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Q: 2020/2021 Where will we finish up this season?
a. Top Four, Champions League here we come
b. 5th-7th Europa League is well within our grasp
c. 8th to 14th anywhere in mid table is about right
d. We're in a dog fight before a ball has been kicked and we'll do well to finish 17th or just above
e. GSB have derailed our season before a ball has been kicked, the Championship beckons

David L 9:18 Wed Aug 22
Cole bankrupt

What a cunt!

Now mentoring young footballers on the pitfalls of their careers. Oh the irony.

Still nicking a living from the game the prick

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lincslink 5:41 Sun Aug 26
Re: Cole bankrupt
And our Stadium owners according to Talksport.

Johnson 3:12 Sat Aug 25
Re: Cole bankrupt
Too div

terry-h 1:53 Sat Aug 25
Re: Cole bankrupt
He's an ex player who you could never imagine becoming a TV pundit.

jfk 12:12 Sat Aug 25
Re: Cole bankrupt
Willtell 5:08 Fri Aug 24
Couldn't agree more. By declearing bankruptcy means he can avoid Paying money owed,I'm sure there will be some that it will hurt financially.
Don't sit pretty with me one bit.

Sven Roeder 5:57 Fri Aug 24
Re: Cole bankrupt
Some players are signed to these big agencies where youd think part of the representation is providing financial services and investment advice.
Of course that may be on offer but players have to be smart enough to take it up.

Willtell 5:45 Fri Aug 24
Re: Cole bankrupt
Of course it's the agent's fault that Carlton didn't have the sense to realise that the big bucks would one day stop...

, 5:14 Fri Aug 24
Re: Cole bankrupt
It's evident that Cole has never had proper guidance or mentoring. Making their contracted footballers financially aware and helping them use and save/invest their money sensibly should be the task of a good agent. To be fair lots of agents do this but some players are just used as milking cows and guided with the agents interest put first.

Willtell 5:08 Fri Aug 24
Re: Cole bankrupt
Easy come easy go.

I suspect Cole lacked the basic intelligence to put anything towards his future all the time he was collecting big money.

Shame but that's life....

Northern Sold 4:52 Fri Aug 24
Re: Cole bankrupt

Chopper Toshack 4:42 Fri Aug 24
Re: Cole bankrupt
REALGSA 6:35 Thu Aug 23

What. A. Load. Of Old. Shit.

boltkunt 10:58 Fri Aug 24
Re: Cole bankrupt
The fact you thought about that Darby, makes you suspicious as well.

Darby_ 10:56 Fri Aug 24
Re: Cole bankrupt
For what it’s worth, I’ve always thought that David L and Chopper Toshack were the same person.

A queer little person who’s kept awake at night thinking about Carlton, and who logs onto his second account every time there’s a Carlton thread so he can back himself up.

Mike Oxsaw 7:07 Thu Aug 23
Re: Cole bankrupt
boltkunt 1:32 Thu Aug 23

I'm with bolty on this one.

I suspect that he was surrounded by spongers & parasites and, being the archetypal "nice guy" just didn't know how to say "Oi! No!".

dealcanvey 6:51 Thu Aug 23
Re: Cole bankrupt
How do you end up bankrupt on 30 bags a week

REALGSA 6:35 Thu Aug 23
Re: Cole bankrupt
Know the truth before you cunt him off..

When he signed for West Ham, I knew the mortgage broker who Carltons dad came in to see to buy a house.

Carlton couldn't get a mortgage as his dad had ran debts on his name etc.

Made good money balancing it all, but now after retiring it seems to have caught up...

JimmyT 6:35 Thu Aug 23
Re: Cole bankrupt
Lionel Messi once scored more goals in one season (73) than Carlton Cole did in his entire career (67).

BubblesCyprus 3:55 Thu Aug 23
Re: Cole bankrupt
Never forget under the lights at The Boleyn the steam coming out of his head,

Not the greatest of players but always put in a good shift IMO

Razzle 3:48 Thu Aug 23
Re: Cole bankrupt
Carlton Dole

Grumpster 2:02 Thu Aug 23
Re: Cole bankrupt
Was he the greatest footballer? Clearly not.

Did he love the club and score a goal in the play off final? Yep

Nothing against Carlton at all and scored over 50 goals for us, albeit at an average rate.

Chopper Toshack 1:56 Thu Aug 23
Re: Cole bankrupt
No joy here. Resentment at having to have watched him year on year out when we'd have been better off playing you is definitely there though.

HAMMERAMA 1:48 Thu Aug 23
Re: Cole bankrupt
True story
The concierge and some very up market apartments in Wapping[also where WHU have a few] stopped Carlton and asked him if he could repark his baby Bentley as it was incorrectly parked. Carlton replied which one as he had two!!

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