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Peckham 11:16 Mon Nov 19
Making a Murderer 2
Is this a serious case of miscarriage of Justice?

Do you think Steven Avery and the boy Brendan Dassey are innocent. The new evidence and his brothers graphic website searches,and watching his interviews again , he so seemed coerced in a gentle manner that he would have said anything to get out of that room.

Brendan has done 12 years of his 29 and be able for for release when he is 59 FFS and Steven Avery 31 of his 56 years. They all seem abit hillybilly ,but something seems strange especially as it divided Judges opinions , with some high profile Judges saying it in an injustice.

Is the killer still out there?

Do they appear guilty from what you have seen or read?



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Bernie 12:26 Wed Nov 21
Re: Making a Murderer 2
Bobby having all that violent porn on his computer is suspicious and both him and Tadych are clearly lying at various stages throughout the investigation.

I reckon there's some more DNA evidence in the Rav4 and in particular on that number plate that's been tossed into the boot. Hopefully Zellner wins the appeal and gets to retest it.

Jose+ 11:12 Wed Nov 21
Re: Making a Murderer 2
True Bernie. To be honest, it's very rare that she'd be murdered by what is basically a stranger. Even more unusual for the killer not to be a partner or ex-partner.

The stats tell us it's that shifty ex-boyfriend.

Something stinks about Tadych and Bobby Dassey though.

Bernie 10:05 Tue Nov 20
Re: Making a Murderer 2
The ex-boyfriend had a note that was taken from her diary that was only ever in the Rav4 didn't he?

That needs explaining

munkyfunk 4:22 Tue Nov 20
Re: Making a Murderer 2
I said from series one.
The stepdad and brother are wronguns.
The ex boyfriend is wrapped up in this too im sure.
Avery was due millions in compo from original sentence, there’s no way Wisconsin or anyone is giving a redneck that sort of cash.

weststandboy 3:08 Tue Nov 20
Re: Making a Murderer 2
....lets face it - you'd have to be mentally challenged to sit through WWE fucking wrestling!!

weststandboy 3:06 Tue Nov 20
Re: Making a Murderer 2
It shows Dasseys mental ability at the end of the interrogation when he asked if he would be ok to go home and watch the WWE wrestling on TV that evening!!

Jose+ 3:01 Tue Nov 20
Re: Making a Murderer 2

That's to do with another case - she's making a general point, not a specific about the Avery case.

At least that's how it appears to me.

dealcanvey 11:56 Tue Nov 20
Re: Making a Murderer 2
Zellner's latest tweet just now:

'Killers beware: you just cannot get away from that pesky DNA.'


Mace66 11:46 Tue Nov 20
Re: Making a Murderer 2
There's a definite whiff of shit about the whole thing and if i had to stake my life on it i'd go for INNOCENT

dealcanvey 10:58 Tue Nov 20
Re: Making a Murderer 2
Also Zellner makes all her clients go through brain fingerprinting tests before she represents them as she works basically for free.

Main reason why she has won 20 similar cases already.

Steven passed the tests easily.

dealcanvey 10:56 Tue Nov 20
Re: Making a Murderer 2
100% innocent. Confident they will be out before too long. Follow Kathleen Zellner on twitter and has since got witnesses with fresh info including.

Witness confirms Scott Tadych (dassey stepdad) was on property day TH vanished. He claims he was seeing his mother that day in hospital.

The evidence on MAM2 not only shows that Avery did not do it. It shows it would of been impossible to do it the way the prosecutions claimed he did.

diehardhammer 10:45 Tue Nov 20
Re: Making a Murderer 2
i firmly believe they're both innocent and the wisconsin justice system is refusing their appeals just to avoid admitting they fucked up big time

if they do admit it, a huge number of their police/judges will be exposed as corrupt officially (even though we know already they're bent as fuck)

If you see kathleen zellner's latest thread on twitter combined with her theory on what happened in the last episode, it's very clear to me that it was Scott and Bobby Dassey that committed the murder

I know zellner is fighting on steven's behalf but there is just too much conflicting evidence that causes doubt Steven and brendan committed the murder

HairyHammer 10:07 Tue Nov 20
Re: Making a Murderer 2
America is a shit country when it comes to justice unless your a policeman or loaded with money, everyone else is fucked and can easily be screwed over by the system.

brick_lane_batty_boy 9:59 Tue Nov 20
Re: Making a Murderer 2
The thing that stands out for me the most is this;

These people can't even keep their trailers tidy - so how the hell could you expect two complete retards to clean a grizzly murder scene to leave zero trace of DNA in the bedroom?

Again, I'm aware Avery is unhinged. But why on gods earth - having served 18 years inside for a wrongful conviction - would you then, within months go on and murder somebody? It just doesn't make sense to me.

At no point during any of his conversations on the phone with family, friends, attorneys - even in interviews do I think he even gives the slightest impression he is guilty.

Brendan is just a sub normal individual coerced into giving a statement. It's farcical and if it wasn't so tragic it would be comical.

I think there is actually some weight behind the Dassey/Tadych theory. The lorry driver that saw the car at the side of the road but was never investigated? Everything in this case just completely reeks of bad practice.

Follow Kathleen Zellner on twitter, she keeps giving updates.

Takashi Miike 9:11 Tue Nov 20
Re: Making a Murderer 2
......and of course they were always going to put the blame on Steven Avery after the initial prision sentence and potential compensation pay out, confirmed in series two by the female coroner who was warned off the case and later resigned

Takashi Miike 9:06 Tue Nov 20
Re: Making a Murderer 2
as I said when watching the first series, there was something not right about brendan's brother and the horrible step dad, so not surprised to hear Bobby was in to the weird shit he had on his computer. also the line about never visiting Brendan was another giveaway

Jose+ 8:02 Tue Nov 20
Re: Making a Murderer 2
The US approach to suspect interviewing is completely outdated - nowhere more so than in their approach to juveniles and the vulnerable.

They obviously learned nothing from the West Memphis 3 case for example - the treatment of Brendan Dassey is incredibly similar to that of Jessie Misskelley to the point where you have to wonder whether 'isolate the dimwit and feed him confession notes' is in the police training handbook.

As for Avery. Well....my best guess is that there's no grand conspiracy, at worst the police set their sights on him from the outset due to the obvious assumptions based on the initial evidence and then - as with most miscarriages of justice - just stopped bothering to look at any other possibility and subconsciously or otherwise, worked to make all the other evidence fit their narrative.

He could easily be guilty, he's a freak with DV tendencies and a penchant for harassing women. However, Scott Tadych and Bobby Dassey have been shifty liars from the get go - and no one but a serious sexual offender (past, current or building up to offending) has that much deviant porn on their computer.

The end phone call on series 2 tells you that Barb knows the truth. What WE know is that it didn't happen the way Kratz and Manitowoc County tell us it happened and that should be enough for a re-trial.

bloodclot 7:09 Tue Nov 20
Re: Making a Murderer 2
Listen to this - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=toYdlGiYY2g

Peckham 2:48 Tue Nov 20
Re: Making a Murderer 2
What pissed me off, they would not even give a chance of presenting new evidence, and also the other members of the panel that dissented had valid points and opinions 3 of them all concluded a miscarriage of justice and coercion. That left 4 on someones payroll with Judge Hamilton the worst with his at no time did Brendan wish to stop the interview or refuse to answer questions.
Clearly the kid was nervous, being spoken too gently but firmly and words put in his mouth, and as reported a vulnerable person. He was most probably too nervous to ask to stop and having no idea what he was letting himself in for. No lawyer present or advised by the Police to get one.

Westham67 2:16 Tue Nov 20
Re: Making a Murderer 2
I watched most of if but the stitch up annoyed me so much I didn't watch the last one

Bernie 1:51 Tue Nov 20
Re: Making a Murderer 2
I was shocked that one judge found the interrogation of Brendan to be fair. Those two cops should be fucking ashamed of themselves.

And don't get me started on Kachinsky or Colborn. I'd happily run those two cunts over

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