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Q: 2021/22 What competition should we prioritise this season?
a. The league is our bread & butter, so this year let's have a club sandwich
b. We're owed an FA Cup after Gerrard nicked our last one in 06, our name's on it in 22
c. A bye to the League Cup 3rd round gives us a good start, let's make it count
d. The Europa is our best ticket to the Champions League, this is the one
e. What's wrong with you, let's do the lot, has the quadruple ever been done

joe royal 9:44 Fri Nov 23
Black Friday.
Is it a bit...........you know?

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Takashi Miike 4:03 Sat Nov 24
Re: Black Friday.
got a brand new headwand, 30% off

Bernie 3:44 Sat Nov 24
Re: Black Friday.
I bought a toasted sandwich maker yesterday.

I am VERY excited about it

Dan M 3:10 Sat Nov 24
Re: Black Friday.
I got 5% off printer cartridges yesterday so I feel like the KING OF THE WORLD.

Crassus 12:31 Sat Nov 24
Re: Black Friday.

Like this you mean

Asda you say? Well this was one and the same - Wallmart

Lertie Button 12:19 Sat Nov 24
Re: Black Friday.
Anyone conned into this really wants to have a long hard look at themselves

the last eastender 12:18 Sat Nov 24
Re: Black Friday.
Always fun in tesco when they roll out the reduced produce.
Some people have no shame or dignity.

El Scorchio 12:16 Sat Nov 24
Re: Black Friday.
I was in America yesterday. Lots of people shopping. I was not amongst them.

the last eastender 12:12 Sat Nov 24
Re: Black Friday.
Trevor b 4.01


zico 12:10 Sat Nov 24
Re: Black Friday.
Had a Black Saturday at my local golf club at 8am this morning. Christ the pensioners like a good push and shove with the best of them when there is a deal about!! Managed to grab a trolley bag for £79 before a Maggie Thatcher lookalike nabbed it, there was a pink one so she didn't miss out!!!

Far Cough 11:28 Sat Nov 24
Re: Black Friday.
Ah ok

penners28 11:16 Sat Nov 24
Re: Black Friday.
Nintendo switch FC

just some SHIT I spend my hard earned on that’ll be on ebay in a few months, most likely

Sven Roeder 9:39 Sat Nov 24
Re: Black Friday.
Surprised that Westfield are letting us play at home today with Black Friday and all

Saw a bloke carted off in an ambulance yesterday lunch time in Covent Garden after being knocked down by a John Lewis van.
Blood all over the curb
Another Black Friday victim

Far Cough 9:36 Sat Nov 24
Re: Black Friday.
What's a switch?

penners28 9:28 Sat Nov 24
Re: Black Friday.
I think its good if you want something specific,

The lad wants a switch for xmas, and as it happens very.co.uk had the best deal on thurs so I lumped on then

jfk 6:36 Sat Nov 24
Re: Black Friday.
*forerib even and the missus wants to get a crown of turkey the fucking dope.

jfk 6:25 Sat Nov 24
Re: Black Friday.
Got my two sisters their kids abour 15 of us all in ,I know turkeys traditional but we're having a forefinger of beef Christmas Day ordered from calcott farm risdons the butcher 85 quid a bargain turkeys fucking rank.

jfk 6:12 Sat Nov 24
Re: Black Friday.
What a load of bollocks ,fucking Christmas is still over four weeks away. I'll go up town town early Christmas Eve with my three and my eldersts girlfriend.
Hit Selfridges early buy my missuss gift wrapped smellys and a cashmere sweater.
The saucepans can then pick and chose for an hour what they want to buy their mum for Christmas.
Then hit the westbury hotel bar for a couple of cocktails followed by a chink in Chinatown.then a fast train back to Shenfield and a cab home. No more booze and in the snore at 11 latest.
Fucking proper Christmas Eve.

Sydney_Iron 12:30 Sat Nov 24
Re: Black Friday.
I thought it was "Man Friday" but he was black according to Robinson Crusoe.....

Feed Me Chicken 12:03 Sat Nov 24
Re: Black Friday.
White Fridays Matter

gph 6:29 Fri Nov 23
Re: Black Friday.
I once got given a gift from the club shop - a wallet proudly sporting the leather mark, which was made out of some kind of plastic and fabric ersatz leather.

I think that's lower than than using Black Thursday in its advertising

ironsofcanada 4:08 Fri Nov 23
Re: Black Friday.
Certainly has grown since I got here 6 years ago.

Probably bigger than it is in Canada now (which also has no reason to have it). Probably because Boxing Days sales are still a huge thing there.

The only thing I used to like about it in the States was it seemed to keep the Christmas adverts and stuff in stores at bay through most of November. Probably not the same now.

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