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dicksie3 4:41 Fri Oct 5
Anyone on here suffer from a form of anxiety? Crowds? Noise? Open spaces? Feeling of fear or impending doom for no fucking reason at all? The drink makes that one much, much worse.

What a cunt it is.

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Yarmouth 1:16 Tue Oct 30
Re: Anxiety

identical mate. Especially the plane.

Peckham 12:49 Tue Oct 30
Re: Anxiety
2 weeks ago , big time. Was the town fairs and festivals, so many people and crowds , fireworks , was happy for the town, but could not leave my flat, had anxiety and panic attacks ,and when leave the flat run into every corner someone I know or knew and I can not hide it ,so look a nut. Which I suppose I was at some point.
Olanzapine.Depakine.Rivotril.Sinogan - hardcore meds when a spliff a night would do the trick.
Paroxetina - it is like liquid E. After 30 mins I feel a rush and work good.

But the rest, it is hard work keeping energy up.

The best drug for a human is another human being as I have found out through here and my whomail. ( May have mentioned that before ).

Insomnia - that is a bitch.

I honestly think and will re-read this thread later my past and hedonistic rave days have caught up severely. Especially working nights quite a few years.

Up at 0500 tomorrow , its 12 here now. Got 3 alarms set ,if take meds I will not hear them, so even now anxiety , do I sleep or just stay up and work. It is crazy my insomnia is like the machinist.

Empathy for those who suffer panic attacks and anxiety , without sounding sexist again ,was a time I thought birds were blagging and it was a woman womxan thing and they were OTT about it. But nah when you get them heart palpitations or those flashes of anxiety over silly or serious things it is indeed Dicksie a big cunt.


dicksie3 12:00 Tue Oct 30
Re: Anxiety
Thinking too much about anything and everything is the danger. That's when you can develop GAD and it's a real cunt to live with.

Boozing and other shit just makes it that much worse. Don't use it as a way of keeping it under control. I did in the past but not now.

dicksie3 11:50 Mon Oct 29
Re: Anxiety
Lager helps... at the time.

You could just pick it up again and carry on the next morning and all would be fine.

Gavros 11:47 Mon Oct 29
Re: Anxiety

Vexed 11:46 Mon Oct 29
Re: Anxiety
Hang in there you big poof.

What was it that triggered your anxiety? It may be earlier on the thread but I can't be arsed to trawl through it all!

dicksie3 11:25 Mon Oct 29
Re: Anxiety
Just as an update; I've had absolute fucking torture with anxiety since this thread and I was in such a state that I had to be signed-off for 3 weeks.

The GP prescribed a couple of different SSRI drugs to try (on different occasions) which just completely fucked me up even more. I barely slept for over a week and I couldn't eat much or drink without feeling the need to vomit. Some of the dark and depressing repetitive thoughts running through my mind were really hard to shake-off. It was a fucking nightmare. Mental torture.

I went back to the GP and said that the shit that he's giving me is fucking me up even more and I can barely function. Just putting my shoes on and leaving to get there was difficult enough - as mental as that sounds.

I made it clear that I honestly thought that my severe sleep issues were exasperating my anxiety and not the other way around and I've since been prescribed mirtazapine (a totally different group of antidepressant) which seems to be doing the trick, thank fuck. It helps me get soundly to sleep, whilst tackling anxiety, and I'm starting to feel like the bonkers me again. I just hope that my recovery continues.

Anyone else on here who is really struggling with this shit has my sympathies. Keep talking to family and friends and let your GP know if the shit that they prescribe you is fucking you up more.

Your GP will probably tell you to give it a couple of more weeks still but you know much sooner than that if they're going to work or not so don't put yourself through the turmoil. There are no guarantees that your body will adjust to them and that they start to make a positive difference.

SarfendWHU 10:26 Wed Oct 10
Re: Anxiety
Sister suffered severe anxiety attacks to the extent she would be in such a state that she would be convinced she was having a heart attack, heart breaking to witness, doctors prescribed anti depressants which didn't help, she takes CBD oil drops now, and hasn't had an attack since, maybe worth a try fella, ?

Takashi Miike 10:26 Wed Oct 10
Re: Anxiety
Nurse Ratched 8:59 Wed Oct 10m


simon.s 9:57 Wed Oct 10
Re: Anxiety
If only it worked like that, I’d watch Live Aid again, obviously with the sound down when that cunt Geldof was on.

BRANDED 9:13 Wed Oct 10
Re: Anxiety
Go and see how the bottom billion people live.

Should help.

simon.s 9:10 Wed Oct 10
Re: Anxiety
I’ve managed to keep a lid on the panic attacks and to an extent the depression, but I guess the real kicker for me is anxiety. It always seems to be there, or lurking in the background. I think I just have to accept that modern life makes you anxious in one guise or another and try as best I can to live with it.

dicksie3 9:08 Wed Oct 10
Re: Anxiety
Just 10mg. Yeah, I've heard of some shit side-effects of them!

I'm not going to give them any longer than a month. If there's no improvement in that time then that's it with medication for me. That's ample enough time to see some improvement.

Nurse Ratched 8:59 Wed Oct 10
Re: Anxiety
That's also a recognised side effect of dating me.

neco 8:57 Wed Oct 10
Re: Anxiety
dicksie3 7:24 Wed Oct 10

Have you started on 10 or 20mg?

When i took it the first month or so i had some real shit days, never started feeling better for it until a couple of months. After that it was OK & i did feel better in myself but was glad to eventually get off them.

Oh and just to warn you of one side effect, it's near on impossible to ejaculate.

Nurse Ratched 8:23 Wed Oct 10
Re: Anxiety
Wish you luck.

Insist on proper CBT, though. Not their standard talky-talky nonsense.

dicksie3 8:15 Wed Oct 10
Re: Anxiety
Yeah, if my low-dosage treatment does fuck-all for me in four weeks then I'm fucking the medication off. There should be some improvement in that time, even with low-dosage, otherwise I don't think that it's worth it.

I cannot be fucked to then increase the dosage or change medication again. I'd rather then just stick to therapy.

Nurse Ratched 7:29 Wed Oct 10
Re: Anxiety
The evidence that antidepressants work is extremely weak. Any benefit is likely to be placebo effect. That 'imbalance of brain chemistry' theory is unproven, too. Not only can drug companies not provide strong clinical evidence that ABs work, they can't even explain HOW they 'work'.

People often have horrible side effects and find coming off them difficult.

You'd be better off going for CBT (not standard 'counselling').

dicksie3 7:27 Wed Oct 10
Re: Anxiety
I'm fucking booze off for some time. I'm more of a binge-drinker than a regular drinker anyway but I'm fucking it off altogether for a while.

dicksie3 7:24 Wed Oct 10
Re: Anxiety
Thanks a lot for the advice, all. Funnily enough, I've started on a low dosage of Citalopram today. I felt fucking horrendous 20 or 30 minutes later for a brief period but not too bad since then. I was very reluctant to take anything but I just thought that I'd give it a go in the end as they seem to help a lot of sufferers.

If it makes things worse after a month then I'll consider fucking off medication altogether and just stick to therapy.

I'm starting therapy sessions later this month. Hopefully, I can get a grip on things sooner than later.

FruityBoots. 7:18 Wed Oct 10
Re: Anxiety
Suffered from anxiety and panic attacks in the past, awful feelings and never in control of when they come on. I could be sitting in the front room watching tv with the missus and kids and within minutes it’s taken hold of you. I’d take myself away, have a bath or sit in the garage where I have a weights bench and force my mind away from it. I also use phenergan (promethazine)which helps calm (you can get over the counter or online)

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