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bobbymoore 6:38 Wed Oct 10
LA and Vegas
Going there for a week over New Year.

3 days in LA
5 days in Vegas

Never been before and just looking for recommendations on what to do in such a short time.

Also what is best to do with purchasing tickets for shows. Is it best to book in advance? Or wait until you are in Vegas?

Things we are looking at doing:

Los Angeles:
LA Kings hockey
LA Lakers basketball

Las Vegas:
Las Vegas Golden Knights hockey
Michael Jackson One Cirque Du Soleil
Blue Man Group
Bruno Mars
Gwen Stefani
David Copperfield
Calvin Harris for NYE
Tape Face
Penn & Teller

We're not really big into the gambling, so we'll be walking around during the day. Maybe look at a trip to the Grand Canyon etc.

Any tips would be great.


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tanman 2:29 Mon Oct 15
Re: LA and Vegas
I went to Veags for a whole week and quite easily could have stayed longer. Stayed at Ballys which is basic but in the middle of it all. Most days just chilled by the pool and there are so many things to do of an evening so I find it hard to get bored of the place. If I went again I would probably stay at the Bellagio.

Northern Sold 2:10 Mon Oct 15
Re: LA and Vegas
To be fair Boots it's not a bad place now... they do gansta' tours now and everything... drove through there a few times and looks like it's seriously cleaned it's act up... a Hipster haven almost !! Like I got ridiculed on here a few months back saying I felt far more at ease in Compton than I do nowadays down Southend High Street...


Now watts and Inglewood... I'd totally agree are BAD ASS'

LeroysBoots 1:06 Mon Oct 15
Re: LA and Vegas
Compton is decent in LA...so I'm told..innit

Lee Trundle 12:32 Mon Oct 15
Re: LA and Vegas

Lee Trundle 12:31 Mon Oct 15
Re: LA and Vegas
I love Vegas, but I would never go there for more than 3 nights, as I can image it drastically loses it's appeal if you go there for longer.

Northern Sold 12:09 Mon Oct 15
Re: LA and Vegas
I'll be honest of all the places I have visited in the US Vegas is somewhere down the bottom of my list... each to their own but give me a national Park experience anyday over that nut job place...

GreenStreetPlayer 10:51 Mon Oct 15
Re: LA and Vegas
Visited Vegas in March and stayed 20 floors up at the Paris opposite the Bellagio which was great as got to see the fountains whenever we opened the curtains.
Went to the GC west rim. Reminded me of a 'quarry' and would do a flight or whatever to get into the canyon if we went again. Was taken aback by children playing next to the edge. There are no fences. That's it you can step over a sheer drop, but parents there let their kids run around as if it was a playground. I'd be clinging on to mine.
O show was great and would recommend. Do a bus tour so you can see the old and new areas and what's about. Views from from Stratosphere was good and having lunch 800 feet up slowly turning around with people jumping off on ropes as you dined. Bit pricey though as it is throughout Vegas. Had meals ranging from a McD to well over $200. Wife loved the gondola in the Venetian, the whole of Vegas blends into one after a while as the casinos are so vast.
Bit of an area between the old and new areas which was full of zombified crackheads.
In all enjoy, and go there with deep pockets.
Hated the BA flight in Premium Economy on the way back on a 747 not fit for purpose. Screen did not work properly, Seat had fixed mouldings around it which made it too tight. Didn't help,the cunt next to me farted the whole flight.

Northern Sold 9:41 Mon Oct 15
Re: LA and Vegas
Much prefered the grand canyon village views and trails....well worth the extra mileage... and they have MULES.... Off to LA, palm springs and San Diego next Sunday... Samuel Adams me up...

joyo 1:57 Mon Oct 15
Re: LA and Vegas
Skywalk is a must and piece of piss...... great views though

Too Much Too Young 9:52 Sun Oct 14
Re: LA and Vegas
If going to the canyon, have a stroll on that fucking skywalk.


RichT BMUpper 8:21 Sun Oct 14
Re: LA and Vegas
We booked it all there as they all do so many deals for you, the only thing we booked here was to do the Grand Canyon, defiantly worth it, goes via the hoover dam and back down the strip.
Heard some bad stories of people out there booking these, JMO
Enjoy but it’s bloody miles to walk such a huge area, downtown Vegas is good more history etc.

hammer205 7:56 Sun Oct 14
Re: LA and Vegas
That deal is very cheap

Moncurs Putting Iron 12:56 Sun Oct 14
Re: LA and Vegas
Vegas - See a show, go downtown, marvel at the sheer crassness of it all.

L.A. Avoid downtown go to Beverly hills, Hollywood and Want Monica.

PS return my calls you cunts.

shim 10:17 Thu Oct 11
Re: LA and Vegas
Just booked to do vegas & NYC on a split week at the beginning of Feb, local travel agent had a deal £499 all in, Virgin Transatlantic flights into Vegas & out of JFK, internal flights between the two, LINQ hotel 4 nights vegas & Roosevelt hotel 3 nights in NYC bit of a no brainier at that price eh ??..
No massive plans but do want to do the Grand Canyon whilst in Vegas, so will prob take the hire a car advice & do that, wouldn't mind doing the Beatles show too..
Been to Vegas before (not with the Mrs) & I didn't do too many of the sites, as you do, so I'd quite like to do it that way this time...

Jasnik 10:13 Thu Oct 11
Re: LA and Vegas
David L 1:43 Thu Oct 11

yep Beatles one was excellent

Jasnik 10:12 Thu Oct 11
Re: LA and Vegas
Grand Canyon - yes . do the plane / Helicopter / Boat .

simon.s 10:09 Thu Oct 11
Re: LA and Vegas
Hike up to the Griffith Observatory if you’re up for walking. Great views up there, and as said below, there are some great photos ops with the colours and light around sunset and dusk. I think LA is a great city to photograph if that’s your thing.

I would also try and grab a drink in Chateau Marmont, or the bar next door. Never know who you may see. Jeff Goldblum was coming out as we went in.

Lot of people seem to be a bit down on the place on here. It has shit parts (some real shit parts) but there’s nice bits too. As Sold0 says, it’s a big place. I’d take LA over Vegas all day long, but I think Vegas is somewhere you do have to go and see, just to get your head around it.

Northern Sold 9:30 Thu Oct 11
Re: LA and Vegas
ERN... what didn't you like about LA?? You wasn't one of these people that visited Hollywood Boulevard and thought they saw LA?? It's a mightily large and complex place... with yes some shit but a hell of a lot of fantastic places...

worm 2:31 Thu Oct 11
Re: LA and Vegas
Get to the Canyon early morning if you're just going for the day and not staying up there.

The reason being your photos will look a lot better at that time because there are shadows adding some texture.
Go in the afternoon and the sun is directly above, no shadows and it all looks the same colour.

I usually charge for this shit.

AKA ERNIE 2:11 Thu Oct 11
Re: LA and Vegas
warmers brothers studio is excellent well worth a visit but la really is crap

David L 1:46 Thu Oct 11
Re: LA and Vegas
In LA it's nice to drive a little south like Manhattan and Redondo Beach areas.Still near the airport though. The beach wlaks and dining options a re great there. Uncle Bills Pancake House in Manhattan Beach is great for breakfast.

Too late for whale watching? We did a great tour from Redondo Beach.

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