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e. New season you say, woohoo time to get the new kit and wear it it to the pub for all the big games, the wags down there call me Mr West Ham

13 Brentford Rd 3:01 Fri Jun 15
Goes without saying it was a tragedy and very sad and distressing for those involved and many others.
However I have a few issues which given the circumstances may seem arguably petty or biased, but nonetheless I want to sir them as no one else is due to mass grieving still going in.
Obviously yesterday was the year anniversary and there was a big "silent march" which didn't stop Corbyn and Abbot who were on the march trying to win more political points over the tragedy.

Didn't realise there has been a march every month since, is it going to stop now or are people going to never move on? Even Hillsborough didn't get this much hysteria.

The survivors and families of the dead (well labour and loads of do gooders mainly) are demanding "JUSTICE" and want the guilty locked up. So pressumably the contractors and the TMO members who contracted them then?

The council are almost bankrupt and some people are still living in very expensive temporary accommodation as they won't accept the new housing offered. Some have milked this for all they can.
.....but Labour are blaming the government of course. Pretty disgraceful of them trying to make political gains from this, they must be delighted it was a Tory council.

Also why are the Muslim community trying to make this also about them? I know some of the dead were Muslims but they were very visible at the head of the march and were claiming that the local mosque saved lives, how? Then it was announced that there would be a community Iftar last night.

Last point why has it taken 72 deaths for the middle class whiteys in London (mainly from the home counties and beyond) to realise ethnic people exist in areas near them?

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DukeofDevo 10:36 Fri Jun 15
Re: Grenfell.....
David Lammy can’t divorce the personal tragedy from the political point scoring!

He was slaughtered by Andrew Neil on the Daily Politics!

Lammys a joke

mike hunt 10:13 Fri Jun 15
Re: Grenfell.....
a year on, has a day passed when there hasn't been something on the news about it, they've made more of this than 9.11

mike hunt 10:11 Fri Jun 15
Re: Grenfell.....
Nurse Ratched 3:13 Fri Jun 15
bang on

Nurse Ratched 7:07 Fri Jun 15
Re: Grenfell.....

Fo the Communist 6:57 Fri Jun 15
Re: Grenfell.....
Nurse and OnlyBilly.
Can you not divorce the personal tragedy from the political/personal point-scoring?

only1billybonds 6:48 Fri Jun 15
Re: Grenfell.....
Nurse has nailed this for me. At the time if and immediately after i felt genuine sadness fit those affected. But the amount of politicising and attempted point scoring has sickened me and watered down my feelings on the whole thing to the point where i didnt take a blind bit of notice of the coverage yestetday.

El Scorchio 6:27 Fri Jun 15
Re: Grenfell.....
The sad thing is how people hijack a genuine tragedy to further their own agendas or line their own pockets.

Plenty of that going on with Grenfell.

Like flies around shit, some of them.

zebthecat 4:20 Fri Jun 15
Re: Grenfell.....
"the only victims are us tax payers who foot the bill."

72 people died

, 4:18 Fri Jun 15
Re: Grenfell.....
Be useful if entities that make huge profits in the UK also did their moral duty and made a commensurate tax contribution too.

SurfaceAgentX2Zero 4:17 Fri Jun 15
Re: Grenfell.....
, 4:00 Fri Jun 15

Surely, if you Remainers stopped trying to thwart the democratic will of the people the government would have a bit more time to look at other stuff.

twoleftfeet 4:14 Fri Jun 15
Re: Grenfell.....
It has been milked to wonderful effect, the only victims are us tax payers who foot the bill.

They were benefit seekers before the fire and now they have even more money flowing in, why would they want to be rehoused?

mallard 4:03 Fri Jun 15
Re: Grenfell.....
Another anti-Muslim post from Brenty

Nurse Ratched 4:03 Fri Jun 15
Re: Grenfell.....
Is it the Govt's job to oversee individual planning/building applications? Isn't this more of a local Govt/local council responsibility?

, 4:00 Fri Jun 15
Re: Grenfell.....
Well Brexit is not to blame at all for the Grenfell tradegy and nobody has suggested that.

However the point I was making was that the total lack of reasonable effort by the government since is symptomatic of what is going on in the UK whilst this present government concentrates mainly on the Brexit negotiations, saving its Tory future etc.

Lee Trundle 3:53 Fri Jun 15
Re: Grenfell.....
Brexit being blamed is a new one on me.

I suppose it was only a matter of time.

, 3:47 Fri Jun 15
Re: Grenfell.....
Agree with Joker and adding to the disgrace is the way that there are still many buildings with the basic lack of safety that Grenfell had still multi occupied.

The government is so wrapped up with Brexit that they are neglecting other problems.

joe royal 3:42 Fri Jun 15
Re: Grenfell.....
There was a joke doing the rounds about etchnic cleansing yesterday I didn’t share it .

Just completed a 30 day ban , didn’t want another one.

After8 3:42 Fri Jun 15
Re: Grenfell.....
See the daft thing about Labour is that their MP is implicated. If we're going to lock everyone up then as she was on the housing committee that was responsible for the tower, she'd be locked up.

Politicizing a tragedy is typical leftie behaviour.

The Joker 3:39 Fri Jun 15
Re: Grenfell.....
Grenfell is an absolute national disgrace and tragedy. Fuck party politics, it is UK governments over many years up to and including the current one, continually putting money ahead of people.

BRANDED 3:34 Fri Jun 15
Re: Grenfell.....
Why would't you want the guilty locked up?

Sven Roeder 3:24 Fri Jun 15
Re: Grenfell.....
Is it wrong that every time I see something about this it makes me think of the lack of social housing in London due to whole buildings being occupied by people who shouldn’t really be in this country.
And if they are due to some humanitarian instinct should be housed in Hull or Carlisle rather than Notting Hill.

Condolences to anyone who died due to penny pinching on building safety.
Which is most likely what happened
Plus the fact that people believed those that told them to stay inside a BURNING BUILDING.

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