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Leonard Hatred 6:24 Sat Jul 28
Fat kids
Is there any excuse for it?
I don't remember any existing when I was at school.
I mean kids under 10.

A family of GUT just came wobbling past me in the pub.


In my day we all ate junk food and crisps and sweets and that, but we played football and British Bulldog etc and were THIN.

Lazy, greedy little cunts, I reckon.

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HairyHammer 3:31 Wed Aug 1
Re: Fat kids

Carlin does not mess around with this hard hitting but basically true routine, so if your fat and easily offended please do not watch.

billywhitehorse 1:14 Wed Aug 1
Re: Fat kids
On holiday at the moment in Croatia in an area full of Germans. Never seen so many fat kids, especially the boys.

Need to lose some timber myself but I was skinny like most kids and stayed skinny until I was 30. Half the kids I saw today will be lucky to reach middle age.

mashed in maryland 12:22 Wed Aug 1
Re: Fat kids
Who was that fucking idiot from Denmark who has a column in the Guardian who had a pop at a cancer charity on Twitter for "fat shaming" cos they put up a post linking obesity to cancer?

People like her and that Tess Holliday are gonna genuinely be seen to have blood on their hands in a few years I reckon.

Crassus 6:17 Tue Jul 31
Re: Fat kids
Agree 100%, i fact as I read your post I immediately thought of Brenty's firm and was about to post upon it, but then you did - top work

Darby_ 1:23 Tue Jul 31
Bloody funny that

Russ of the BML 5:38 Tue Jul 31
Re: Fat kids
I must say I do find in recent years a trend in fat people becoming slightly belligerent about their weight. I mean, this is not confidence and acceptance of their weight.... This is "In your face" type behaviour. Like "I am fat and you need to fucking deal with it" type of behaviour.

Nobody can put up with a proud fat person. They smell of cheese and sweat and have nothing to be proud of. Bit like all the gay's stomping around in knee length boots and bondage gear. "Look, no problem with your gayness just don't shove it down my throat"

Excuse the pun.

orwells tragedy 3:12 Tue Jul 31
Re: Fat kids
Darby_ 1:23 Tue Jul 31

if she's a friend of yours you should tell her now, might save her life

Darby_ 1:23 Tue Jul 31
Re: Fat kids
An American friend of mine posted this on facebook today.


She's a nice girl but I suspect that one day I'm going to get into a big row with her. Hopefully before she dies of heart disease.

Fat cunt.

Fivetide 11:17 Tue Jul 31
Re: Fat kids
On a happier note (before my day of meetings starts...)

...the two boys who live opposite me were already setting up plastic stumps on the small green and arguing over where the boundary should be when I was getting in the car at SEVEN this morning. I was impressed!

Sadly I reckon they may be working out Duckworth-Lewis by now :(

only1billybonds 11:03 Tue Jul 31
Re: Fat kids
To my mind this is just another example of people not taking personal responsibility. Not suggesting that every obese person is the same but the modern way is its either someone elses fault,someone else can sort it out or let someone else pay for it. Like much of life it starts in the home. Feed kids properly and get them away from screens of any kind while the sun is out and theres no school.
This is about lifestyle CHOICE.

Sorry if that sounds harsh but nothing will change while the 'nanny state' is at work. And if kids are 'addicted' to sugar by the age of 8 or 9 then the parents need a fucking clout.

And dont talk to me about addiction at a young age. I quit smoking 5 weeks ago after 45 years. No vape,patches or gum. Its not easy but i'm riding it out. If i can quit tobacco at 58 you can get o 10 year old off coke and crunchies.

Fivetide 10:50 Tue Jul 31
Re: Fat kids
It takes time, commitment and willpower to achieve most things in life.

The truth is, most people these days simply cannot be arsed to put any energy into improving their situations, if there's an alternative that is easy, instantly gratifying and requires little effort. Much easier to blame everything on a morphing albi and make it someone or something else's fault at every turn.

Put in the effort or don't - just don't expect sympathy when there are so many other people in crappy circumstances that they cannot influence.

Dr Moose 10:38 Tue Jul 31
Re: Fat kids
Alternatively don't give little Johnny the money to spend on junk food on the way to or from school, pack a lunch for him to take to school, if he eats it before lunch (like we all used to) tough. When they come home snack is fruit or they wait till dinner.

orwells tragedy 9:42 Tue Jul 31
Re: Fat kids
I'm not evangelically desperate to do anything, I thought I was having a conversation with people who might be open to a different point of view. I'm happy for you that you do enough research that you know the risk about everything that you consume.

Crassus 8:57 Tue Jul 31
Re: Fat kids

Crassus 8:57 Tue Jul 31
Re: Fat kids
Go on then, I'll indulge you as I can see you are eangelically desperate to do so - What's a TOFI?

If as I suspect it is one of those nice modern acronyms meaning unhealthy, then I will be the first to admit that I love a cafe creme with a coffee in the morming and with a glass of merlot in the evening - possibly not healthy but the big difference is that I do so out of choice knowing the risks and don't come on here bleating about multi nationals and addiction

Mind you, I was somewhat amused to hear last week that in another of these conflicting medical reports, a professor was saying that red wine is good for the heart and better still, coffee is the best suppliment as it repairs the liver

Still awaiting approval for the cigars mind

orwells tragedy 8:22 Tue Jul 31
Re: Fat kids
I would love to know how many of the people on here who think they are healthy are actually TOFI's.

Darlo Debs 2:33 Tue Jul 31
Re: Fat kids
My brother's mother in.law uaed to look down her nose at *foreign muck* Norm
Fortunately for my siater in law, my brother was a very good cook and learnt loads off my mum who cooked all differsnt types of food. (Spanish, jewish, Italian and English) No disrespect to the older generation, but I am.glad of the wide choice available to us.

normannomates 2:22 Tue Jul 31
Re: Fat kids
i had the front to sit and demolish a chinky in front of my Nan one night.

the look of disgust on her boat was a sight to behold..

'foreign muck'..didnt speak to me for a fortnight

normannomates 2:07 Tue Jul 31
Re: Fat kids
no excuses

my dear old nan used marrows ..swedes..turnips..grew peas in the garden..lovely.

she had fuck all..and rationed every fuckin thing..

its laziness and lack of brains that dictate these things..as always.

but we have become very Americanised..everything on tap..fast food heaven for the gormless

Darlo Debs 2:01 Tue Jul 31
Re: Fat kids
*applauds IoC

ironsofcanada 1:58 Tue Jul 31
Re: Fat kids
Last for tonight

I certainly agree with you, Surface and mashed in principle. For instance I can buy a whole chicken relatively cheaply, and break it down for at least two good meals and two days of lunches for two people.

However, I have a selection of spices that had to be built up over time, I have to go to the market for the veg to go with it, I own a £100 filet knife to do the deed itself and have a basic understanding of how to break down a chicken. A lot of people, who are richer than I have not chosen to have those same set of circumstances.

Asking people without my interest in food or financial means or upbringing is a big ask, is all I am saying. You're asking people to change some fundamental things, we should not not try but just realise is not going to be easy for many.

ironsofcanada 1:52 Tue Jul 31
Re: Fat kids
SurfaceAgentX2Zero 1:41 Tue Jul 31

Whether I agree or not (I think you can work with kids to have healthy fun meals that give them some degree of choice. That was my experience.) But even if I totally did there is again some physical and mental effort there that some people don't expect to have to make these days.

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