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WHUDeano 6:02 Fri Aug 17
Wilder v Fury
Looks like it's on given this embarrassingly staged 'storming' of Furys weigh in by Wilder...


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TheBoleynBoy 3:31 Sun Aug 19
Re: Wilder v Fury
Having been involved in boxing at an amateur level, there’s even wrong’uns at that level so you can only imagine what’s there on a pro level sadly.

Frank Warren, hall of fame promotor for getting shot is all I can think of really and getting Frank Bruno that well deserved title. He milked prince Naseem a bit didn’t he too.

Takashi Miike 2:50 Sun Aug 19
Re: Wilder v Fury
boleyn, it was bad enough the judges making that first fight a draw but to then find out he was allegedly drugged up too makes it a joke. i love boxing but its always had horrible people involved, made me laugh when the announcer last night came out with 'hall of fame promoter frank warren' :.)

TheBoleynBoy 2:05 Sun Aug 19
Re: Wilder v Fury
Mike, I agree with what you say there, it does depend on who you are...Canelo shouldn’t be allowed, he’s had a few fights that he’s won and drawn which he shouldn’t have either, covering up with money like most of the sport unfortunately.

Takashi Miike 1:28 Sun Aug 19
Re: Wilder v Fury
boleyn, he was banned so couldn't defend the title. of course it was his fault if he was taking something illegal but he wasn't allowed to fight which is laughable considering that cheatinv ginger mexican cunt is greenlit to take on golovkin again in september. it seems it depends who is your promoter/manager/funder as to how long you'll be banned or allowed to get away with

TheBoleynBoy 1:04 Sun Aug 19
Re: Wilder v Fury
Lineal champion? Well in that case Lennox Lewis is the true champion having retired with all the belts and not being defeated for them.

Fury is not a worthy champion end of. Not taking away anything from his display against klitchko but to be a real champion you need to do more than just win it on the night.

OLD GEEZER 12:59 Sun Aug 19
Re: Wilder v Fury
These two should be in the WWE. The sham show of aggression last night was embarrassing and pathetic.
Wilder has taken the easy option rather than take on AJ. Fury is an arsehole and a bum. He can box I will admit but in the end will bring boxing into disrepute.
Apart from anything else his fights are always so boring.

Takashi Miike 12:25 Sun Aug 19
Re: Wilder v Fury
lineal champion

TheBoleynBoy 10:07 Sun Aug 19
Re: Wilder v Fury
How anyone can say Fury is the true champion is beyond me. Yeah he beat the champion, then never defended the title, went out of action for three years. Real Champion that!

davese16 9:52 Sun Aug 19
Re: Wilder v Fury
fury was much improved last night, but still think he could have done with another 2 fights to make sure he would beat wilder, still think he can beat wilder, fury is the most ali like of todays heavyweights, last night his movement was good and his combinations were there.
He had to take this fight now as otherwise it may not have happened, there will be big money for them both, for many fury is the true champion, he is the man who beat the man, british heavyweigh division is great right now

Iron Duke 1:08 Sun Aug 19
Re: Wilder v Fury
Frank Warren has done well tonight.

Wilder v Fury and Warrington v Frampton confirmed.

Iron Duke 12:59 Sun Aug 19
Re: Wilder v Fury
Fury was impressive tonight, against a man with a decent track record.

He is a great boxer for a big man.

Briano 11:42 Sat Aug 18
Re: Wilder v Fury
I saw one of his early fights at York Hall and I remember thinking that big galoot will win nothing. He has surprised me ever since.
Just watching him now and despite a lack of of power his moves well for a big man and will probably earn 30 mill to dance around against Wilder.

Both camps know they don't need AJ for a big earner

Joe C 12:02 Sat Aug 18
Re: Wilder v Fury
As embarrassing as Fury is, Wilder is way more embarrassing. That “bomb squad” stuff is just nauseatingly shit.

steveiron64 11:45 Fri Aug 17
Re: Wilder v Fury
Sorry but Fury is my Man U of boxing. I just hope he loses ...

stewie griffin 8:14 Fri Aug 17
Re: Wilder v Fury
Can't believe I agree with that square headed cunt on something

Fury is an embarrassing cunt. Always has been

Dwight Van Mann 8:00 Fri Aug 17
Re: Wilder v Fury
Bolty just repeats whatever Tony Bellew puts on Twitter

Eerie Descent 7:56 Fri Aug 17
Re: Wilder v Fury
boltkunt 6:33 Fri Aug 17
Deano, never in a million years would Fury beat either AJ or Wilder.

I have no idea how you can be so confident.

Fury wiped the floor with Klitschko, who couldn't lay a glove on him, yet 18 months later and at 42 he should have beat Joshua, he had him beat and fuck knows why he didn't finish him when he could have.

zebthecat 7:52 Fri Aug 17
Re: Wilder v Fury
dolph 7:39 Fri Aug 17

Fury fighting both of them at once is a tad unfair mind

Takashi Miike 7:45 Fri Aug 17
Re: Wilder v Fury
fury will jab the windmilling cunt's head off

dolph 7:39 Fri Aug 17
Re: Wilder v Fury
I'm with bolty on this.


costahammer 6:42 Fri Aug 17
Re: Wilder v Fury
Who knows who´ll win...but you have go give it to Fury he did beat Klitschko fair and square so i guess that makes him no mug!!

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