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camel-with-3-humps 6:45 Sat Sep 1
Bring back Moyes
If you could wave a magic wand and have Moyesy back would you? Yes.

Given £100m, he’d be doing way better than the old fraud.

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camel-with-3-humps 12:50 Tue Dec 31
Re: Bring back Moyes
Moyes has one of the best winrates for PL managers over 300 games. Let's back him.

There is going to be a freshness and zest about the team that we haven't seen for ages.

Westham67 12:36 Tue Dec 31
Re: Bring back Moyes
We have had the biggest park the bus manager BFS in the premier league. MP the opposite. So something in between like Moyes. We have a far better squad than his last effort here.

No one has replaced Ferguson at Man U and the only successful English mangers in Spain were Venables and Robson

Eerie Descent 11:57 Mon Dec 30
Re: Bring back Moyes
Tomshardware 11:25 Mon Dec 30

His time with Everton was nearly a decade ago. I think it's better to judge him on more recent activity.

Man Utd - took a Premier League winning squad to 7th place - SACKED

Real Sociedad - SACKED

Sunderland - Relegated with one of PL worst ever points totals - SACKED

We all know about him from his time with us, the football was disgusting, we took some absolute hammerings, and were lucky that there was some absolute dross in the league that season.

WHUDeano 11:57 Mon Dec 30
Re: Bring back Moyes
"It feels great to be home"

He just read he speech he had penned before Everton shocked him & actually showed some ambition.

We've been taken for mugs by owners for so long now that some don't even realise it anymore. I detest Sullivan & Gold, I see pictures of 'friends' at Millwall & other London clubs with their young sons, by the pitch in a proper football stadium. What do we have? We have absolutely nothing. now.

I'd rather be playing at the Boleyn in the fucking conference in front of 12,000 with Alan Devonshire as manager than at an Athletics Bowl in the middle of nowhere with David Moyes as fucking manager.

The old c wing 11:47 Mon Dec 30
Re: Bring back Moyes

I actually care about this club, not some washed up old jock fuck. You evidently have something for 50 something ginger pricks.

Tomshardware 11:25 Mon Dec 30
Re: Bring back Moyes
Moyes reputation has certainly taken a battering since he left Everton. Up to then he seemed to consistently manage a team that was very difficult to beat. They were set up very organised, not unlike Dyche's Burnley but also were decent going forward.

I'm not sure what to make of his first spell with us, quite a few hammerings but ultimately kept us up and got more out of Arnie.

This time he has a better squad to pick from but theres a fair amount of dead and diseased wood. I'll be interested to see how different he sets us up. Moyes deserves a shot, he may not be a fashionable name but he had a wealth of experience in the premier league.

Sir Alf 11:08 Mon Dec 30
Re: Bring back Moyes
I don’t dislike Moyes. I don’t know him so I can’t say I like him either. His football style with us was let’s say “pragmatic” and not exactly entertaining but the context of a 6 month contract and bonus based on keeping us up means he had one aim.

I like most would have preferred someone younger but we are in free fall and have the worst owners imaginable so no surprise he’s back. Not his fault and I will not give him a hard time just yet. Sullivan is the problem and Gold to a lesser extent. No one they are accountable to.

I will give it 10 games. We will know by then if we are in the way down to the Championship by then or if he has managed to get better results than the “Haunted Tree” Pellegrini.

Northern Sold 10:55 Mon Dec 30
Re: Bring back Moyes
Back home...
Moysey will be thinking about us...
When we are far away...
Back home...
Moysey will be really behind us...
In every game we play...
Moysey will share every goal we are scoring...
Out there Moysey will still hear them roaring...
And we'll give all we've got to give...
For the Moysey whose back home...

Hammer and Pickle 8:18 Mon Dec 30
Re: Bring back Moyes

camel-with-3-humps 8:03 Mon Dec 30
Re: Bring back Moyes
The old c wing

Your knickers are soaking wet right now.

I suggest you take them off, place a hair dryer over your fanny for a few minutes and put on a fresh dry pair.

Takashi Miike 6:37 Mon Dec 30
Re: Bring back Moyes
camel, sadly you are the arsewipe. easily pleased cunts like you give our scumbag owners the green light to behave the way they do. a decade of mediocrity is because of you

The old c wing 6:35 Mon Dec 30
Re: Bring back Moyes

You really are a woeful little cunt.

I don't want him here. I want him out as I don't want to watch shot football.

I would rather be relegated than have him here, to get rid and have the chance for something more enjoyable than his shit. Same as Sam, those days were supposed to be over.

The dildo fuckers have really done it this time. It's a terrible decision.

fraser 6:25 Mon Dec 30
Re: Bring back Moyes
I desperately want him to succeed, as I want West Ham to succeed.. Never do though do we.

Vexed 6:22 Mon Dec 30
Re: Bring back Moyes
Moyes likes the club like a stray fucking dog likes any cunt stupid enough to feed it.

camel-with-3-humps 6:20 Mon Dec 30
Re: Bring back Moyes
Moyes genuinely likes the club. He probably feels pretty numb towards the owners.

No way he was going to pass the opportunity up.

Moyesy is a good man and really hope he can prove the naysayers wrong.

There are people on here who WANT him to fail. Fucking pathetic arsewipes should fuck off and support Tottenham.

Manuel 6:04 Mon Dec 30
Re: Bring back Moyes
Glad you agree. HNY.

fraser 5:53 Mon Dec 30
Re: Bring back Moyes
Nobody will turn away a seat back on the managerial gravy train, that would be stupidity not pride.

Manuel 5:51 Mon Dec 30
Re: Bring back Moyes
only1billybonds 2:22 Mon Dec 30

''He should have told us to go fuck ourselves after we dispensed with his services last time''

Yea yea, that old 'pride' fucking chestnut. Back in the real world, an out of work football manager gets offered an 18 month contract with a PL club in London and with it a way back into top flight football and he actually doesn't tell the owners of said club to go fuck themselves. People like you are from a different, bygone fucking world.

Mart O 5:42 Mon Dec 30
Re: Bring back Moyes
Jonah Lomas 8:38 Mon Dec 30

Ag ! Classic Jonah, sitting in his bedsit with a pair of teenage girl's soiled knickers over his head, pulling himself off. Dirty paedo.

Chinkey Weasel 2:33 Mon Dec 30
Re: Bring back Moyes
only1billybonds 2:22 Mon Dec 30

becoming? Fucking become!

only1billybonds 2:22 Mon Dec 30
Re: Bring back Moyes
I have nothing against Moyes,he isnt the first manager to adopt a 'caution first' approach and he wont be the last. I have it on good account that he is a very decent and likeable bloke away from football but i have 2 issues with this appointment.

1. Adds just a little more juice to the laughing stock of a club we are becoming.

2. He should have told us to go fuck ourselves after we dispensed with his services last time.

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