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b. If we're still lingering around the bottom three by the start of the WC then that's the time to get rid
c. What are we waiting for 2 wins in the last 20 PL games is reason enough to sack him, go now
d. I've just got my new Orange & White 3rd Kit with Moyesinho on the back, I can't wait to wear it down to the supermarket, they call me Mr West Ham around here

steveiron64 1:49 Sat Oct 20
Brexit March today - RE-vote.
No. We voted. Whingers.

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Darby_ 5:08 Sat Oct 27
Re: Brexit March today - RE-vote.
Don't need another Brexit squabbling thread. Lock this shit.

joe royal 4:35 Sat Oct 27
Re: Brexit March today - RE-vote.
I think if Johnson gave pickled the last word (or vice versa) then both these euro threads would die out.

Agree to differ and all that.

Johnson 4:35 Sat Oct 27
Re: Brexit March today - RE-vote.

Hammer and Pickle 4:31 Sat Oct 27
Re: Brexit March today - RE-vote.
Sorry, you're beyond any explanation or help.

Johnson 4:23 Sat Oct 27
Re: Brexit March today - RE-vote.
No. Please explain.

Hammer and Pickle 4:19 Sat Oct 27
Re: Brexit March today - RE-vote.
What it says - do you know what "why don't you try remedial reading" means?

Johnson 4:18 Sat Oct 27
Re: Brexit March today - RE-vote.
What is that supposed to mean?

Hammer and Pickle 4:15 Sat Oct 27
Re: Brexit March today - RE-vote.

Johnson 4:06 Sat Oct 27

I'll also talk to you about projection until you get all hot and sweaty and start gibbering insults.

Mike Oxsaw 4:09 Sat Oct 27
Re: Brexit March today - RE-vote.
Alvin 3:52 Sat Oct 27

I think it was more the tory party's problems than the government, but the former definitely had an impact on the latter.

I saw the referendum as a silver lining - a chance to get away from from the quagmire in which UK politics has embedded itself (but many, even on here, seem absolutely desperate to drag everybody back into that particular putrid swamp at any cost).

The baby is still most definitely still in the bath following the referendum, and, if the remain camp allow so, there it will stay, while the dirty EU water leaves the building by whatever exit possible.

In hindsight, the best option was an instant triggering of A50 then simply sit back and wait. We didn't get that and so atr having to re-assess the best option on an almost daily basis, solely down to the remainers' activities.

If they hadn't fucked about shouting down everybody who disagreed with them, we may well have got a decent deal and one which, approached professionally, may even have included managed Freedom of Movement, which has now become a show-stopper in it's own right.

Johnson 4:06 Sat Oct 27
Re: Brexit March today - RE-vote.
Please stop talking about things you don’t understand Thickle, it’s embarrassing.

Hammer and Pickle 4:05 Sat Oct 27
Re: Brexit March today - RE-vote.
No need to leave to have more stringent immigration laws.

Meanwhile, leaving with no deal will fuck the currency due to the structural current account deficit and that will sort the problem of immigration out because there will be an emigration problem.

Cunning plan that.

Johnson 4:00 Sat Oct 27
Re: Brexit March today - RE-vote.
Surely leaving and having far more stringent immigration laws will help with a lot of the things you mentioned Alvin.

They’re a lot of the reasons why people voted Leave in the first place

RM10 3:57 Sat Oct 27
Re: Brexit March today - RE-vote.
politicians make me sick corbyn can see the two faced euro politicians for wat they are and the racist views from our med friends yet says nothing

Alvin 3:52 Sat Oct 27
Re: Brexit March today - RE-vote.
Mike Oxsaw

Yes, the referendum was a way to divert attention from the government's difficulties in the first place, and it's still diverting attention away from the things that really matter to people - the people who were so pissed off with the way things are going that they voted Brext to give two fingers to the politicians, media and big corporations. Don't know where that leaves us all though. Still in the shit I suppose.

Mike Oxsaw 3:08 Fri Oct 26
Re: Brexit March today - RE-vote.
Alvin 3:02 Fri Oct 26

That is/was the idea of the remain camp. They were/are still hoping to filibuster the leave camp into submission but didn't factor in that the leavers were as passionate about, and committed to, leaving as they are to, and about, staying.

All that both sides have managed to do is piss off people with no particular interest in the subject, which runs the risk of this "third group" actually holding the key to how things progress, maybe by forcing the issue one way or another just to get some respite.

They won't get that though, because if either camp get the slightest inclination that option is on the cards, it'll just be more of the same in an attempt to woo these floaters over.

Alvin 3:02 Fri Oct 26
Re: Brexit March today - RE-vote.
Christ Brexit bores the arse off me. What about more important stuff for real people, like rents, low wages, property prices out of sight, austerity, school buildings crumbling, traffic choking up streets, pollution, and CLiMATE CHANGE for f**k's sake.

Hammer and Pickle 2:19 Thu Oct 25
Re: Brexit March today - RE-vote.
Most of the divs on here claiming to be anti-EU patriots are simply the kind of Labour voter who Michael Foot tried to keep in the party and were even alienated by Neil Kinnock.

Hence the lack of any kind of respect for the public interest or elementary understanding of business reality. They are simply resentful trade union rank and file looking for an outlet for years of misery and bile, and they are happy to bend over for JRM because they have found that outlet in no-deal Brexit.

Ratched will be along in a minute to call me rude names just to confirm my point.

PwoperNaughtyButNot 1:34 Thu Oct 25
Re: Brexit March today - RE-vote.
If only Corbyn has the courage to stick to his principles and not change his opinions based on public opinion.

If he did he would have been full on Brexit as he and his mentor Benn loathe the EU and everything it stands for. If he had the balls at the start it could have gone two ways:

1) people that choose politics based on fashion and fear of not being in the IN crowd would have realised the global banking carve up and turned against it.

2) or they would have worked out that Jezza isn’t one of the cool kids like they thought and he is an antiquated, terrosit befriending, Britain hating marxist with a fear of business and personal responsibly for people and would have turned against him

For someone who likes to trumpet his own integrity that was a gamble he wasn’t prepared to take.

My advice in life - don’t follow politicians, media organisations, panel show comedians, drug addicted musicians or Facebook 20second infographics.

Research everything, learn intricate details, fully understand through looking at facts and not versions of other people’s truths and you can then fee comfortable on your decision / vote / argument etc

Shorten version - don’t be desperate to be cool

Jaan Kenbrovin 1:21 Thu Oct 25
Re: Brexit March today - RE-vote.
“Parties publish an election manifesto and if elected they have a fixed term to enact their promises.”

We voted to leave the EU with a fixed two years to negotiate terms after Article 50 was invoked.

Kaiser Zoso 1:11 Thu Oct 25
Re: Brexit March today - RE-vote.
Just face it comma, you want another referendum because you don't like the outcome of the last one.

You are just making things up, trying to justify it, although it is pathetically amusing, it is completely dishonest.

master 1:07 Thu Oct 25
Re: Brexit March today - RE-vote.
Grasping. At. Straws.*

*paper ones, not plastic.

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