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bobbymoore 2:31 Mon Jun 18
Off here for a long weekend. Staying in centre of town, any recommendations etc?

Big WC zone at Brandenburg Gate.


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Long Lost 4:54 Mon Jun 18
Re: Berlin
Soviet War Memorial at Treptower Park is impressive just for the sheer scale of it

Grumpster 4:44 Mon Jun 18
Re: Berlin
Enjoy the history and don't expect anywhere too lively other than the Irish pubs!

13 Brentford Rd 3:28 Mon Jun 18
Re: Berlin
The only time I have properly cried since I was a kid was at the Holocaust museum a few years ago.
Just burst into tears after the emotion of reading people's final letters or seeing their stuff, just became too much.

Leonard Hatred 3:23 Mon Jun 18
Re: Berlin

CALIGULA is better.


Leonard Hatred 3:22 Mon Jun 18
Re: Berlin
Some excellent walking tours. I recommend the wall one.
The DDR museum is great as well.

scott_d 3:05 Mon Jun 18
Re: Berlin
King Georges.

gph 3:05 Mon Jun 18
Re: Berlin
*Sachsenhausen concentration camp, in the suburbs of Berlin,*

gph 3:04 Mon Jun 18
Re: Berlin
Both the Holocaust Museum and Sachsenhausen concentration camp are very disturbing.

And I'm only distantly related to Jews, and don't personally even know if I've got any living Jewish relatives.

Although Sachsenhausen is designed according to the principles of Jeremy Bentham's panopticon prison system, he probably wouldn't have approved of it.

Coffee 2:56 Mon Jun 18
Re: Berlin

Double spacing might have been more appropriate.

13 Brentford Rd 2:55 Mon Jun 18
Re: Berlin
Go see the last remaining section of the wall.
The holocaust museum, very upsetting for me though.
A Caberet show.

gph 2:52 Mon Jun 18
Re: Berlin
Try Berliner Weisse - it's one of three German beers exempt from the Reinheitsgebot.

Not particularly strong (in its present incarnation), but an interesting taste. Don't let them put any syrups in it, at least not in your first one, so you get to taste the beer itself.

Coffee 2:49 Mon Jun 18
Re: Berlin
Thoughtful of them to install toilets at Brandenburg Gate.

charleyfarley 2:47 Mon Jun 18
Re: Berlin
Don't mention the war

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