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Wonderkid 1:00 Fri Jun 8
Lanzini-World Cup over
Manuel Lanzini suffered, in today's morning training, the rupture of the anterior cruciate ligament of his right knee.

Looks like world cup over for him and could be out for 6-9 months

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ironsofcanada 6:13 Sun Jun 24
Re: Lanzini-World Cup over

Looking like an extra on Oz these days, but hope it means he is rehabbing well.

13 Brentford Rd 1:31 Thu Jun 14
Re: Lanzini-World Cup over
Amaturish medical set up and too much pressure out on our best players to play too soon after injury!

No coincidence that all our best players have suffered the same fate!

Spandex Sidney 1:25 Thu Jun 14
Re: Lanzini-World Cup over
Looks like he's basically out for next season.

Hello Jack Wilshere

selecta 1:11 Thu Jun 14
Re: Lanzini-World Cup over
6-9 months now according to twatter.

Alwaysaniron 3:56 Tue Jun 12
Re: Lanzini-World Cup over
anuel Lanzini could be out of action for anywhere between six to 12 months having suffered a devastating torn ACL in his right knee while training ahead of the World Cup.

The West Ham midfielder is set to remain in Spain, where the injury occurred in Barcelona while training with Argentina, and undergo exploratory examinations with world renowned orthopaedic surgeon Dr Ramon Cugat in the Catalan city this week.

The injury has wrecked Lanzini's dreams of representing Jorge Sampaoli's side in his first World Cup in Russia this summer and it's also a dagger blow to West Ham plans for next season under new manager Manuel Pellegrini.

The 25-year-old has now reflected on what happened during that training session with the Albiceleste in Spain as his teammates have now flown out to Russia for this summer's showpiece tournament, which kicks off on Thursday.

Manuel Lanzini posts emotional Instagram message after suffering World Cup heartache
Lanzini said: "I received a pass from Marcos Rojo and tried to give it to Javier Mascherano who was behind me.

"When I turned, I didn't set my foot firmly on the ground and all my weight fell on my knee. I knew instantly that it was going to be very bad."

Lanzini will be joined in Spain by West Ham's new head of medical Richard Collinge for the consultation with Dr Cugat, who has 40 years experience in treating knee injuries and has worked with Lanzini's compatriot Sergio Aguero as well as Barcelona legends Xavi and Adres Iniesta plus Fernando Torres.

Manuel Lanzini suffered a suspected torn ACL in training with Argentina (Image: Alex Caparros/Getty Images)
"The Jewel" admitted he is in an "extremely hard moment" right now in the aftermath of his shocking injury blow but added he will fight to come back as best as possible.

He added: "I pose myself so many questions but I know there are no answers. But I try to see things in a positive light, which was what my parents always told me.

Manuel Pellegrini and Mario Husillos' new West Ham transfer plans after Manuel Lanzini setback
"I’m receiving support from my family and my teammates and that has been extremely important for me because when I had the injury I felt like the world fell over me, it was the worst sensation I felt in these 25 years.

"I will have surgery in Barcelona, Spain, with Ramon Cugat, and I’m going to be very serious in my recovery. It’s not a question of how fast I come back but of following the plan and come back as best as possible."

Lily Hammer 2:00 Tue Jun 12
Re: Lanzini-World Cup over
I know there’s a lot of terrible shit that happens that puts football into perspective, but this has really put me down. Life is a cruel cunt sometimes.

If he doesn’t get over this, I pray he becomes our greatest ever manager one day. Lyall had his career cut short by a knee injury. Big part of the making of the man.

I’d rather see him turn out again on form, though.

Get well soon, Manu, you little jewel.

stepney hammer 12:32 Tue Jun 12
Re: Lanzini-World Cup over
Blatantly gonna be the next Ashton. Always our best players this sort of thing happens to. Would anyone give a shit if it was Snodgrass or Kouyate?

CrowleyHammer 8:30 Mon Jun 11
Re: Lanzini-World Cup over
Robson 2:36 Mon Jun 11


El Scorchio 5:31 Mon Jun 11
Re: Lanzini-World Cup over
Bloke at work has shown me a tweet/update (I believe from ExWHU- so take that to mean what you will) that the Argies think this is one of the worst knee ligament injuries they've ever seen, and he could miss the whole upcoming season.


Alwaysaniron 3:39 Mon Jun 11
Re: Lanzini-World Cup over
13 Brentford Rd 3:36 Mon Jun 11
It's those bastard Sheffield Utd fans with their fucking little dolls!

13 Brentford Rd 3:36 Mon Jun 11
Re: Lanzini-World Cup over
Either we are the unluckiest club in the world or there is something wrong with the conditioning of our players.
Too many players become injury prone after joining, too many freak training ground injuries or during the warm up or early in games, too many serious injuries, and too many recurring injuries.
Been going on too long now and it's not coincidence.

Robson 2:36 Mon Jun 11
Re: Lanzini-World Cup over
JayeMPee 3:06 Sun Jun 10

"I don't want to see him walk"

Jeez, I'm disappointed too but that's a bit harsh!

jack flash 11:01 Sun Jun 10
Re: Lanzini-World Cup over
Absolutely gutted for the lad. What a time for this to happen for him

I was really looking forward to seeing him play in the World Cup, & hope he gets another chance in the future

Get well soon Manu!

Mace66 9:27 Sun Jun 10
Re: Lanzini-World Cup over
What happened about him going to the dippers ? I read on RWHF that it was 100% fact done deal or was that a load of bollocks ?

Sven Roeder 4:05 Sun Jun 10
Re: Lanzini-World Cup over
If the Argentinian FA are paying his wages get that contract extension in front of him now.
No one else is signing him til he is fit
Front load the contract so he gets more in the first year and they can pay that as well. And we pay the reduced amount when he is fit

Get well soon Manu SON and international football training can go fuck itself

13 Brentford Rd 3:18 Sun Jun 10
Re: Lanzini-World Cup over
Considering no one knows if he will be able to reach the same level again, how long he will be out, or if he will ever play again, the sensible and fairest thing for WHU to do would be to withdraw any offer of an improved contact.

JayeMPee 3:06 Sun Jun 10
Re: Lanzini-World Cup over
If there is a contract issue we should resolve it asap, I don't want to see him walk and knowing he is wanted will surely assist the healing process.

If we can pay AC to sit best part of 5 years out we can certainly support this lad.

Crassus 2:37 Sun Jun 10
Re: Lanzini-World Cup over
Aside of all this injury talk, the intriguing thing will be his contract status, he had not signed that previously offered - if he is out for a year, do we maintain the offer in the hope of a full recovery or wait and see, by which time he will be able to talk then walk?

JayeMPee 2:22 Sun Jun 10
Re: Lanzini-World Cup over
Really gutted for the lad, superb player and great attitude he will be sorely missed for however many months he is out.

Get well soon Manu, your chance for your country will come again.

Coffee 2:02 Sun Jun 10
Re: Lanzini-World Cup over
I wonder who will be responsible for his treatment and rehab?

Alan 2:00 Sun Jun 10
Re: Lanzini-World Cup over
West Ham's Lanzini compensation revealed

How long will Lanzini be out for?

Considering he's ruptured his ACL, the midfielder is set to miss the start of the Premier League season for West Ham.

Indeed, West Ham could be without Lanzini for many months.

While the Hammers will likely have to react to Lanzini's injury in the transfer market, there is a sliver of good news for the Irons.

It's been reported over the weekend that West Ham will not be out of pocket for Lanzini's injury.

As it happened on international duty, the Argentinian FA will have to cough up Lanzini's wages until he's fit again.

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