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twoleftfeet 3:28 Wed Oct 24
Could this term now be the most over used in society? Everyone seems to have it.

The latest is a lady who was sexually harassed in parliament 20 years ago and has since suffered from sleepless nights and PTSD.

A soldier serving in Afghanistan seeing his mate blown to bits can have PTSD but a silly girl who was told she had nice tits?

Do fuck off.

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Peckham 11:24 Sun Oct 28
Ummmmmm Norman No mates ( shock ) -

1. My birthplace is in my username.
2. I did relocate to Kent - well in later life.
3. The great thing about the Royal Green Jackets and Light Division there are no recruitment boundaries ( as in Bernard Cornwell great historic novels I doubt you have read but may have seen Sharpes Rifles on TV - they in history mainly recruited vagabonds or criminals from large cities mainly to avoid jail. I joined at the Strand office. But as a cadet was indeed in the Queens regiment now Princess of Wales.

You already look a massive CUNT for 1. doubting I am/was a Rilfleman and saying what a wrongun I am for " lying about serving in the army " 2. Having absolutely fuck all empathy with the situation I was in , thinking anyone who helped was a mug as my story did not add up and my mother ( NOT GRANNY YOU CUNT ) was not ill - which was confirmed by Defjam.
3. Stop knocking netballers as they are not knocking footballers.
4. No one has mentioned your Niece - God knows where that tantrum came from.

Yes I did a short stint with GS4 in Iraq.

This thread is not about me- it is about PTSD -. CAN you share any experiences - contributions -opinions to the OP?

Westham67 4:52 Sun Oct 28
I would advise you to get some help with either your drinking or anything else having an adverse effect on your state of mind. You not good company on here do keep a low one because this shit happens when I don't

normannomates 4:13 Sun Oct 28

thought you were keeping a low one fat man?

when it suits eh

normannomates 4:01 Sun Oct 28
i have no problem with most people

all the best

normannomates 3:39 Sun Oct 28
gank in his own words is 43.....so born 75.
.served in the Royal Green Jackets..(Battalion unknown).but as all l know they didnt recruit from kent....a kent cunt joining the Infantry would have been a Queensman

served ..what was it?..7 yrs as a PTE?...in NI..Bosnia ..and Afghanistan...you missed out IRAQ...did you serve there as well?


and you know how that goes down...well actually you dont...


Westham67 3:07 Sun Oct 28
I don't know if it was PTSD or just shock

I was at Patong beach when the Tsunami hit boxing day 2004, I came for a long weekend from Taiwan to meet a mate

I never really felt in danger at the time, no one knew what was going on. I saw a few dead bodies and Bangla road was smashed to fuck all the wooden bars chair and tables were piled up at the end of Bangla road along with motorbikes and cars

When I went back to Taiwan they always a TV on in bars and watching the death toll rise from 10, 50, 100, 150 to 250 thousand I was awestruck by the magnitude of the event I was in and witnessed my mate I was same

normannomates 2:34 Sun Oct 28
be warned people
posts go missing on here...and certain cunts have carte blanche..ie ..the bechemal fuckers are takin the piss...access to PMs. etc..i am done on here...shame.

likes of MIIke and soldo..macca..bruuno


normannomates 2:17 Sun Oct 28

the RGJ's were in not in Kabul in 2001...which Battalion were you in again?

you and your noddy mates on here .

as for Bosnia...if you were involved in Grapple..im WALL...


fucking spain...ive told you where im at..

Peckham 9:18 Sat Oct 27
Boycie. Similar to me . Got divorced after 18 years, I left UK with 20€ to visit one town in Madrid 10 years ago , was only going for 3 days. Lived like a vagabond but I am still here. Still recovering , well rebuilding.

4 mates burnt to death and Kabul 2001 , tough.

But my nightmares are corpses from the mass graves in Bosnia we had to clean up.

Peckham 12:41 Sat Oct 27
Thanks Isca.

43 but a Peter Pan 43.

Boycie 12:37 Sat Oct 27
had a mate who was a paramedic. Poor bloke had three major incidents (one a baby death) to attend in two weeks then got t-boned driving on blues & twos. He bought a tent and fucked off round europe on his own. I dont think he has ever recovered. That is PTSD not this pathetic "ooh I feel a bit squiffy every now and then" bolox. When you see people die and put your life at risk you earn the right to our sympathy. If not do one

Banjo 2:50 Thu Oct 25
PTSD is very real and extremely difficult for the person who is affected by this.
When they have a flashback to the events or events they picture it as if it is happening again and feel all those associated feelings, as if they were there. Must be extremely difficult for the suffer's to manage when they have flashbacks and really difficult to manage the rest of the time knowing they could flashback at any time.
I have a couple of mates that were Para's in the Falklands and shared very similar experiences. One has PTSD and the other doesn't, go figure.

joe royal 2:22 Thu Oct 25
Ann diamonds ‘ordeal’

Maybe she will have PTSD NIW?


Mike Oxsaw 12:34 Thu Oct 25
I think George Carlin covers this subject well enough in one of his routines.

isca hammer 5:39 Thu Oct 25
PS you falling plate fucker x

isca hammer 5:38 Thu Oct 25

Glad you are on the up fella

One question though..........how old are you?

isca hammer 5:34 Thu Oct 25
I get the meaning of PTS...........its the D i dont.

Man up is what ive always been told, and im still here

Alfs 4:27 Thu Oct 25
I agree, PTSD is the new 'Oh poor me' syndrome and is used in quite ridiculous scenarios.

Saying that, I gave up my time to act in, and voice over a film about how PTSD really effects people. In this case, a soldier who stepped on a mine and a woman who witnessed the murder of her husband and was then raped.


Chigwell 3:46 Thu Oct 25
Not as overused as autism.

Peckham 1:03 Thu Oct 25
No expert - Only in receiving 14 years of treatment have experiences.

Seemed back in the day WW2 etc it was Shell shock , seemed to mingle in with Manic Depression ,of which I think Churchhill suffered, and in modern times PTSD.

I feel its played on too much , even with the Army and I know people diagnosed with this , I am, but it is a mix of depression,anxiety and flashbacks ,insomnia and when I do sleep nightmares.

Girls who have been raped or men , car accidents etc.

But I feel as with Bi Polar it has become a ,not trend , but I know many Americans , well worked with them in Civvy street private security and seems without sounding horrible exaggerated by some.

Its just another label to take the stigma out of mental health sounding scary.

In my humble opinion.

First saw a murder scene , well walked into a snooker hall , Wandsworth found two of the female staff stabbed to death I was 14, claret and clothes everywhere, going to the 24 hour snooker hall before school. If PTSD existed then , I would have claimed it.

Now despite 6 different hardcore meds prescribed , all I need is a bloody sleeping tablet or joint. Those could help alot of PTSD sufferers. Just to sleep in peace.

bruuuno 1:00 Thu Oct 25

On The Ball 11:11 Wed Oct 24

Ha those fucking schemes! I worked in a office full of birds years ago who all put a bag each on some scheme to ‘empower women’ that only women were allowed to do.

How I laughed when it all went to shit having known it would go to shit the whole time

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