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BubblesCyprus 4:00 Tue Jul 31
Why Canterbury ??
Not a very Religous person( Weddings Christening and Funerals) Local here asked me why is our ''Top Man'' from Canterbury ??
Nice enough Cathedral from a schooldays visit but why Canterbury ?? Her comment was why not the Archbishop of St Pauls which she went to ???

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Swiss. 4:04 Wed Aug 1
Re: Why Canterbury ??

Most of the Huguenots settled in Essex I believe. Been very successful business wise.

St Bartholomew's day a day of shame. See the movie La Reine Margot which is all about it. Isabelle Adjani was alway been in my top 5.

violator 3:55 Wed Aug 1
Re: Why Canterbury ??
Le Violateur

Swiss. 3:44 Wed Aug 1
Re: Why Canterbury ??
voilator = Simon Le Bon.

violator 3:39 Wed Aug 1
Re: Why Canterbury ??
My mum was born in Canterbury, her family descended from the Huguenots that fled France back in the day

Swiss. 3:22 Wed Aug 1
Re: Why Canterbury ??

I was a Keynes boy. Seem to remember a wine bar Allberry's was pretty good but yeah after midnight fuck all to do when I was there. Wasn't there some law as it being a Cathedral City that there were restrictions ?

I heard a rumour, but we talking 80s, that Kent Uni has a massive collection of fine wines which are stored in the cellars on the campus.

WHUDeano 2:18 Wed Aug 1
Re: Why Canterbury ??
Swiss, the Seven Stars is definitely still there. Went to uni there myself and revisit often....surprising how little there is to do there if you're not getting on it!

Swiss. 1:21 Wed Aug 1
Re: Why Canterbury ??

There was a great burger place near the Westgate called Cesaer's I think.

East Auckland Hammer 1:08 Wed Aug 1
Re: Why Canterbury ??
My mum walked from Canterbury to Rome a couple of years ago.

Said it was quite a pleasant stroll.

eusebiovic 1:03 Wed Aug 1
Re: Why Canterbury ??

My parents are Spanish/Portuguese - I was born here.

The same issues are facing the Catholic Church in Portugal/Spain. Lots of rural communities with thousands of churches/chapels which need to be maintained and the average age of the regular churchgoers is 60+ years. The youth will only go church for christenings, marriage or funerals - out of obligation to their families but most don't really believe in it anymore and won't attend any regular services.

It's mostly the immigrants from Africa and Latin America who are keeping it going but in a generation or two most of them won't bother either.

Britain and Spain are remarkably similar you know, people just get confused by the sun

easthammer 11:56 Wed Aug 1
Re: Why Canterbury ??

The finances of the Church of England, of which I know a bit, are quite complex.

But simply put most of the "wealth" is tied up in Investment Funds to primarily meet the pensions of an increasing number of retiring clergy and the wages of the current incumbents.

The buildings such as Canterbury Cathedral and Lambeth Palace as lavish as they may seem are probably "money pits" in terms of the upkeep and renovation costs.

Many of the local Churches are also expensive to run and maintain. My local church is Norman and frequently needs attention. Either from age or vandalism. Recently there was an attempt to nick the copper lightning conductor. An idiot on a bike failed to make a getaway!

The cost of repairs and restoration is met by the Parish not centrally. Parishioners are often old and reducing in number so finance is hard to come by. But as was hinted at in the original post even the "non-religious" expect Churches for hatches matches and despatches.
They think the Church is wealthy so often don't contribute, although sometimes they make generous donations. Which are much welcome.

Not sure another post would generate more than the usual sterile arguments about the nature of religion that regularly appears on WHO.

JohnnyL 10:56 Wed Aug 1
Re: Why Canterbury ??
I am not CofE and I learnt about St Augustine landed in Kent in c570 (and Columba landing in Iona) ... Becket was 5 centuries later .... education isn’t was it was but I bet schools teach about Mohammed etc

Eggbert Nobacon 10:47 Wed Aug 1
Re: Why Canterbury ??
seven stars is not sure about Sweeny todd, not sure i ever been in there

plankton 10:41 Wed Aug 1
Re: Why Canterbury ??
Swiss. 5:28 Tue Jul 31
Re: Why Canterbury ??

Is the Seven Stars still there and Sweeney Todds pizza?

Sweeney Todds, eh? I remember a long time ago they did a strange pizza with bacon, fried egg and sweetcorn. They called it the Cowboy or something similar. Sounds strange but it was one of their bestsellers. Quirky place that was, too, very Tudor I seem to remember. Great burger place too down the backstreets out of Northgate as well, Quines or something?

eusebiovic 9:22 Tue Jul 31
Re: Why Canterbury ??
Also lives in Lambeth Palace...around the corner from Lambeth Walk.

There was also a Winchester Palace in Borough/London Bridge that was demolished in Victorian times - apart from a rose window which is still there due to builders concealing it in the void between the walls of two warehouses and not telling anyone. Geniuses at the centre of Charles Dickens London.

Ain't religion funny? All that lavish wealth and both just a stone's throw from the streets which had the very worst poverty in London by the turn of the 20th century.

What is it with Christianity? Catholics are the same...maybe this belongs on the other thread?

gph 8:57 Tue Jul 31
Re: Why Canterbury ??
The King of Kent was the first to convert to Christianity, and the Christians used Canterbury as a base to convert the other English kingdoms.

London had to be "refounded" by Alfred the Great before it could regain, and exceed, the importance it had in Roman times.

eusebiovic 8:23 Tue Jul 31
Re: Why Canterbury ??
As with many of these towns I noticed that the local councillors had taken an easy bribe to allow a horrific shopping centre to be built a stone's throw away...looks like a 70's/80's design.


arsene york-hunt 8:17 Tue Jul 31
Re: Why Canterbury ??
David Copperfield was educated in Canterbury, and that's where Uriah Heep comes from.

Eastside surge 8:15 Tue Jul 31
Re: Why Canterbury ??
My parents were there last weekend for a visit and it was £ 25.00 for the pair of them to go in the cathedral !

They declined .......

Fivetide 5:35 Tue Jul 31
Re: Why Canterbury ??

Romans building the A2. And that.

Swiss. 5:28 Tue Jul 31
Re: Why Canterbury ??

Is the Seven Stars still there and Sweeney Todds pizza? Seem to remember a place called Cardinals as well. But a long time ago.

Eggbert Nobacon 5:20 Tue Jul 31
Re: Why Canterbury ??
went to college in Cantrbury That claim was still going round early 90's

ot nowadays though, stil get down there on the lash now and then!

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