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Q: 2020/2021 Where will we finish up this season?
a. Top Four, Champions League here we come
b. 5th-7th Europa League is well within our grasp
c. 8th to 14th anywhere in mid table is about right
d. We're in a dog fight before a ball has been kicked and we'll do well to finish 17th or just above
e. GSB have derailed our season before a ball has been kicked, the Championship beckons

yngwies Cat 12:59 Mon Aug 6
Iron Maiden
Caught there show up in Aberdeen on the Legacy of the Best Tour Have to say that is probably one of the best Maiden shows Ive seen, and I've lost count For those going to London you are in for a treat.

How the fuck they have the energy to put on massive shows after nearly 30 years in the game is nuts

West Ham iconology all over the shop as well, plus a superb tour top

Scream for me London and Up the Irons

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yngwies Cat 7:44 Wed Aug 8
Re: Iron Maiden
Yea Chiswick seems to be his gaff. Brucey used to have his fencing shop there aptly named "The Duellists". Great song and not the sort of shop that sold Wooden fencing.

Without sound all Zolton like, Jan, in the past had sorted us out tickets to see them. Also Dougie White that has sung with loads of bands, believe he's doing a stint with MSG used to drink in the Bell. He was staying in the same hotel as us. He's now based in Edinburgh. Really nice fellas who justike a beer and music, as in Harry's case West Ham.

smartkev 1:39 Wed Aug 8
Re: Iron Maiden
Bruce normally sits quietly at the bar in the old packhorse of a weekend

Pi Alpha Nu 1:35 Wed Aug 8
Re: Iron Maiden
Yes he's lived in Chiswick for years. I've seen him and Janick drinking in the Bell and Crown pub quite a few times over the years.

Bungo 10:31 Tue Aug 7
Re: Iron Maiden
w4hammer 8:20 Tue Aug 7

He must have been there a long time now. I remember him asking us for a lift to the Hogarth roundabout from outside Hammersmith well over 30 years ago...

bell 9:39 Tue Aug 7
Re: Iron Maiden
Joe. You have who mail

The Stoat 8:53 Tue Aug 7
Re: Iron Maiden
Memories of the Cart & Horses, Ruskin and Bridge House come flooding back

w4hammer 8:20 Tue Aug 7
Re: Iron Maiden
Bruce is 60 today. Lives in chiswick nowadays

COOL HAND LUKE 5:37 Tue Aug 7
Re: Iron Maiden
Seen them a good few times - but never on stage! And my secretary has made them tea / coffee a good few times, too. They had three adjacent units opposite my offices in Royston, Herts, where all the tour gear etc was stored. Several of the band would turn up near tour time to sort out reqs, ready for the three huge pantechnicons to load up. They gravitated to us as we had the refreshments! Quiet, down to earth people face to face - defo not my sort of music though, despite all that. True story.

factory seconds 10:35 Mon Aug 6
Re: Iron Maiden
not a small part of the reason i support west ham.

up the irons.

Bungo 4:23 Mon Aug 6
Re: Iron Maiden
joe royal 2:30 Mon Aug 6

Thanks but I'll pass.

They should include a signature Axl Rose watch, so he can always tell just how late he is going to be on stage..

joe royal 2:30 Mon Aug 6
Re: Iron Maiden
Any of you greebos like Guns n Roses?

Was given a limited edition (4000?) vip box

Three prints
Pack of GnR playing cards
Two shot glasses
A ring
Some sort of plastic thing .
And something else I have probably forgotten about .

Who wants it,?

4ever-blowin-bubbles 2:28 Mon Aug 6
Re: Iron Maiden
classic band 1 of the great heavy rock bands

Bungo 2:22 Mon Aug 6
Re: Iron Maiden
yngwies Cat 1:44 Mon Aug 6

Yup. Piece of Mind was a great album. Where Eagles Dare is a great song.

I loved Somewhere in Time too. Had front row at Hammersmith one night on that tour.

Still got a Steve Harris wristband from that night (claret and blue natch!)

yngwies Cat 1:44 Mon Aug 6
Re: Iron Maiden
Boys own metal, yea Bungo back catalogue is daftly long they could play so many sets, nice hearing Where Eagles dare. I'm convinced if you opened up Bruce he's be a cyborg.

While Pony, Killswitch were great mate, also that Adam D is a funny fucker.

Bungo 1:17 Mon Aug 6
Re: Iron Maiden
Love Maiden. Not going this time as I have seen them probably 15+ times over the years?

Probably the physically fittest band there is of their age, so who knows how like they'll keep it going for?

I think they could go mad and do something a bit different with the live presentation. There are many songs that never seem to leave the set, and they have been using the same stage set with different drapes for decades now. I suppose this does reduce the chances of Bruce falling off it while he bombs about?

The Spitfire is very reminiscent of Motorhead's Bomber for me.

White Pony 1:07 Mon Aug 6
Re: Iron Maiden
Going on Friday mate. Also a bit of Killswitch thrown in as a cheeky bonus!

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