rogue ego doing his own thing (Zlatan , Eto) or someone who can’t move and pass well enough any more (Toure) can’t play.
I guess Pep’s attitude is that if Messi, Xavi, Iniesta can fit in with their ability then I’m not interested in others who think they can do their own thing.

claret on my shirt 2:09 Fri Jun 8
Re: Yaya calls Pep a racist
we're being reported as talking to him again, 36, overweight with an attitude issue, this is not going to end well. At least he'll make Noble look fast across the turf!

WSM Hammer 1:37 Fri Jun 8
Re: Yaya calls Pep a racist

Boycie 9:10 Thu Jun 7
Re: Yaya calls Pep a racist
its man city so I dont give a shit

threesixty 5:15 Thu Jun 7
Re: Yaya calls Pep a racist
With greatest respect to Yaya when looking at the evidence (especially after the birthday cake thing) it seems Pep has more of a problem with ego than anything else.

And some of the best big name players have huge ego's which most managers tend to put up with to win matches. But Pep just isn't about that life!

Zlatan said the same thing about Pep as well. So for Etoo, Zlatan and Yaya all say the same thing but all kind of ego driven players (as its their right) then I just think its the only way Pep knows how to manage a team.

He needs everyone to be in line like its a school or something. Thats just how he is. I think Fergie said a similar thing. Thats why Fergie sold great players like Staam and Keane. There is only one boss and thats that.

I think only Rooney ever seemed to get the better of Fergie in that regard which was weird. But maybe it was near the end of Fergies career and he just wanted to keep winning. But generally you were out if there was any kind of dissent. Didn't matter how good you were.

Willtell 5:02 Thu Jun 7
Re: Yaya calls Pep a racist
Nail on head Eerie. Pep plays lots of different races and no-one can be called a racist fairly when they do that.

Eerie Descent 4:46 Thu Jun 7
Re: Yaya calls Pep a racist
So it's not Africans he has a problem with, it's cunts with an attitude regardless of where they're from.

Glad we finally cleared it up.

Son of Sam 4:25 Thu Jun 7
Re: Yaya calls Pep a racist
Eerie with all due respect, occasionally when I read something it triggers something in my memory and 99% of the time its right, if you care to scroll down to my OP, when I read this thread it triggered Bony and Etoo. I do remember disharmony between Bony and Guardiola however as is normal in any workplace or perhaps it was generated by the media. Etoo needs no discussion as the world and its dog remembers what went on there and the way he was treated, Etoos response was infinitely better than yayas , he did his talking on the pitch and after being shipped out after scoring a hatful of goals in a treble winning season he went on to do the same thing at Inter being possibly the only player to win back to back trebles with different clubs(?).

With regard to fuelling race issues I find that laughable, who knows maybe Im more racist than Pep for all you know.

I dont get the bit about Keita playing so many games for him and what that proves because if memory serves me correctly I seem to recall Keita and Yaya being a regular feature for barca together every time barca played when they were together at the club. Im sure you will provide the stats if Im wrong. But surely everyone reacts differently to the managers flaws and what rankled Yaya perhaps did not ruffle Keitas feathers as much, Just a theory.

But in fairness to Pep in 12 seasons as manager he has worked with 6 African players Bony Keita Etoo Benatia Ileanacho and of course Yaya and not all of those were shipped out.

arsene york-hunt 4:13 Thu Jun 7
Re: Yaya calls Pep a racist
Been discharged from the lunatic asylum again GO?

Coffee 4:04 Thu Jun 7
Re: Yaya calls Pep a racist
Golden Oldie

You are really something.

Kaiser Zoso 3:35 Thu Jun 7
Re: Yaya calls Pep a racist

Golden Oldie 3:32 Thu Jun 7
Re: Yaya calls Pep a racist
Considering the last time this chap jumped on my comment with vile bile and abuse while claiming to be receiving that from me in a comment not directed to him was when I wrote "Viva Argentina", and any communication I can recall with it was when I was critical of communism, and the comments below in this thread all filled with retarded shit, random accusations of "racism" and allusions to kosher tea etc.

Considering there is a group on this board and many others where certain folk despise and resent the notion of goy speaking freely on any given topic at hand, it was a fair assessment as to why 'coffee' deemed it its duty to harrass me over nothing in particular.
If it walks like a duck etc.

But hey, Kaiser Zoso "my type" sometimes have their own little ways due to cultural misunderstandings, which will happen in an artificially forced multicultural society, you perhaps need to be a little more tolerant of others that don't perhaps agree with you.

Kaiser Zoso 3:20 Thu Jun 7
Re: Yaya calls Pep a racist
Immediately considering him a y*d was a bit true to type though

Golden Oldie 3:08 Thu Jun 7
Re: Yaya calls Pep a racist
So you're just a neurotic freak who seems to misread every comment of mine as a direct and personal assault against you then?

How about contributing to the thread in some way, perhaps being so sure of your position you can even explain why my thoughts on Pep are wrong, or even better perhaps you could try and post on a forum without harassing people that don't conform to your narrow little agenda especially those who:
a) cannot recall a single comment of any consequence from you
b) couldn't give a fuck about the way your pink panties twist up your arse

Next time just private message me and say you think I'm a poo head, rather than clutter up comments with your own imagined conversations with folks who don't even know you exist.

Coffee 3:02 Thu Jun 7
Re: Yaya calls Pep a racist
I'm not Jewish.


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