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Q: 2023/24 Hopes & aspirations for this season
a. As Champions of Europe there's no reason we shouldn't be pushing for a top 7 spot & a run in the Cups
b. Last season was a trophy winning one and there's only one way to go after that, I expect a dull mid table bore fest of a season
c. Buy some f***ing players or we're in a battle to stay up & that's as good as it gets
d. Moyes out
e. New season you say, woohoo time to get the new kit and wear it it to the pub for all the big games, the wags down there call me Mr West Ham

the peckham cod 11:30 Tue Aug 7
Rough Pubs
I've seen a few funny and eye opening posts on a some other fans forums about rough pubs people have been to but not seen one on here so thought start one.
For me I've been in a few over the years!

Thomas a Becket Old Kent Road early 90s (bloke was training a pit bull to bite a plank of wood at the bar),

Silver Buckle Camberwell in early 2000s for a late night drink. Knife checked on way in but great fun if stayed out of trouble. Loads of characters. Mainly black blokes chasing large white ladies.

Hand and Flower Parnell Road 2008. Was pretty much on its last legs and seem to be run by some West ham mob. Massive ICF sign in the bogs.

Hamilton Arms (now a shop) Herne Hill for a lock in early 2000s. Snakebite man!

Always wanted a gander at the royal Charlie in Poplar but knocked down. Anyone been in?

Bird in Hand Forest Hill. Watched an England game in there once in my own surrounded by a coked up mob of Millwall who were convinced I was old bill. Horrible experience

Black Boy St Mary Cray always looked interesting but never been in (now shut).

Margate seafront has a couple but not been down there for a while. Most seaside towns probably the same.

Went uni in Manchester a
Early 90s and some proper dives up there that make these seem tame.

This a good thread if anyone likes similar stories on a man city forum.


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Westham67 10:35 Wed Aug 15
Re: Rough Pubs
Crassus,-Tough as old boots that generation

Crassus 8:04 Wed Aug 15
Re: Rough Pubs
67 - Star lane
My Dad too, number 38. On the same block as the Anchor, one on each end
Now the Anchor had a tale or two to tell

gph 1:26 Wed Aug 15
Re: Rough Pubs
Roughest as in the opposite of luxurious, rather than the dodginess of the customers, has to be a pub I went into near Loch Ness - it was little more than a tin shack, but it had claret and blue all over the place. Manager/owner was a Hammer, but he wasn't in when I visited.

Can't remember what it was called, but I had a cracking pint of Orkney Dark Star.

Westham67 12:43 Wed Aug 15
Re: Rough Pubs
rumford.My old came out of the slums or Star Lane in 1933 when he was 4 years old to the newly built Becontree estate . He wss the youngest of 6 kids.,some of his siblings were their teens when they moved out.. Very rough diamonds all of them.

Chi-townHammer 12:04 Wed Aug 15
Re: Rough Pubs
Rum> I thought that might have been the case. Far too random a setting. If you Google it you'll find a photo of it from the late 20s with housing all around.

You'll also find this in a Guardian article...I knew it would be full of villains !

"SO10, the Met's undercover unit, had helped to set up a covert pub venture in Canning Town, the Durham Arms, as part of Operation Frantic. The Durham Arms was a notorious villains' pub where guns were marketed and international drugs deal worked out, and the Met jumped at the chance to take it over when a brewery put the pub on the market.

The pub was staffed with two undercover officers and, according to one police officer who worked there, hidden microphones were placed on the tables and bar and a camera fitted in the dart board. But when the juke box was playing it rendered the microphones inaudible, the source said."

rumford 9:43 Tue Aug 14
Re: Rough Pubs
The Durham Arms is in whats was known as old Canning Town where most of the housing [ slums] were destroyed in the war.I believe there were 3 or 4 pubs there many years ago.

Mirkwood 9:32 Tue Aug 14
Re: Rough Pubs
The Parkwood Tavern Maidstone.

Chatham Chest

Kemsley Arms.

Chi-townHammer 8:46 Tue Aug 14
Re: Rough Pubs
Charoo> what was the Durham Arms like?

Always saw it from the train, and the place just screamed of villainy. I've never understood how it got to be where it was...just in the middle of some run down scrap yards and industrial units.

eusebiovic 12:56 Mon Aug 13
Re: Rough Pubs
Funny to think that I grew up just off the Old Kent Road where the manic strip of pubs were...

Frog & Nightgown
World Turned Upside Down
Gin Palace
Dun Cow
Green Man
Thomas A Becket

Up until the mid 90's it was still mayhem every weekend - not only that but my cousin's grew up on the Somers Town estate in a flat opposite where The British Library is now.

Everyone talks about how East & South were rough but fucking hell that no-mans land between Kings Cross/St Pancreas/Euston and Camden had some fearsome dives...really scary.

The Somers Town Coffee House (Original Name!) Was feral beyond belief and all the ones up Carlton Street Market to the end.

Amazing to think how central it all was and back then we took it all for granted. Now it's all gentrified and for the new money.

A lot of us were the lost generation between the end of mass manual labour and the dot com millionaires.

It's crazy thinking back on it.

Roy Race 11:44 Mon Aug 13
Re: Rough Pubs
Downham Tavern. Only pub I've been too scared to go in.

Dr Moose 11:19 Mon Aug 13
Re: Rough Pubs
Cecil Arms, Strood Kent. The Kemsley Arms, Kemsley Kent. When they bar people, all pubs along the train line (Rochester, Chatham, Gillingham and Rainham are told so they can prepare to bar them the moment they try to order a pint!

wanstead_hammer 11:25 Sun Aug 12
Re: Rough Pubs
The east end was full of 'rough pubs' back in the day. Always tear-ups. The Black Boy, Astric Lodge, Stepney. Couple that spring to mind.

Yet the pub adverts in the local papers (East London advertiser/Newham recorder) used to say 'The Prince of Wales (or whatever pub), a warm welcome awaits you'!!!!

Takashi Miike 10:43 Sun Aug 12
Re: Rough Pubs
there's loads of stuff on that site, articles about Eddie too and The Uppercut. that's a place I never got a chance to go to

wanstead_hammer 10:40 Sun Aug 12
Re: Rough Pubs

Me old mans 88 now. He says he has trouble turning a light switch on., let alone online! Tks, I'll show him the article though.
Big turnout for the send off as you'd expect.

Yeh, went down the Lotus couple of times in the 80s. Trouble in the air!

Shame. Came out the blue. The old mans gutted.
He had a colourful and long life though.

Takashi Miike 10:24 Sun Aug 12
Re: Rough Pubs

never knew that about Eddie, that's a shame

Takashi Miike 10:24 Sun Aug 12
Re: Rough Pubs
wanted, if your old man's online, this site has some great articles and photos about some of the pubs and clubs in the area back then


the lotus was an over 25s place when we used to go in there and we were a mix of late teens, early twenties so it was always tough getting past the bouncers :.)

wanstead_hammer 10:14 Sun Aug 12
Re: Rough Pubs
TM 1:55

Eddie Johnson passed away a month or so ago.
He was me old mans mate from the 50s. He said that Eddie was one of the longest serving publicans with the Puddings. 40 years or so?

dm 9:45 Sun Aug 12
Re: Rough Pubs
reading through this thread, make me realise that I've been very much successful over the years at keeping out of dodgy pubs.
One exception was in 2016 when I was meeting someone in The Elbow Room in Tottenham High Road and somehow, not sure how, maybe I was tired or maybe because it was dark and pissing down, I accidently went into The Ship instead. Possibly the worst dive I've ever been in. I thought this is an odd place to meet in and didn't feel safe at all. Needless to say there was no Real Ale and I didn't feel feel safe enough to go to the toilets. while I was in there. I remember it slowly dawning on me that I had gone to the wrong pub

jakehammer 6:18 Sun Aug 12
Re: Rough Pubs

thanks anyway mate, i knew it was a long shot.

Wilko Johnson 8:11 Sun Aug 12
Re: Rough Pubs
Bullet 2:07 Sun Aug 12

Cheers Bullet, never seen the Downham Tavern but have read about it being a big old LCC pub.
Both my Grandads lived on Becontree after moving from London areas. Great chapter on the LCC estates in the book Semi-Detached London by Alan A Jackson.

Dwight Van Mann 3:00 Sun Aug 12
Re: Rough Pubs
Limehouse used to be part of fucking Middlesex - according to old maps

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