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Coffee 4:13 Tue Jun 5
Heathrow expansion
Controversial plans for a third runway at Heathrow Airport have been approved by ministers.

Heathrow's owners say the airport is virtually full and a new runway, which is hoped would be operational between 2025 and 2030, would increase its capacity from 85.5 million to 130 million passengers.

The expansion is estimated to create about 60,000 new jobs and generate about £70bn in total economic benefits by the 2050s.

Plans include a new tunnel under the M25. The traffic during construction is expected to be an even greater pain in the arse than it currently is.

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Swiss. 5:50 Wed Jun 6
Re: Heathrow expansion

Love high speed trains. I'd love to see them all over the UK. Would take pressure off London of traffic, all infrastructure.

Takes 1hr 20mins from Brussels to Paris which is 200 miles.
Takes 1hr 20mins from London to Brum which is 125 miles


Gavros 5:46 Wed Jun 6
Re: Heathrow expansion
people been talking about an island airport since the 70s.

never been enough support for it.

ray winstone 5:31 Wed Jun 6
Re: Heathrow expansion
Personally I thought Boris Island was the best option long term.

Alfs 5:13 Wed Jun 6
Re: Heathrow expansion
I'm struggling with the fact that knocking down eighty houses and laying a couple of miles of tarmac will cost £16 BILLION.

Get some gypsies in, they'll do it for a fraction of that (though they'd need to be paid in cash).

Joe C 4:32 Wed Jun 6
Re: Heathrow expansion
Thanks for confirming what I said in my previous two posts there, Coffee

madeeasy 4:21 Wed Jun 6
Re: Heathrow expansion
SOH 100% agree. Just think that we need to somehow diversify away from the south east and try and make some other cities and their surrounding areas mini powerhouses.

My Mrs works in Aston near the villa ground and fuck me what an absolute shit hole full of wankers and scum bags.

But those areas could be like the outer edges of london if there were opportunities there for people. That area in particular is "ran" by a certain group in society though which is fucked.

Coffee 4:13 Wed Jun 6
Re: Heathrow expansion
Joe C 3:20 Wed Jun 6

I'm surprised at that. For starters, it's too close to the main runway for both to be in use at the same time. Then, when it was built there was nowhere near the kind of demand for runway space to justify having two simultaneously active runways. It's true that it was and still is a functioning runway when required, but it doesn't have an instrument landing system (it didn't have, maybe that's been added in recent times?) or other advanced nav aids. Its first purpose is as a taxiway, then as a relief runway.

Side of Ham 4:11 Wed Jun 6
Re: Heathrow expansion
Could say the same about parts of the London suburbs madeeasy regards to the buzz it's just not affordable and i think it's the expendable income in some places that keeps the buzz, if you've moved outwards in London your likely to have that taken up in mortgage alone.The thing with all the rain is it makes just outside these cities fucking green, and there's some corking places all over the UK because of that.Couple of my mates did the Ironman in Bolton and some of the places/villages outwards of there were stunning, but it's not the city and if you are in an affluent city it's great and the UK is good at being great if the funds/investment are there.

madeeasy 4:04 Wed Jun 6
Re: Heathrow expansion
IF.... The government committed to spending say £200 to even £500 Billion on a proper new age infrastructure that got built in years not decades and subsidised companies for running the services.

For instance the new HS2 but built like Japan Bullet train but made it affordable for 10 years to a company running it. The you could link Manchester and Birmingham and even Sheffield with London with less than an hour travel times and even half hour for brum

Then subsidized contracts for manufacturing in some of these areas and paid to bring them alive again, then you could get true change.

Of course the government would have to raise money through bonds and get more debt, but as long as they can afford the cost of that debt then it would be good for long term growth of the UK, not just London.

I read a book about the consultancy firm Mckinsey. They said when they first got hired by governments for planning they were asked to come up with a 50 year blueprint and map out the way to do it. They said that in todays world all government only ever worry about is their 5 year term and their reputation when they leave office.

It needs a massive overhaul and investment back into the basics.

The silly thing is that it really would be easy to do and the person with the balls to put that blueprint in place and sell it to the people of the UK would leave a bigger legacy than any of the recent prime ministers.

madeeasy 3:57 Wed Jun 6
Re: Heathrow expansion
SOH dont get me wrong the majority of Brum is a shit hole and it is overcast and you really notice the difference in cloud cover as well as warmth. I still generally work in London during the week.

However there are loads of little towns and cities up this way that I hadn't ever been to before.

The buzz is so different to london though, even the restaurants that would be bustling in London are dead most nights even in brum city centre.

a new 3 bed house in some areas are about 150 to 160k in a nice enough area. so for people that work in the civil service for instance would be so much better off moving as there money would stretch so much further a little bit further north.

The money you could save would then easily be spent eating out days out holidays etc and give people a lot better standard of living than living in the rat race that surrounds london.

Side of Ham 3:47 Wed Jun 6
Re: Heathrow expansion
Again totally agree madeeasy, there's plenty on offer outside of London and to be honest i'd say the regional dialect's are weakening where the spread of London is taking place.All the main cities have the nouse to know what makes it popular they just need the serious funding to make it so.

Lifestyles are there to be got across the country the only thing that may play a slight part is the weather but that's even dodge across the country.

madeeasy 3:36 Wed Jun 6
Re: Heathrow expansion
Side of Ham I moved to brum a few years back and it is a massively changing city. HSBC are moving offices up there and the investment going on around the city centre is massive.

Don't get me wrong so much of the local surrounding area is a massive shit hole.

However if you had a train that was 40 mins from city centre brum to london then you would get people moving and taking the pressure off London, which is over priced and over crowded.

Then because of the overseas buyers using london as a safe haven for cash and not using properties etc it means everyone moves out to the burbs and puts massive pressure on the infrastructure of getting people in and out of the city.

The other problem is the cost of trains from brum to london at peak is ridiculous. need to get a grip and make things affordable for people to have realistic choices

Side of Ham 3:24 Wed Jun 6
Re: Heathrow expansion
I agree madeeasy, it's like we turn into a massive land mass when it comes to infrastructure and spreading the load across the country.

No runway expansion in London OR South in general is going to stop it needing another expansion for the next generations, so now's the time to get the rest of the UK properly involved and sell to the World as one state and not as a bottom heavy crammed logistical nightmare.

Joe C 3:20 Wed Jun 6
Re: Heathrow expansion
Coffee - I’m aware of what they use it for, but it was originally built to be used as a second runway

madeeasy 3:13 Wed Jun 6
Re: Heathrow expansion
After 8 I agree to a degree. They should have given a new runway to Gatwick as well as Heathrow. Or built a lot better international hub in BIrmingham with a true high speed railway into London.

If they could do a train that left the airport in brum to london within 40 mins then it would take so much pressure off london

After8 3:10 Wed Jun 6
Re: Heathrow expansion
It's a sticking plaster over a gaping wound. We need 3 more runways in the South East and Birmingham and Manchester need more too.

To be honest we've dropped the ball politically. We should with brexit be investing massively in infrastructure and to prove that we want to be a global outlooking nation, invest in significant airport capacity. Plus massive rail improvements.

But there's more chance of bats flying out of my nose that Theresa May doing anything ambitious.

Coffee 2:51 Wed Jun 6
Re: Heathrow expansion
Joe, Gatwick's second 'runway' is a taxiway that's only used as a runway in rare case, such as when they're doing maintenance on the main runway.

Joe C 2:43 Wed Jun 6
Re: Heathrow expansion
Gatwick already has two runways, they built them too close together so they can't be used in tandem. You can't trust an airport that does that to deliver.

And I would have preferred Gatwick too, easier to get to for me (well, until Crossrail opens anyway)

Swiss - agreed on Eurostar lounge at GDN

Ron Greensward 1:56 Wed Jun 6
Re: Heathrow expansion
Stupid decision.
Gatwick already owns the land for another runway there. It does not have 2 major motorways, a major dual carriageway, 3 villages in the way.
A new runway there would be quicker, cheaper and less disruptive.

Northern Sold 1:47 Wed Jun 6
Re: Heathrow expansion
MATE works over RAF Rochford (London-Southend Airport).. seems like loads of celebs would rather fly their own jets in there and then make their own way into teh City.... Mr & Mrs Beckham have been quite a feature around these parts the last few months... I think they come just for the VULCAN Bomber

Side of Ham 1:36 Wed Jun 6
Re: Heathrow expansion
Would you die for QUICHE Gavros? That IS the question.

Swiss you can't even get what racism is let alone mug someone off.

Hahahahahaha you sad fantasist cunt.

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