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The Fonz 10:42 Wed Jun 27
Hello all.

Going on my brothers stag in a few weeks time. We will be out in Albuferia for the quarter finals of the world cup so will obviously be watching that whilst also drinking a lot and going to the beach.

Does anyone know any good drinking games for the footy?

Also, has anyone been to Albuferia? We are staying near the strip, is there any bars, clubs or restaurants you can recommend?


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Ace of Spades 10:08 Sat Jun 30
Re: Albufeira
I’m over there next weekend on my stag do. I’ll be the poor cunt stuck in the wedding dress. It’s a messy place from the last one I went on over there.

Beckton Bill 4:16 Fri Jun 29
Re: Albufeira
I maybe wrong but I'm not sure a stag party are going to want fine dining with Cliff Richard. Lol

Been on a stag party to albufera myself. Loads of bars, loads of burger/pizza etc... Just walk down the strip until you find one you fancy. Urban Pizza rings a bell.

We did karting in an underground carpark on the marina which was fun.

We big groups it might be worth reserving a table in a bar ahead of time. We did that at the bar with the bucking bronco. Other than that you'll have a great time.

HAMMERAMA 12:08 Fri Jun 29
Re: Albufeira
Aquarius right at front faces sea in old town,down the escalators ,guy who owns it is a Benfica supporter wifes name is Anna lovely people, spent new years eve in there a few years back,behind it is a very small restaurant called the Dom Carlos one of the best eating places in the Algarve,Cliff Richards favourite restaurant run by an Irish guy and his Portuguese wife. Close to fine dining you need to book but brilliant food and great service.

onlyoneclydebest 1:44 Fri Jun 29
Re: Albufeira
There’s a nice pottery shop on the sea front and one that does nice cork trinkets in the town.

Have fun

LeroysBoots 11:26 Thu Jun 28
Re: Albufeira
Is the Ancora still in Aldeia de Turistica ? X

wurzel 8:08 Thu Jun 28
Re: Albufeira
I remember a good restaurant in the old town looking out to sea, Bar Ruina or something like that. I love the old town.

The Fonz 7:54 Thu Jun 28
Re: Albufeira
Ag Ag Ag

Cheers Medway

medwayhammer1 7:12 Thu Jun 28
Re: Albufeira
Fonz...you know what its like on here...unless you have backpacked round some far East place and shagged a ladyboy or two, then everywhere is a tourist riddled shithole..apparently :-) Been a few times and as i said the strip is like every other strip...im an old git now, so dosent really interest me but your be sorted for booze and grub so....

Im shit at remembering places so cant really help, but the square in the old town has loads of happy hours etc, so if your on a stag I spose thats what your want. Theres a proper old school Brazilian bar just off the square that does the the best Caipirinha going...very yellow paint job so you cant miss it!

One Johnny Sissons 6:56 Thu Jun 28
Re: Albufeira
Cabana Fresca on the Fishermans Beach is worth a visit.

ray winstone 6:45 Thu Jun 28
Re: Albufeira
Been twice and stayed in the old town, thought it was nice, decent restaurants and a bit of live music, what more could you want?

The Fonz 6:40 Thu Jun 28
Re: Albufeira
Last few comments have reassured me.

Any restaurants in particular anyone can recommend in Old Town?

LeroysBoots 4:52 Thu Jun 28
Re: Albufeira
Praia de Oura !

Montechorro & Minichorro

Went in 1981 with my mates on an 18-30, not been back since !

woolystone 4:39 Thu Jun 28
Re: Albufeira
Don't agree with most of the posts here - if you're going on a stag do it's great.

I have been there 3 times for different reasons. My wife's family are from the Algarve, they would avoid Albufeira. However the old town bit is okay for restaurants etc.

The last time I went was about 3 weeks after that 'Portugal invasion' article and frankly the article is scaremongering. This time was my own stag do and I had a brilliant time. In terms of bars - any old ones, just dive in and have a laugh. Most of the bars are owned by Germans so they expect Brits to be a bit wild.

As for footy drinking games, drink every time Kilbane says 'yes' and you'll be hammered in no time.

wurzel 12:12 Thu Jun 28
Re: Albufeira
Albufeira is great.
Plenty going on, clubs etc. The old town is also great for a bit of retro 80's feel.


Hermit Road 12:07 Thu Jun 28
Re: Albufeira
I've been there. Given the choice of staying in a run-down Blackpool b&b in October or going back, I'd be on the first train to Blackpool.

HAMMERAMA 11:59 Thu Jun 28
Re: Albufeira
Got to agree with everybody that the strip is really grim.Turn left at the bottom roundabout and there are some good bars that show the football. The nearest place that has some really good bars and restaurants is Olhus de Aqua which is a 5 minute taxi ride going east from Albufeira thats where I watch the football and I get out there a lot and can recommend.

under the thumb 10:54 Thu Jun 28
Re: Albufeira
Absolute shit hole.
Been going to Portugal for years. Best place to go and watch the football is Villamoura Marina. Great atmosphere there and plenty of bars to watch the games.

Eggbert Nobacon 10:22 Thu Jun 28
Re: Albufeira
Brucies_Star_Prize 10:44 Wed Jun 27
Re: Albufeira
The strip in Albufeira is grim.

Get yourself down the road to Villamoura and watch the gane in Figo's bar in the mariner.

Yep spen Euro 2004 in a villa in Vilamoura, 12 of us and would go Figos for most matche when we weren'[t travellingto Lisbon for the England games

medwayhammer1 10:11 Thu Jun 28
Re: Albufeira
I still quite like Albufeira, old town is still ok, some nice bars and resturants if you know the place and dont go in peak season. The strip is a bit grim, but it is what it is I spose...if your on a stag will probably do the job...not my cup of tea but sure your have a good time. people are so fucking snobby about travel these days!

Oh dear 8:37 Thu Jun 28
Re: Albufeira
What Any Old Iron has posted sums it up it.

it is a shame as Albuferia was a lovely place, it just happened to be the Algarve's busiest resort, now it is a fucking tip.

OK for Stag do's though

. . 1:34 Thu Jun 28
Re: Albufeira
Stayed in Faro Last year, went Albufeira for the day, I would say it much like Southend/Blackpool full of Stag and Hen Do's

If you going for Stag do you may enjoy it as there are Bars a plenty all serving various Cocktails in Jugs.

However I prefer the more laid back pace of Faro and only a 10 min cab ride from Airport Hotel we stayed in was right next to Bus Station and Train Station so there was no need for a Car.

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