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Barty 3:36 Tue Jun 19
Felipe Anderson - Signed

West Ham United complete Club record Felipe Anderson transfer

West Ham United are delighted to confirm the Club record signing of Lazio attacking midfielder Felipe Anderson.

Anderson joins Manuel Pellegrini’s side on a four-year contract, having completed five hugely-successful seasons in Italy with Lazio.

The Brazilian, who has been capped at senior level by his country, scored eight goals and assisted ten more in his 32 appearances for the Rome club last term.

Anderson’s undoubted creative ability was a key factor in the Club moving for the 25-year-old – the Hammers’ seventh signing of the summer so far after the arrivals of Ryan Fredericks, Lukasz Fabianski, Issa Diop, Jack Wilshere, Andriy Yarmolenko and Fabian Balbuena.

The man, himself, cannot wait to test himself in the Premier League.

"I feel really happy and fulfilled to join West Ham United," Anderson told whufc.com. "West Ham is a club with a lot of tradition, lots of great players have played here, like Bobby Moore, Carlos Tevez and Di Canio.

"They were great players and idols here, and I’m aiming big, who knows, maybe I could hit their heights and be a legend here too. I'm really happy to be here. It's a dream come true.

"I want to thank the owner, David Sullivan, because he made a big effort to bring me here. I know how difficult it was, so I have to thank him a lot, and I hope I can repay his faith in me on the pitch with goals and winning games."

Director of Football Mario Husillos is delighted to have welcomed the winger to London Stadium and believes Anderson's signing shows the Club's intent for the coming campaign.

"We are very happy and pleased to welcome Felipe to West Ham United," Husillos said.

“We believe that we have signed one of the most exciting talents in European football. Felipe has shown a fantastic level of performance at Lazio in recent seasons and we believe that he will now bring that quality to the Premier League. He is also a player very suited to the style of Manuel Pellegrini.

“For West Ham United this is a very big statement, a club record, so we must thank the owners for their support and work in making this transfer possible.

“It is a negotiation that has taken some time but it is a very good sign that Felipe was determined to become a West Ham player, and we feel very confident that he will become a big success at London Stadium.”

Joint-Chairman David Sullivan said: “Felipe was a main target of the manager so we are delighted we’ve been able to bring him to the Club.

“We’re very pleased with the business we’ve done so far and I hope the supporters are just as excited as we are about the squad we are building here at West Ham.

“The deal sees us significantly break our transfer record and we feel it’s a real statement of intent.”

Born in Santa Maria, Brazil, Anderson made his way in football with Sao Paolo side Santos, making his senior debut in October 2010, when he was just 17.

The following year he helped Santos win the Copa Libertadores – South America’s equivalent of the Champions League – before heading to Europe to link up with Lazio in the summer of 2013.

He wasted little time in making his mark in Italy, scoring eleven goals in the 2014/15 campaign and playing a major role as Lazio reached the final of that season’s Coppa Italia.

In total he scored 34 goals in 177 Lazio appearances, lifting the 2017 Supercoppa Italiana along the way, and last term led the league in terms of dribbles, with an average of 5.4 per game.

He has also enjoyed success on the international stage, winning an Olympic Gold Medal at the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Games, and making his senior Selecao debut in a friendly against Mexico in 2015.

Everyone at West Ham United would like to welcome Felipe and his family to the Club and wish him every success in his career with the Hammers.

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Sajmo1 5:31 Tue Feb 25
Re: Felipe Anderson - Signed
"So now he is the first line of defence, but always covers Cresswell.." Well...yes? Not sure how to respond tbh

Sajmo1 5:28 Tue Feb 25
Re: Felipe Anderson - Signed
Rossal 2 goals from open play in 8 games without him. Heavily involved in most of our goals. 3rd best tackler in the team. There's not much to disagree about.

goose 5:10 Tue Feb 25
Re: Felipe Anderson - Signed
we need to score goals to stay up, we sure as hell aren't keeping clean sheets.
he is our most creative player especially from open play. he needs to be on the pitch and in positions he can effect the game.

dogfights are for teams with a work ethic but no talent. we have plenty of talent - lets use it.

Rossal 5:00 Tue Feb 25
Re: Felipe Anderson - Signed
Its from the oracle Alex V

So now he is the first line of defence, but always covers Cresswell.....so he must be getting dribbled past TWICE to get top of that list?

Its never better to get dribbled past youre clutching at straws now.

When he has a decent game against anyone on that list then come back to me. Until then he is a waste of space in a relegation dogFIGHT.

Lee Trundle 4:46 Tue Feb 25
Re: Felipe Anderson - Signed
"Ffs play Bowen"

Why on earth would MOYES do that?

"In training I've seen someone who looks very sharp, who looks match fit, who is ready to play,"

That to me says he's nowhere near ready to start.

Bishopsfinger 4:41 Tue Feb 25
Re: Felipe Anderson - Signed
Whilst I think he’s a bottle and I don’t particularly like him. He’s the type of player that can come up with something. He just doesn’t do it enough. I also think he’s being played in the wrong position. He needs a free role with options. The options aren’t there at the moment because we are to slow and don’t get in behind. Stick Antonio up there , play Bowen and get the midfield to support. All great but I’m a relegation battle he’s not our man. Maybe as half hour sub he can come on and give us a chance or two.

He’s not interested and that’s clear to see. So for that reason he can’t be starting and the same goes for Haller.

Ffs play Bowen.

Sajmo1 4:26 Tue Feb 25
Re: Felipe Anderson - Signed
Rossal I've literally said "goals from open play" in my first post. 2 in 8 games says it all. 1st in dribbled past stat? No idea where you've found that stat but I mean he is a winger and a first line of our defense. You'd expect a forward to top that list no? Also, it's better to get dribbled past in some occasions then faul your player like Snodgrass and concede a stupid free kick. I'd like to see who gets dribbled past the most in the top teams. It has to be a goalkeeper then.

Lee Trundle 4:19 Tue Feb 25
Re: Felipe Anderson - Signed
You'll always be my #1, V.

goose 4:17 Tue Feb 25
Re: Felipe Anderson - Signed
Snodders has more but has played more minutes. Open play it’s no contest.

Tackles number is from the PL website.

Kaiser Zoso 4:15 Tue Feb 25
Re: Felipe Anderson - Signed
When you were playing football Alex, did you dribble up to a full back and think 'one more defender beaten and I'm 5th in the team stats for this season'?

Rossal 4:15 Tue Feb 25
Re: Felipe Anderson - Signed
"He is #1 on the 'dribbled past' per 90 metric, ie he's the weakest player in the squad to face up against an opponent defensively in a 1 on 1."

So his intelligent play covering Cresswell is going well then ay Saj?

Alex V 4:12 Tue Feb 25
Re: Felipe Anderson - Signed
>>> assists per minutes on the pitch he is our #1

The data I look at has Snodgrass as #1.

Thing is, it's no surprising that Anderson chips in with creation numbers - so much of the play funnels through him it would seem absurd if it didn't. What those numbers don't relate is how much that goes through him is wasted. There isn't a single number that easily describes a player who has a high volume of supply but wastes most of it, which imo is what he does.

The question isn't whether he's a creative player - he is. The question is whether that upside is worth building a team around. The evidence is plain given our position in the table - it isn't!

>>> number of tackles he is #3

5th on my numbers. But there's a longstanding issue with what Opta calls a tackle - I think it's a fairly useless stat. He barely ever attempts what we think of as a block or sliding tackle. He does nick in and steal the ball well, and that has a value.

He is #1 on the 'dribbled past' per 90 metric, ie he's the weakest player in the squad to face up against an opponent defensively in a 1 on 1.

Rossal 4:01 Tue Feb 25
Re: Felipe Anderson - Signed
If he is one of our best tacklers then i'm Lionel Messi

Intelligent how??? Nothing about his play is intelligent. If you watch him at any home game for a half then youll see what im saying is facts. He doesnt cover for Creswell when we have the ball......so whats his excuse then?

We havent played without a striker all season.

We scored 3 goals last home game without him.

Think of the RB's he has played against this season....

Maitland Niles
El Mohamody

He hasnt got the better of any of them. Its embarrassing.

Sajmo1 3:49 Tue Feb 25
Re: Felipe Anderson - Signed
Rossal he is one of our best tacklers. He is soft but intelligent. Doesn't cover for Cresswell? I guess we watch different games. He doesn't run at players? What is he supposed to do when he runs past a midfielder? Do I have to remind you that we play without a striker and that it's very, very difficult to link up with Antonio? Read my previous post again, those are facts. We can't score without him.

southbankbornnbred 3:46 Tue Feb 25
Re: Felipe Anderson - Signed
Nobody dounts the quality of these players' techniques, btw.

Anderson, Fornals, Yarmolenko, Haller - all technically gifted players in different ways. But some build on that technique with other attributes which help teams win games.

Stowie.40 3:43 Tue Feb 25
Re: Felipe Anderson - Signed

southbankbornnbred 3:42 Tue Feb 25
Re: Felipe Anderson - Signed
On the plus side, I think Fornals is showing some signs of physically toughening up a bit. He looked a bit shocked when he first arrived in English football and shorked some of the rough stuff - it's not for everybody, after all. But in contrast to some, he is now putting himself about a bit more in midfield when he's on. Not just in terms of distance, but also being physically more engaged in the battle. I wonder if Moyes has had a word with him about that.

southbankbornnbred 3:37 Tue Feb 25
Re: Felipe Anderson - Signed
He's disengaged, he can easily be bullied out of games, he's cruising at West Ham and he is nowhere near as consistent as a player as he should be considering the small fortune we paid for him.

He played well for the first 15 minutes of the second half last night - out of the 65 minutes he was on the pitch: yet some of our fans think he 'ran' the game. Which might indicate the low expectations of our fans during this season.

Apart from that, I love the bloke.

Rossal 3:36 Tue Feb 25
Re: Felipe Anderson - Signed
Sajmo1 3:23 Tue Feb 25


He doesnt cover Cresswell, he receives the ball his first touch is backwards, he runs backwards, he drifts into LB to get on the ball for no reason.

How many times does he run AT players, as opposed to away from them. How many times does he run off the ball FORWARD as opposed to jogging backwards when we have the ball. How many times does he run in BEHIND?

How many times when he is shit and loses the ball is his first reaction to win the ball back HIMSELF rather than jog after it and waiting for someone else to do it.

% of tackles won this season? Probably under 50%

50/50s contested.......probs under 50%

We carry him, we all know theres a player in there so why do we only see him for 15/20 mins max a game???

For £42M quid......id straight swap him for Watkins at Brentford in a heartbeat

southbankbornnbred 3:31 Tue Feb 25
Re: Felipe Anderson - Signed
Trundle - I think it was Fe+3Cl-1.

Although that might be something to do with the Ionic charge of iron chloride. I get confused. I need more DATA.

goose 3:28 Tue Feb 25
Re: Felipe Anderson - Signed
He’s not lazy.
He makes more tackles than all bar two of our players (this is a worry).
He’s our most creative outlet - especially in open play.

He’s not in the team to be winning 50:50s.
He’s in the team to create chances and effect the game in an attacking sense. And he’s the best we have at it.

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