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LeroysBoots 8:30 Sat Jul 21
Anniversary Games
Lovely to see that the novelty of Athletics at the London Stadium has worn off.

There's about 250 people there !

Hopefully sponsors will sack it off now

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El Scorchio 10:31 Tue Jul 24
Re: Anniversary Games
I think it’s more because the anniversary games doesn’t actually MEAN anything. There’s nothing real up for grabs. The worlds last year were sold out every night for a week and was a great couple of nights out.

LeroysBoots 9:49 Tue Jul 24
Re: Anniversary Games
Sport has lost all of its superstars

It's Fucking dull

gph 2:31 Tue Jul 24
Re: Anniversary Games
Johnson in claiming athletics is unpopular because people are too thick to work out the league structure shocker.

Whereas they're too clever to be conned into watching a boring lot of shit.

chim chim cha boo 1:42 Tue Jul 24
Re: Anniversary Games
sweetgeez 3:59 Mon Jul 23

Oops. Maybe I should get my head out of my arse and look harder. I still get confused getting into the stadium sometimes even though I have sat in the same seat for two years.

sweetgeez 12:05 Tue Jul 24
Re: Anniversary Games
Would say 20-25k at a push. Upper tiers empty. I got tickets last minute but wouldn't have paid the prices otherwise.

Sven Roeder 8:26 Mon Jul 23
Re: Anniversary Games
What was your estimate of the crowd yesterday?
For some reason it appears to have been omitted from the reports I read.
Didn’t see any film but from the photos I saw there was a lot of white plastic on show.

sweetgeez 3:59 Mon Jul 23
Re: Anniversary Games
i was there yesterday the west ham sign was still up as was all the signage around the stadium.

chim chim cha boo 9:48 Sun Jul 22
Re: Anniversary Games
I went past the stadium yesterday and they'd gone to the trouble of taking the big West Ham United sign off the front of the roof.

I thought 'how petty is that'? but looking at what a shit-show it's looking I wouldn't be surprised if it was us who insisted it was taken down.

In the 10 seconds I watched it for on telly Michael Johnson and someone else were talking about how few people were in the stadium and Johnson was saying how many different leagues there were and how confusing athletics was to ordinary sports fans.

I guess this is what ultimately happens when Seb Coe, Boris Johnson, Ken Livingstone and Tessa Daily or whoever are the brains behind what your iconic London stadium's legacy plans are?

Can you imagine when a report landed on Ken Livingstone's desk saying that a mostly white working class FOOTBALL team wanted to use the stadium after the Olympics? You know, the kinds of people who shout 'LIVINGSTONE YOU FUCKING WANKER' out of white vans every day?

LeroysBoots 8:04 Sun Jul 22
Re: Anniversary Games
I think.its safe to say that will be that

Khan won't allow it again unless they can guarantee sell outs

JohnnyL 6:14 Sun Jul 22
Re: Anniversary Games
When it comes to working out Net Profit on events, where does the cost of removing and installing the (non retractable) seating sit? Is it against us (I know club doesn’t pay) or against athletics as they won’t have to move it at all if this vanity games didn’t take place

Any Old Iron 4:17 Sun Jul 22
Re: Anniversary Games
The crowds are so pathetically small that the stadium owners will be losing money on this ridiculous vanity project.

Sven Roeder 9:04 Sat Jul 21
Re: Anniversary Games
The 6th anniversary is obviously PLASTIC

I think they struggled to fill the thing when they had stars like Bolt and Mohammed Farah appearing. Now it’s just a bunch of no-name junkies running around in circles.
Athletics should be moved to Birmingham and the track ripped out.

Nurse Ratched 8:51 Sat Jul 21
Re: Anniversary Games
* athletics

Nurse Ratched 8:50 Sat Jul 21
Re: Anniversary Games

I thought you meant marital anniversary, for which the only logical suggestion would be 'tearfully pleading for a blowjob'.

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