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gph 12:20 Thu Jul 26
Catching obesity
Adenovirus 36 is present in 30% of obese individuals, and only 11% of non-obese ones.

Although it is logically possible that being overweight makes you more likely to catch it, scientists are favour the reverse causality - catching it makes you fat - as it does increase the weight of chickens, rats, mice and monkeys.

And they don't know how you catch the virus.

(New stuff in New Scientist, but behind a paywall)

Be careful out there.

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Moncurs Putting Iron 6:18 Tue Jul 31
Re: Catching obesity
We are going to need a bigger sheet and more people holding the edges.

Sven Roeder 2:54 Sat Jul 28
Re: Catching obesity
Along with attempting to medicalise things that are often just part of life one of the ‘developments’ in modern life is that everything that is a craving is now an addiction.
Some things take a bit of personal effort, willpower and sacrifice so many would rather call how they live ‘addiction’ to take away some or all personal responsibility.

HairyHammer 2:31 Sat Jul 28
Re: Catching obesity

I agree it is all down to me I am just saying that it is not as easy as you make it sound, addiction to food like addiction to heroin or Alcohol is a very real thing that exists, and if you have it all around you and cheap too it makes it difficult to give up or fight against.
Imagine being brought up in a family of fatties I bet you can't you will probably laugh trying to paint the picture in your mind but that is exactly what I was born into, my mum was a brilliant cook no roast chicken once a week the woman could make hundreds of different dishes with her eyes shut and it was actually over 50% healthy stuff too that tasted wonderful, but portion control is not something we did, we just accepted that we loved good food and went for it.
I personally do think that being obese makes me less of a person, yes I am a human but a human who can not function as well as a fitter human and that is important, I just wish that my brain did not find eating so ridiculously appealing, you can say correctly stop eating then and you will lose the weight, you are 100% correct but anyone who struggles with food addiction will just smirk at that advice and rightly think you have not got the slightest idea about how difficult doing that in this current environment actually is.
If you cannot at least accept that fat and sugar filled food can be found everywhere easily and that makes it very difficult for obese people to lose weight then you are thinking with a closed mind .

mashed in maryland 2:30 Sat Jul 28
Re: Catching obesity
"What you don't know is why people eat too much, and is isn't just about being greedy."

Yes it is.

Same as why people drink too much, take heroin, smoke cigarettes, or chuck all their money into fruit machines.

orwells tragedy 2:11 Sat Jul 28
Re: Catching obesity
Willtell 2:06 Sat Jul 28

Haha, you have more in common with H&P than you realise.

Pub Bigot 2:08 Sat Jul 28
Re: Catching obesity
Me and my muts did 9 miles (walking) this morning.

Don't be fat.

Willtell 2:06 Sat Jul 28
Re: Catching obesity
Of course not orwells. Some people eat or drink themselves to death because they are misunderstood and have issues....

What's your reason for being obese?

orwells tragedy 2:03 Sat Jul 28
Re: Catching obesity
Willtell 1:54 Sat Jul 28

Err, no you don't, infinity. What you don't know is why people eat too much, and is isn't just about being greedy.

Willtell 2:00 Sat Jul 28
Re: Catching obesity
Ag ag ga!

joyo 1:57 Sat Jul 28
Re: Catching obesity
All you fatties worrying about this and that etc etc... Haven't you got enough on your plate?

Willtell 1:54 Sat Jul 28
Re: Catching obesity
Errr yes I do. If you don't over eat you don't get fat....

orwells tragedy 1:52 Sat Jul 28
Re: Catching obesity
Willtell 1:48 Sat Jul 28

Not sure why you keep mentioning "catching fat" as I've already said i have no comment to make on that.
Its tiresome because you think you know why people get fat but you don't.

Willtell 1:48 Sat Jul 28
Re: Catching obesity
Well sorry but I find reasons for being fat tiresome.

My wife at 56 is 5lb lighter than when we married 31 years ago. I'm actually a couple of stone heavier because I like to drink too much but I control it by restricting consumption .

We operate holiday lets and just had a slim 38 year old male with his obese wife and slightly chubby 8 year old daughter staying. I wonder why he hadn't caught his wife's fat...?

Oh yes he's concerned about his appearance as he plays in a rock band so doesn't sit eating all day long...

orwells tragedy 1:42 Sat Jul 28
Re: Catching obesity
At no stage have i made reference to the OP by the way

orwells tragedy 1:40 Sat Jul 28
Re: Catching obesity
Very open minded, well done

SUM A DING WONG 1:39 Sat Jul 28
Re: Catching obesity
Is the theory behind catching obesity, the same one, as when someone catches gay?

mashed in maryland 1:34 Sat Jul 28
Re: Catching obesity
orwells tragedy 12:02 Sat Jul 28

I'm sure it's fascinating viewing, but if you're an adult and not in prison or disabled you still have absolute control over what you put in your mouth and chew and swallow and whether or not you choose to go to the gym.

If you're fat and unhappy about it, simply don't be fat. It's that straightforward. End of.

Willtell 1:27 Sat Jul 28
Re: Catching obesity
Seriously orwells. I eat and drink too much I put on weight. I diet and watch how much I consume, I lose weight.

I've read the articles on this and they cite America as an example where they are getting fatter since the 1980's. Even less developed countries have got fatter since 1980's. FMOB there's a surprise that all around the world people are better fed....

It isn't rocket science. No-one catches fat FFS! It's a better excuse than "my metabolism..." though.

goose 1:25 Sat Jul 28
Re: Catching obesity
Can you have an obese baby? Babies naturally have more fat to protect them. Most of the research about brown fat cells is based on babies. If I recall we are born with a lot more brown fat cells so essentially baby fat is good.

orwells tragedy 1:20 Sat Jul 28
Re: Catching obesity
Willtell 12:58 Sat Jul 28

Sort of thing that Polish bloke would say.

Willtell 12:58 Sat Jul 28
Re: Catching obesity

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