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defjam 2:59 Sat Sep 22
Chas (Brown bread) & Dave!
Not my bag but i reckon theres a few fans on here.

'It is with tremendous sadness that we announce the passing of our very own Chas Hodges.

Despite receiving successful treatment for oesophageal cancer recently, Chas suffered organ failure and passed away peacefully in his sleep in the early hours of Saturday September 22nd.
We would like to thank our fans for their fantastic support and goodwill at this difficult time.'

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normannomates 2:42 Wed Sep 26
Re: Chas (Brown bread) & Dave!

turn it in ffs.

good lads with more musical talent than most.


oioi 5:21 Mon Sep 24
Re: Chas (Brown bread) & Dave!
cholo 8:12 Sat Sep 22

"Anyone remember their Christmas specials on TV in the early eighties? Had the likes of Clapton as guests."

You mean this:

Features Clapton & Albert Lee. 10:20 they play Leadbelly's 'Irene Goodnight'. Exactly the same atmosphere as New Year's Eve in the Lord Napier Goodmayes early '70s.

Saw them play in The Valentine, Gants Hill. No idea what year.

Thanks for the memories Chas.

Takashi Miike 5:15 Mon Sep 24
Re: Chas (Brown bread) & Dave!
love madness, liked chas & dave, hate the fantasist cunt mitty

Trevor B 4:44 Mon Sep 24
Re: Chas (Brown bread) & Dave!
not all music needs to be highbrow trendy crap written by someone in pain, some people just like to listen to stuff that makes them smile and provides enjoyment. chas and dave will always remind me of some lovely relatives that are sadly no longer with me, my old nan and grandad singing songs around the piano at a family do etc etc. if other people think its crap then fine, but chas and dave were good at what they did and much of their music will always bring a smile to my face.

Side of Ham 4:40 Mon Sep 24
Re: Chas (Brown bread) & Dave!
You're so ruined as a sleazy middle aged cunt on here swiss no one takes much notice of you just like vexed funnily enough wonder why that is?

Now be a man and fuck off like you promised there's a good cunt.

Mike Oxsaw 4:34 Mon Sep 24
Re: Chas (Brown bread) & Dave!
Some cunts are not embarrassed by, or ashamed of, their roots.

HairyHammer 4:32 Mon Sep 24
Re: Chas (Brown bread) & Dave!
They were both excellent musicians who decided to fill a niche in the music market that was not being filled by anyone else.
To say they were shit is ridiculous and very lazy, were they of their time yes were they pop or rock Gods? No, but they still catered for millions of Londoners and Brits giving them a kind of music that they loved .
Do you know any other shit musician to get top billing on the BBC News? well Chas Hodges did he was the first story and you do not get that by being shit.
So what if they were Spurs and wrote a few songs for them what are you three years old ?.

Swiss. 4:29 Mon Sep 24
Re: Chas (Brown bread) & Dave!
Made for clowns like you Snide.

Swiss. 4:29 Mon Sep 24
Re: Chas (Brown bread) & Dave!
Same cunts who like Chas and Dave like Madness. Joke music by clowns.

Side of Ham 4:06 Mon Sep 24
Re: Chas (Brown bread) & Dave!
Their music is about characters vexy, characters you obviously never had in your life or experienced the company of so you obviously don't get it vexed and can only therefore palm it off as shite.

I like that vexed as you've missed out.

Mike Oxsaw 4:04 Mon Sep 24
Re: Chas (Brown bread) & Dave!
Log out, log in. Log out, log in.

It's not difficult.

Swiss. 4:01 Mon Sep 24
Re: Chas (Brown bread) & Dave!
they were crap. How they made a living no idea.

Mike Oxsaw 3:59 Mon Sep 24
Re: Chas (Brown bread) & Dave!
Vexed. What was "shit" about them?

Was it no synthesizers? No Drum & Bass?

Was it simply not "sophisticated" enough (difficult to drag a 22 minute soliloquy and drum/guitar solo out of a pub sing-along, I suspect).

Did it hark back too much to your happy childhood?

It was certainly not my first choice with regards to music, but neither did it have me about to puke and reach for the off switch.

Vexed 3:34 Mon Sep 24
Re: Chas (Brown bread) & Dave!
But....they were proper shit. People are actually calling these two talented, it's bizarre. Obviously I missed the hidden qualities of 'classics' like Snooker Loopy.

norwaytips 3:32 Mon Sep 24
Re: Chas (Brown bread) & Dave!
Only met him three times. Top bloke and several mates, who knew him well, say the same thing.

Northern Sold 12:14 Mon Sep 24
Re: Chas (Brown bread) & Dave!
WAS a Hammer then Lenny son....

Leonard Hatred 12:10 Mon Sep 24
Re: Chas (Brown bread) & Dave!
Mick Burt (the drummer) bought the farm about 6/7 years ago.

Northern Sold 12:01 Mon Sep 24
Re: Chas (Brown bread) & Dave!
Vexed... I bet everyone on here that thought C&D were good also used to tune in to watch Bruce Forsyth on the Generation Game as well... burn the fucking lot of them...

Oh and so I was told the drummer with the trilby hat is/was a Hammer...

Russ of the BML 10:57 Mon Sep 24
Re: Chas (Brown bread) & Dave!
Vexed 3:32 Mon Sep 24

It's working class music. Spurs or not Chas & Dave have made music for all Londoners and anyone else for that matter to have a beer and a jolly up to.

I can't see why anyone would not like them to be honest.

Vexed 3:32 Mon Sep 24
Re: Chas (Brown bread) & Dave!
The number of people that care about this Spurs cunt is astounding. Why so popular?

normannomates 2:52 Mon Sep 24
Re: Chas (Brown bread) & Dave!
wanstead 8.46

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