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Sydney_Iron 12:43 Sun Jul 22
Email sextortion scam
Anyone got one of these? received this morning, initially it freaked me out a bit as one of my passwords was in the email, and one of the sites i use it is WHO!!!!

Looked it up and seems its a scam, replied to the cunt that sent it with, with a go fuck yourself, but unlike other scam emails this one had me thinking for a minute....

This is the email i got.

I'm going to cut to the chase. Isn't XXXXXXX your pass? You don't know me and nobody hired me to check out you.

It's simply your hard luck that I came across your blunder. Well, I actually installed malware on adult videos (porno) & you accessed this infected site to experience fun (know what I mean?). While you were busy watching videos, your web browser began operating as a RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) with a key logger which provided me with access to your display screen and also your web camera. Immediately after that, my software collected your complete images, files and contacts from your social networks, and mailbox.

After that I put in more time than I should have investigating into your personal life and created a two screen video. First part shows the video you were viewing and 2nd part displays the recording from your web cam (its you doing inappropriate things).

Genuinely, I want to forget all about you and let you get on with your daily life. And I am going to present you (a way out|two options} that can make it happen. These two choices are either to turn a blind eye to this letter (not recommended), or simply just pay me $ 1700 to finish this mattter forever. Let’s understand above 2 options in depth.

*Not Recommended* Alternative one is to ignore this e mail. You should know what will happen if you opt this path. I will certainly send out your video recording to all of your contacts including friends and family, colleagues, and so forth. It does not shield you from the humiliation your self will face when friends and family discover your sordid detailsin their inbox.
*Recommended* Other Option is to send me $ 1700. We’ll call this my “confidentiality tip”. Lets discuss what will happen when you opt this choice. Your secret Will remain your secret. I will keep my mouth closed. Once you you pay me my fees, You can freely go on with your routine life and family as if nothing like this ever occurred.

Let us assume you've decided finish this completely and send me the confidentiality fee. You'll make the payment via Bitcoins (if you don't know this, search "how to buy bitcoins" in google)
Receiving BTC Address: 13c1JA4TgLGTUqwKPizgdykhxShc8pyc41
Required Payment: $ 1700

I know, now you may be contemplating, “Let me call cops”. Let me tell you, I've covered my steps to ensure that this email message can't be tracked time for me and yes it will not stay away from the evidence from destroying your lifetime. I am not trying to dig a hole in your pocket. I am just looking to be paid for my time I place into looking into you.

You must not explain no person what will you be sending the Bitcoins for or they might not provide it to you. The procedure to have bitcoin will take a few days so do not procrastinate.

I have a unique pixel within this mail, and now I know that you've read this e-mail. You now have 1 day to make the payment. If I don't get the BitCoins, I will definitely send out your video recording to all your contacts including friends and family, colleagues, and many others. You better come up with an excuse for friends and family before they find out. Having said that, if I do get paid, I'll destroy the recordings immediately. It is a non-negotiable offer, so please do not ruin my precious time.

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joey5000 10:39 Tue Jul 24
Re: Email sextortion scam
This is rather akin to the premise of an episode of Black Mirror from back in 2016!

SPOILERS: The -victim- was guilty of watching something rather illegal however...

Sydney_Iron 8:40 Tue Jul 24
Re: Email sextortion scam
Did you get the full version or just the edited highlights? I liked the ending were I stand up, unload at the screen and the picture suddenly blurs as if im in a steam room or thick fog has suddenly appeared…………

Westham67 7:41 Tue Jul 24
Re: Email sextortion scam
Actually Syders I got contacted by the persons who hacked your account. They told me if I didn't give them a grand they would send me a video of you knocking one out. That's a grand you owe me Syders

Sydney_Iron 7:01 Tue Jul 24
Re: Email sextortion scam
Well its looks like no one has been sent my ejaculation face or the Kleenex clean up afterwards……..at least no one has said anything!

Unless its some seriously deranged porn you are caught watching not sure what all the embarrassment is all about, most blokes wank, if I got a video of a friend or relative having one off the wrist, unless it was to something like lady boy or animal porn or something illegal I would just laugh.

Mike Oxsaw 5:00 Mon Jul 23
Re: Email sextortion scam
angryprumphs 2:03 Mon Jul 23

You can take that a bit further and have specific e-mail addresses for certain sites, or using a temporary one to register on GarryGlitterHadMeFirst.com

Son of Sam 4:58 Mon Jul 23
Re: Email sextortion scam

bruuuno 4:58 Mon Jul 23
Re: Email sextortion scam
This is very funny as someone my bird knows put up a big Facebook post a while back warning that they might be sent vids of him wanking. Basically admittted to being a filthy perv and pleasing himself to all sorts of weird stuff.

Seemed a bit strange at the time but the silly can’t must have received the same email and tried to pre empt them

Far East Hammer 4:54 Mon Jul 23
Re: Email sextortion scam
angryprumphs 2:05 Mon Jul 23

interesting. Thanks for this.

Anyway, the password is one I haven't used in over a decade anywhere.

Also agree with comments regarding different levels of password for different things.

angryprumphs 2:05 Mon Jul 23
Re: Email sextortion scam
Far East Hammer 12:38 Mon Jul 23

It probably wasnt done by and algorithm, if you used this password to sign up for a website like this one. A private owned forum or e-commerce website. You have no idea if those passwords were stored properly. I once took over an e-commerce website for a client, had over 20,000 users stored in their database and nothing was encrypted. i could literally see any data i wanted, including passwords. Very common, especially websites 10+ years old.

angryprumphs 2:03 Mon Jul 23
Re: Email sextortion scam
The most important thing about passwords is having multiple ones. I have 3-4, one for sites where i dont know / trust the owner, like here. One for well know brands / e-commerce sites and one that i only uses for banking etc.

You could have the most secure password in the world but use it on a shit site with dodgy owner or no database encryption and any fucker could get it.

Far East Hammer 12:38 Mon Jul 23
Re: Email sextortion scam
Funnily enough I got one a few days ago - in my SPAM inbox. I only noticed it as I was doing a "delete all" and managed a very quick scan read...

The password thing was a bit creepy. The name of someone I know all in lower case, which tends to suggest that they did a bit more of "putting 2 and 2 together" and then taking a chance. However, I haven't used that person's name as a password for at least a decade - so I suspect it was done by algorithm.

Or potentially like Sydney mentioned, a database of bloody old passwords. (But also presumably algorithmically scanned, which yes does get creepy)


So generic referring to a porn site (without naming it), etc also tends to suggest that this is "bulk" rather than focussed.

Iron Duke 12:42 Sun Jul 22
Re: Email sextortion scam
It’s your own fault. XXXXXXX is a shit password.

I had something like this a few months ago. It was a bit annoying as it went into my junkmail so I didn’t even need to open it. Anyway, I ignored it and nobody has mentioned seeing a video of me knocking one out, so I think I got away with it.

Alex G 11:14 Sun Jul 22
Re: Email sextortion scam
You'd think that if he had that much control over your computer and everything you did on it he could just wait till you log onto your on line banking or do some on line shopping, steal your bank details and nab your money that way.

claretandbluedagger 10:03 Sun Jul 22
Re: Email sextortion scam
See a lot of this type of email flying about, though most usually have much worse English in them so at least they made an effort here.

This one's particularly clever though in that it only targets people who watch animal porn. No idea how they can do it but there we are.

Anyway, hope you're well Sydney.

Dicko75 9:09 Sun Jul 22
Re: Email sextortion scam
Seen it in the news. You did right to tell them to go fuck themselves. At the end of the day it’s no big news anyway - most men watch porn.

Mike Oxsaw 7:15 Sun Jul 22
Re: Email sextortion scam
This is one of the reasons people bang on about regularly changing passwords.

A common misconception is that to be effective a password must (MUST) be a string of random characters. That certainly makes it difficult to crack, but equally difficult to remember.

It's probably better from a practical point of view to have something easier to type/remember, but alter certain parts of it in a random manner; the first letters of the words from the first verse of "Bubbles" as a base, for instance, but changing one or more of the characters based on some other easily memorable criteria (maybe swapping the positions of two of the letters based on an important date). It's not what I do, but it's easier to remember than a random string.

The best advice, apart from changing it every 30 days, is probably to base it on something you've not put on line, so there's less chance of a "big data" search cracking it.

Back in the day we used to leave our doors unlocked, blah, blah, blah. We don't now on account that we have more nickable/sellable stuff lying around and there are more people in/passing through the neighbourhood prepared to nick/sell it - that is the same for data - but even more so; once it's "out there" YOU have absolutely NO control over what it is used for, and by whom.

Sydney_Iron 4:01 Sun Jul 22
Re: Email sextortion scam
Did some google research on this.

Usernames and passwords are sold on the dark web, often from sites that don’t operate anymore or have been compromised, the password I used and they quoted was from when I set up my account on WHO, maybe 15 years ago or longer but I have never changed it, I also used that password for other sites, some don’t exist anymore so im guessing its from that, think its only a concern if a Banking/Credit card details and a passwords have been stolen, sold etc.

These emails have been quite common the past few weeks, just the latest scam doing the rounds, no doubt they will get a few but as it becomes widely know the money will dry up and they will find another angle to con you.

Bunch of cunts, hope they all die

Westham67 3:56 Sun Jul 22
Re: Email sextortion scam
* checks Junk mail

Johnson 3:19 Sun Jul 22
Re: Email sextortion scam
A Proper Iron aka Bleeding Claret is your man for this.

Gavros 2:58 Sun Jul 22
Re: Email sextortion scam
Why would you need a login to watch porn?

Capitol Man 2:30 Sun Jul 22
Re: Email sextortion scam
As long as it doesn’t end up posted on here. Watching that would definitely be violating human rights.

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