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only1billybonds 3:24 Sat Sep 8
Question for the older fan.
I was on You tube last night watching some of our games from years ago including the 2-2 draw at home to Chelsea in the 70/71 season. In the comments section someone asked 'is this the day we took the North Bank?

Now i stood in the same spot in the NB every home game between 67 and 73 and i have no recollection if this. My old man never got us in the ground before 2.45 and i couldnt see fuck all til i jumped on my stool just before KO so i may have missed it. But my idea of taking an end was pitching up in the middle of it and staying theŕe throughout the game.


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jack flash 1:36 Sat Sep 15
Re: Question for the older fan.
Pop Pop Robson ~
I was at both of those matches & what great nights they were!
I had to make a 500 mile round trip for the Eintract Frankfurt match as I'd moved up north by then. Well worth it for Trevor Brooking's performance alone but Keith Robson's screamer was the icing on the cake. A memory to savour for the rest of my life!
However, the LC night game thrashing of dirty Leeds was probably the best
Revie put out their best side but we just played them off the pitch that night with some mind blowing football. They just weren't quick enough to even kick lumps out of us!
It was not only a victory for us, but a victory for football & fair play
Revie's Leeds were the dirtiest, most cheating side ever to have played in this country. Revie & his team a disgrace to the game.
They would never have won a thing in this day & age with all the cameras to expose them

Pop Pop Robson 3:12 Wed Sep 12
Re: Question for the older fan.
I remember the tear up with the mancs in the 60s when they were about to win the title,i was in the north bank that day and broken bottles were raining down on us all match long,old bill even got a couple of horses in to try and control the carnage.re best night games,eintracht was good,but just as good was smashing don revies dirty leeds team 7-0,budgie byrne destroyed jack Charlton that night,wonderful memories.

BulphanIron 4:21 Tue Sep 11
Re: Question for the older fan.
Good read this thread!

delboy 4:20 Tue Sep 11
Re: Question for the older fan.
Jack. Didn't the news of the world lead with the story more or less saying that finally the mancs got their comeupance

jack flash 4:11 Tue Sep 11
Re: Question for the older fan.
The way I remember it:-

1967 Manu had started a reputation as having a large hooligan following particularly after beating up several program selling pensioners at a Manu/Spurs game & making off with all the programs. In those days there was a scheme whereby you could get tickets by providing tokens cut out from the program

Manu turned up in force when they thumped us to win the league. I'm not so sure you could actually say that they "Took" the North Bank that day. Yes, there were a lot of them in there from the start right up until the end of the match, but the fighting & bottle throwing / flying broken glass went on throughout the match without stopping, even after masses of old bill came in between the rival fans

Chelsea taking the North Bank was a joke for years afterwards! I believe several Chelsea fans (some 20 or so I think, maybe more) got ambushed on their way to the ground & had their scarves stolen by our fans, who then went on to lead many more Chelsea fans into the North Bank where they then became trapped as our fans revealed their true colours. I can remember Chelsea scarves hanging from the beams of the North Bank stands for several weeks afterwards

The 1975 ManU South Bank incident was an amusing example of the press getting the story totally wrong & blaming ManU supporters for "invading the pitch" If it was anyone elses fans you'd have felt a bit sorry for them, there was nowhere else to go to avoid the hiding they were getting

I arrived late & walked around the ground trying to find an open turnstile. As it happened a large gate in the South Bank had been forced open (or opened to ease the congestion / get injured ManU fans out for hospital treatment, I don't know which?) Anyway I got in that way with thousands of others. The ManU fans were forced on to the pitch rather than invading it, but it was lovely that they got the blame!

delboy 3:25 Tue Sep 11
Re: Question for the older fan.
I seem to recall mancs in the chicken run, running toward the North bank. When the North bank surged as one they lost bottle and legged it back towards the South bank, this was a long while before kick off and I'm pretty sure it was the day they got battered. My memory might be hazy but I never saw any part of our ground getting taken. But probably the most toxic atmosphere I ever experienced was spurs in the league cup 80 81. Even millwall never came close to that atmosphere.

panamahat 4:56 Tue Sep 11
Re: Question for the older fan.
Nice to see some real truth online AOI so different from the chelski mongrels , pardon my inaccuracies

J.Riddle 1:34 Tue Sep 11
Re: Question for the older fan.
Man United would have tried to take the NB in 74 as well if they could have got in as they had a reputation of taking every home end in Div 2 the year before, it was only that we filled it up early doors to make it an impossibility, the queues were an hour long gates were closed about 12-12:30 that game as it was a lock out as I just got in after queuing for over an hour before they closed the turnstiles. When I got to the top of the stairs I could barely get a few metres across the terrace it was so rammed.

They came down in the largest numbers I have seen from any away at UP, no segregation in the SB but they didn't roll over for sometime and gave it a good go, them scoring didn't go down well, it was payback time for them that day though. Worst I've seen at UP by a long long way. Amazing atmosphere, ground went mental when the winner went in from Bobby. Best Sat 3pm game at UP for me, nothing comes close, Eintracht being the best under the floodlights.

Any Old Iron 12:51 Tue Sep 11
Re: Question for the older fan.
FFS - it was '67, not '68

panamahat 3:04 Mon Sep 10
Re: Question for the older fan.
Anyone that knows even an iota of what terrace culture was like back then understands our North Bank was never taken after the Mancs in 68 , whatever a few squeaky voiced stockwell louts have to say

Any Old Iron 1:06 Sun Sep 9
Re: Question for the older fan.
Yes, Man Utd did take the NB, but it was ‘67 when they spanked us 1-6 and won the league. They were extraordinary circumstances because they had the chance to clinch the title that day so their fans came in their thousands and caught ours out. I was on the SB that day as a 13 year old and I’ve never seen so much blood at a game as that.
But one good thing came out of it. We never, ever allowed any team to take the piss like that again.
As for Chelsea, they were as soft as shite. I remember walking onto the shed in 68 with hundreds of others and taking it over with no resistance. And that was before the Mile End firm showed up. When they came in the cunts shat themselves and legged it.

Crassus 12:05 Sun Sep 9
Re: Question for the older fan.
No one, as stated, came close to taking the NB through the 70's and beyond

They were unfortunately, lucky enough to be in the SB, where they were one and all battered

Interlopage in the West Side was an odd mistake, the Run, well I never saw it or heard of it

The SB, particuarly pre fence was absolutely hideous for the away. Best I saw was a massive Spurs showing, Boxing Day? Read that informed sources said over 50k were in there that day, and they were bouncy for about 15 minutes, No one including the Mancs lived in that couldron

Most impressive away firm that I witnessed was the Leeds mob that turned out, fucking huge numbers and game with it

Far Cough 10:44 Sat Sep 8
Re: Question for the older fan.
Chelsea couldn't even take their own Shed

eastend joker 10:25 Sat Sep 8
Re: Question for the older fan.
apart from the ones mentioned i remember around 76/77 time Arsenal trying to get in there and getting caught in the area between the turnstiles and the stairs up ,come massively unstuck and scattered along the west side .

eswing hammer 9:24 Sat Sep 8
Re: Question for the older fan.
Man U 67 a bit before my time ,but heard back in the day before hooliganism was only just raising its head ,that all the Man U fans had tickets for the NB,what could go wrong ? Anyway as a kid l remember standing at the top of the steps in the NB green st side 72,73,when about 20 maybe 30 Chelsea ran in ,past us chanting something and then totally disappeared into thin air ,that’s the only time l remember anyone in there!

oioi 9:02 Sat Sep 8
Re: Question for the older fan.
I was on the north bank when Man U took it. I got pushed right up into the corner. We got stuffed on the pitch and the terraces. A tough day but at least I saw George Best play.

That was the only time it happened. Everybody else who had go got chased off.

stirlinghammer 6:54 Sat Sep 8
Re: Question for the older fan.
Only ever saw Everton mid 80s have a go back in the south bank...lasted about 10 seconds

Also recall about 50 odd hammers behind the goal clear the south bank when villa were given the whole stand for the fa cup semi

Bullet 5:50 Sat Sep 8
Re: Question for the older fan.
Chelsea didn't try after 73, don't know about before, some posters on here went to Man U game 68 and say they took the NB. This question has come up before about Spurs taking the NB, I was in the SB and they had a go with a small mob but soon took a beating. I started going 73 and no one came in any end and survived apart from the SB and that was only after they fenced the away section off. I was in the NB 74 and Man U got battered. Millwall had a helicopter escort down green st but it didn't help them make it up the stairs of the SB. Forest ended up on the pitch to get away from the SB and plod escorted them down the tunnel, some not wanting to miss the match jumped into the West Side but immediately took another beating and ended back on the pitch. Nowhere was safe for away fans back then.

arsene york-hunt 5:39 Sat Sep 8
Re: Question for the older fan.
In 1967 there were no all ticket games, just first come first served. The Manchester scum were everywhere in the ground including the northbank this was because of the daft fuckers from London who support them and all who came down getting to the ground by about 1 0'clock. They needed to win to win the league I stood on the northbank and nobody ever took it over from that match until I could no longer go in about 1986 due to work commitments.

mallard 5:38 Sat Sep 8
Re: Question for the older fan.
I’ll always remember the line in Cass’ book,

‘After we took the shed end, we started using it as a meeting point’

only1billybonds 5:23 Sat Sep 8
Re: Question for the older fan.
Cheers chaps,thought it was bollox.
I remember the Man Utd rumpus in 68,masses of them all over NB. And again i the SB in 75 when the wall came down. I'd moved to the SB by the mid 70's as i was going with my mates and didnt want my Dad to hear me swear,see me smoke etc.

Remember playing Swansea in the cup mud 70's and there was mayhem after where the coaches parked off barking rd.

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