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Alan 10:42 Wed Aug 8
The green pitch surround stays

Stadium owners defeated but green pitch surround remains

A green pitch surround is again being installed around the Hammers pitch in advance of the new Premier League season despite an expert determination saying the green surround material is unfit for purpose and suggesting it is a trip hazard.

West Ham and stadium owners E20 entered an expert determination process earlier this year to resolve a number of disputes between the club and the state owners about the legal interpretation of clauses in the 99-year-old concessionaire agreement which they disagreed about.

ClaretandHugh understand West Ham won every point in the legal expert determination process one of which included replacing the pitch surround with a safer material with a different contrasting colour.

The club were also awarded their legal costs which are said to be considerable, while it is claimed that E20 is yet to make good on any of the points they lost on.

A photo of the London Stadium pitch from yesterday posted on social media shows a green surround being installed again at a cost to the taxpayer of around £380,000 despite West Ham offering to pay for a claret surround themselves.

A source close to the Mayor of London’s office confirmed that E20 had lost the expert determination case with West Ham but refused to reveal how stadium owners E20 would proceed to resolve the issues on which they were defeated.

When contacted West Ham refused to comment on the subject saying the matter was with their legal advisors.

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claret on my shirt 10:23 Sat Aug 25
Re: The green pitch surround stays
The only people to blame are G&S and tits mcgee, they moved us to this shit hole, they decided to rent as it was cheap for them and so they have little control over many things. If i was the owners i'd be trying to get the price down one everything they have to pay for and try and get away with as little as possible. Why should they bend over backwards for us at their own cost?

gph 3:36 Fri Aug 24
Re: The green pitch surround stays
Dye the grass claret.

yogib 3:34 Fri Aug 24
Re: The green pitch surround stays
The prices they charge are bloody outrageous- I bought my mate's daughter (no link) a bottle of Coke last week, fucking £3.50 so I'm all for screwing E20 by boycotting buying stuff at the bowl

13 Brentford Rd 3:24 Fri Aug 24
Re: The green pitch surround stays
Good idea Mike.
I said yesterday a few posts down that E20 need to be reminded which side their bread is buttered.

MikeHammer 1:18 Fri Aug 24
Re: The green pitch surround stays
If the petty nature of this continues why don’t fans show disgust at London Stadium, Khan etc by boycotting such things as stadium tours, food and drink purchasing at ground etc ?

cockney hammer 8:55 Thu Aug 23
Re: The green pitch surround stays
i wish to fuck we never weon that bloody olympic games

normannomates 7:36 Thu Aug 23
Re: The green pitch surround stays
another lie from iron knickers

theaxeman 7:16 Thu Aug 23
Re: The green pitch surround stays
The stadium move has been an utter fiasco! I honestly believe it effects our results, by the time youve schlepped there from the pub or wherever its sucked the life out of you. Fucking disastrous. Like a pitch surround makes any difference whatsoever!

Mike Oxsaw 6:53 Thu Aug 23
Re: The green pitch surround stays

REALGSA 6:38 Thu Aug 23

OK. I'll start the bidding at a pound.

REALGSA 6:38 Thu Aug 23
Re: The green pitch surround stays
Make an offer to buy the stadium I say....

Mad Dog 5:33 Thu Aug 23
Re: The green pitch surround stays
So when can we use the other 9k seats?

El Scorchio 2:33 Thu Aug 23
Re: The green pitch surround stays
Maybe! Although I guess we just have to see. Who knows how this embarrassing shitshow will resolve itself...

Hermit Road 2:22 Thu Aug 23
Re: The green pitch surround stays

El Scorchio 2:13 Thu Aug 23
Re: The green pitch surround

I'm not sure but I think it could have the opposite effect. The court might ask why, having effectively agreed to a new deal by paying more, youbthen decided to stop paying more. The court is more intersted in the agreed terms, not on who was the nice guy. I know that employment law works this way, you get 3 months tho challenge your employer if they change your conditions and then after that the new conditions are presumed be agreed.

13 Brentford Rd 2:16 Thu Aug 23
Re: The green pitch surround stays
We should start making noises about buying out our contract and looking into an alternative, obviously all bollocks with the current owners but it might put the wind up E20 and remind them which side their bread is buttered.

Mike Oxsaw 2:14 Thu Aug 23
Re: The green pitch surround stays
The main thing is that Politicians, Civil Servants and administrators truly believe that these actions constitute "Management" - well they do if you're firmly entrenched in the 1950s/60s where being a manager (in the UK) was all about strutting about bellowing out orders and belittling those who reported to you.

It's probably the style they were taught at their last formal place of education and it remains with them as a constant; teacher said this and teachers never lie.

The one thing that is clear is that this is no "partnership" in the remotest traditional sense and the word "agreement" is used purely as a legal term (as there's probably no other suitable word in the English language that better describes the arrangement).

E20 would better accept that "one volunteer is better than 10 pressed men," and, if the club is offering to help by taking on some of the costs then they should be moving mountains to help them do so.

What is probably going through the minds of E20, where it has no place, is that "West Ham can obviously see some money earning potential in this, otherwise they'd never do it. WE want our 'fair share' of that money, or not at all".

El Scorchio 2:13 Thu Aug 23
Re: The green pitch surround stays
Hermit Road 2:08

I think this would be more to demonstrate in a court of law or whatever that we did everything we could, over and above what was required, and even sought compromises should this end up going down the legal route- which it looks like it might do.

We will look like the good and reasonable ones, and they'll look like the ones who aren't doing what they are legally obliged to, and aren't even willing to meet halfway.

Any Old Iron 2:13 Thu Aug 23
Re: The green pitch surround stays
As long as 'our' home is owned by someone else and we have to argue with the landlord about such trifling matters as the colour scheme then the sooner we get back on the property ladder and get a place of our own the better.

El Scorchio 2:11 Thu Aug 23
Re: The green pitch surround stays
It's fucking ridiculous.

I'm not bothered by what colour the pitch surround is per se, but I am bothered by E20 going back on contractual agreements and although I wouldn't exactly pat them on the back for anything, I'm glad the board are not taking this lying down and putting our point of view, extra things we've offered, and E20's contractual obligations in the public domain.

I hope we do take legal action and win, if this carries on. No point in them crying and wailing about a deal THEY signed. Probably just hoping if they are obstinate enough that we'll just stop trying. The advantage for us as fans is that because of previous criticism the board has no choice but to carry on trying to at least keep up the impression they are fighting tooth and nail for us.

Hermit Road 2:08 Thu Aug 23
Re: The green pitch surround stays
I blame the club too. Once E20 started trying to make the club pay for things they weren't liable for, the club should have said no. By acquiescing, they have created a situation where E20 were always going to keep pushing for more. You need to cut that shit off at the source.

overbyyer 2:07 Thu Aug 23
Re: The green pitch surround stays
Have the architects finished the redesign of the seating yet?

Thought not.......................

Sir Alf 1:56 Thu Aug 23
Re: The green pitch surround stays
Yep politicians always been the same. All that they are about is themselves and their career. They "tow the party line" do the by-partisan posturing regardless of what they really feel about what is right or wrong.

Politics is as someone once said "showbiz for ugly people" :-)

One thing that is consistent though.... they rarely "represent" the views of the people that elect them. Only when they have to in order to keep their seat/job.

And the whole end game for being a politician for many is access to business and selling themselves off to do the bidding of the person, organisation that pays the most. Cynical? Moi?

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