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Keep dreaming 7:46 Sun Sep 16
What happened tonight?
Did he refuse to sub, or was he just furious for not being subbed before Antonio

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Westham67 4:38 Tue Sep 18
Re: Perez
PistonHammered 8:43 Mon Sep 17

Yeah it looked like the coach was trying to calm Perez down

Ronald_antly 2:21 Tue Sep 18
Re: Perez
I think I can clear this up.

We have seen Perez in a tense 'discussion' with the goalkeeping coach.
The coach was asking him to prepare to go on in place of FABIANSKI.

Perez, quite rightly, refused to do so, on the grounds that it was a ridiculous idea.

PistonHammered 8:43 Mon Sep 17
Re: Perez
The problem is that Pelle's version after the game and the one that it out now is different. He said something about a problem with Perez's knee after the game.

Pagey, the story was out via the game TV broadcast. Robbie Earl, NBCSN analyst, said the player should be sacked if it were true. The other problem is the body language during the Perez/Coach "discussion". It may all be innocent but it did not look like a positive talk.

I think we are witnessing major damage control.......and I can't blame them either.

VirginiaHam 8:19 Mon Sep 17
Re: Perez
We'll never know what really happened, so we have to accept Pelle's version and the matching version from Perez.

Antonio was a better choice IMO.......muscular striker who could hold the ball up.

Pagey 8:04 Mon Sep 17
Re: Perez
So everyone slagging him off on social media despite not knowing what actually happened has nothing to do with social media?

PistonHammered 7:51 Mon Sep 17
Re: Perez
Plus it wasn't social media that got this ball rolling. I watched the game on NBCSN and the camera was on Perez and a coach in what appeared to be a tense conversation. Now what they were talking about who knows but I am sure that someone with the right "Skiwls" could tell us exactly what they were talking about. Also after the game it was part of the after match wrap up discussion.

Nowt to do with "social" media.

collyrob 6:24 Mon Sep 17
Re: Perez
Also why social media is great, he has come out and cleared up and misunderstanding.

Pagey 5:59 Mon Sep 17
Re: Perez
Perez has been hammered by anyone and everyone - all for something that probably hasn’t even happened.

This is why Social Media is total wank.

PistonHammered 5:08 Mon Sep 17
Re: Perez
Any lip readers out there?

Mystery solved.

stewey 4:42 Mon Sep 17
Re: Perez
Ok move along now, nothing to see here

JLAP 3:27 Mon Sep 17
Re: Perez
Eddie B’d

Perez said “Given the false information spread by the media that has affected my image, I am obliged to explain the only truth, I have never ever refused to warm up in my whole career, let alone play a match. In my current club the players on the bench warm up in series of 3 to 5 minutes, in continuous rotation. In the moment that Marko was injured, I was on the bench after warming up. The coach called me to go out to play. however having realized it was faster to substitute Antonio in, who at the moment was warming up he changed his decision.

The images that have misinterpreted correspond to a talk with the goalkeeping coach, in which I never refused to warm up and explained what happened. As a professional I accept the decision and I will continue working hard to have as many minutes as I can.”

JLAP 3:20 Mon Sep 17
Re: Perez
Perez backs up Pelle’s version of events.
Matter closed..!!


REALGSA 11:52 Sun Sep 16
Re: Perez
At least he WANTS to play....

Thats what is needed

Keep dreaming 11:16 Sun Sep 16
Re: Perez
Chelmsford, probably nothing. But I'm not his biggest fan anyways.
Well, he could be making sure he was ready I guess 😎

Hammer and Pickle 10:34 Sun Sep 16
Re: Perez
geoffpikey 10:29 Sun Sep 16


gph 10:33 Sun Sep 16
Re: Perez
More wonderfully accurate info from Sky, then

geoffpikey 10:29 Sun Sep 16
Re: Perez
Douse him in petrol and set fire to him.

If he catches alight, he's alright. He can keep the bench warm.

If he doesn't, he's a Gunner. Shoot him.

chelmsfordhammer 10:24 Sun Sep 16
Re: Perez
keep dreaming, so what did he do wrong then ?.

Cheezey Bell-End 10:01 Sun Sep 16
Re: Perez
I can't see that he did anything wrong. He got the hump because he thought he was coming on, then didn't.

Takashi Miike 9:53 Sun Sep 16
Re: Perez
sack the camp looking cunt

The Stoat 9:53 Sun Sep 16
Re: Perez
Finally, Pellegrini clarified the circumstances around his substitution in the 64th minute when he replaced the injured Arnautovic.

He added: When Marko was injured, I called for Lucas because he had been warming up, but when I saw he was sitting on the bench because he had finished and Antonio was working, I saw that Antonio was ready.

Thats why I changed path and went with Antonio, and not wait for Lucas to warm up, because we needed to make the change immediately."

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