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terry-h 9:06 Mon Sep 17
Happy birthday Bonzo.

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only1billybonds 7:26 Wed Sep 19
Re: Happy birthday Bonzo.
Anyone remember the cup replay v QPR that we lost 6-1 at Loftus Rd? Phil Parkes refers to this game when he spokebof his negotiations with John Lyall who was keen to sign him. He said he remembered that game and we (qpr) were 5-1 up with 10 mins to go yet Bonzo was still tear arseing round the pitch, covered in mud (it fucking launched it down that night) telling his players 'we can still win this. Parksie said he had mixed feelings about playing in a team that had Bill as captain. On the plus side Bonzo was an absolute inspiration and commanded huge respect. On a not so sanguine note Parks said Bonds scared him shitless that night in the mud.

That was an awful night,we went 1-0 up but they then murdered us. And it was possubly the wetest iv'e ever been in my life.

jim@chickenrun 6:59 Wed Sep 19
Re: Happy birthday Bonzo.
Happy birthday bill,best ever west ham player and legend.

boleyn8420 6:27 Wed Sep 19
Re: Happy birthday Bonzo.
One of my all time favourites as well, blimey he is only 10 years older than me. Anyway heres a few goals to prove he could play a bit an all


Lato 5:34 Wed Sep 19
Re: Happy birthday Bonzo.
Echo everything that has been said about Bonzo my favourite Hammer of all time. He genuinely played for his team mates, fans and the shirt, would run through a brick Wall for West Ham. Remember the run ins he had with Colin Todd, Peter Withe and a big black fella who played for Newcastle in the early 80's can't remember his name when Bonzo grabbed hold of him by the neck I thought he was going to burst into tears. He was also a very good footballer a lot better than he was given credit for.

Great Captain, true leader and legend.....what would we give for him in our team today?

Happy belated Birthday Bonzo.

BBB I have the misfortune of sharing my Birthday with Ossie "in de cup for tottingham" Ardiles

MikeHammer 4:46 Wed Sep 19
Re: Happy birthday Bonzo.
Needs to be recognised more by the club.

What people say about him being such a gent is true - he was a neighbour when I lived in Chislehurst and would go out of his way to apologise for his daughters parking .. so weird to have so normal domestic conversations with a legend (and bizarrely I am doing that still about boilers, gardening, window cleaners etc with one of his successors as captain!).

eusebiovic 9:49 Tue Sep 18
Re: Happy birthday Bonzo.
I will never forget him charging across the pitch at Wolves when Julian got sent off...

I didn't know whether he was going there to make the best of a bad situation or to have it out with him on the pitch...but he looked proper pissed off that day...I bet it crossed his mind as he was running over!

only1billybonds 9:40 Tue Sep 18
Re: Happy birthday Bonzo.
Alvin Martin tells a great story about Bonds and pre season training. Ol stretch reckons even as a 40 year old the only person who could keep up with Bill was the pro athlete the club drafted in to take charge of the cross country run. Blokes half Bonds's age were chucking up while Bonzo had barely broke sweat.

wanstead_hammer 9:19 Tue Sep 18
Re: Happy birthday Bonzo.
Yeh, remember sparra legs Ayris. Was from wapping. Think harris done him at stam bridge as well, so he had it coming.
And when bonzo brought the bully boy Roberts back down to earth was a classic.
Bonzo was a true leader and always gave 110pct.
Cant believe he's 72. (Fuck giving him the bumps though!)

Far Cough 9:08 Tue Sep 18
Re: Happy birthday Bonzo.
Yeah Parkes was no midget

zico 9:06 Tue Sep 18
Re: Happy birthday Bonzo.
The most shocking thing about Bonzo is how on earth did he not receive an England cap?!?! Think Greenwood picked him once and sadly Phil Parkes smashed into him accidentally in training and Billy missed out due to broken ribs.

Great player though and a thoroughly decent fella by all accounts. I remember him saying that he was at his peak early 70's when he was Trevor's midfield minder. Says something that he gained another 450 odd appearances and lifted two FA Cups "after" his peak!!

only1billybonds 8:41 Tue Sep 18
Re: Happy birthday Bonzo.
Sand Iron

Roberts turned up at Tottenham from non league Weymouth with a rep for being a bit of a hard man on the pitch. He enjoyed this reputation and to enhance it he had a mental list of players he wanted to 'do'. When he came up against Bill for the first time the game was about 15 minutes in and they both went for the ball,the odds were 60/40 in Roberts favour of winning it. Fast forward a minute or two and a semi concious Riberts is being brought round with smelling salts while a grinning Bonzo is looking down on him asking 'wanna try that again son'

Watched him from when he joined us from Charlton and grew to adore the man very quickly.

Darlo Debs 2:08 Tue Sep 18
Re: Happy birthday Bonzo.
BBB you are fortunate. I share mine with Steven Gerrard :-(

gph 2:02 Tue Sep 18
Re: Happy birthday Bonzo.
Happy Birthyesterday.

Mr Logic 1:53 Tue Sep 18
Re: Happy birthday Bonzo.
My 'ero,

appy birfdi Billy Boy

BillyBondsBirthday 12:48 Tue Sep 18
Re: Happy birthday Bonzo.
Have always been thrilled to share a birthday with my West Ham hero.

Darlo Debs 12:40 Tue Sep 18
Re: Happy birthday Bonzo.
Happy birthday to a true claret and blue hero

Westham67 12:37 Tue Sep 18
Re: Happy birthday Bonzo.
The word legend is used too frequently these days but Bonds was and is a true West Ham legend

Socks rolled down, steaming in ,covered in mud

Lifted 2 FA cups in my life time

sand iron 12:31 Tue Sep 18
Re: Happy birthday Bonzo.
only1billybonfs 11:11

Come on mate, I’d love to hear the Graham Roberts story!

Takashi Miike 12:25 Tue Sep 18
Re: Happy birthday Bonzo.
met him at a charity do for little Isla last year, he still looked fit as a fiddle. one memory watching him was towards the end of his career, we were playing wimbledon at plough lane and bill was on the bench. throughout the game fashanu was throwing his weight around and bullying players until bill came on and set about him after a 50/50, fashanu shit himself. every team needs a character like bill who sorts out the opposition's cunts

only1billybonds 11:11 Mon Sep 17
Re: Happy birthday Bonzo.
My ultimate hero. Home to Chelsea early 70's and we had a skinny kid on the right wing,Johnny Ayris. He coukd only have weighed about 7 and a half stone tops but he was quick. A but to quick for Ron "Chopper" Harris who smashed into Johnny who ended up in the West Side. First chànce he got Bonzo went crashing into Harris almost cutting him in half. Ol Chopper stayed well away from Bill the rest of the game. The Graham Roberts story is my favourite,that can wait for another time.

Mart O 11:09 Mon Sep 17
Re: Happy birthday Bonzo.
Oh he could play all right, but you remember him for what I do, mate.

Still can't believe he's seventy fucking two.

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