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Colin Wanker

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geoffpikey 3:45 Fri Dec 7
Re: Colin Wanker
On Cardiff's scouting for January signings.

"I'd like someone who could score 25 goals in the next three months" I still like silly old sod.

Peckham 4:28 Thu Dec 6
Re: Colin Wanker

Thank you for your writing critique of the nonsense writing I emailed you a couple of years back. Sincere apologies as gave up on my writing and do not think I emailed you back.

I , If given a reliable service always tip a minicab or black cab. In truth it was not really my job. Hence not really bothered or knowing what to charge for waiting 15 minutes.

But yes , if I have ever made a driver wait 15 minutes I expect I would have paid either 1. Waiting time or 2. A tip for waiting.

The whole office thought he was tightfisted. Pretty much everyone who was happy with their service at the cab office tipped.

I would not tip a bus driver but would not expect a bus to wait for me to finish a cigarette never mind 15 minutes.

Yes in the past when times were good I would treat my dentist to a game at Santiago Bernabeu when Real Madrid play Elche , his hometown team.

Alfs 4:03 Thu Dec 6
Re: Colin Wanker
Peckham, why do you expect a tip for doing your job and getting paid for it?

Have you ever tipped your doctor after an appointment, a salesperson after you've bought a shirt, a bus driver for taking you to A to B?

No, thought not.

yngwies Cat 3:19 Thu Dec 6
Re: Colin Wanker
If you go back in the Who Archive
I believe a few posters were giving
Him the thumbs up...not me matey.

Gives large Colin sign

Peckham 2:17 Thu Dec 6
Re: Colin Wanker
Crassus 11:56 Tue Dec 4
Well I am alone then - I hate the northern cunt
Sooner he is out of the game the better

I am with you and Jake.

Northern Cunt.

Tightfisted Cunt as well.

Drove him from Bromley Court Hotel down to Palace training ground Beckenham around 2007-2008

I had a box, well quarter share of a box at the 02 , so done a bit of driving work around Chiselhurst to punt out the box to some of the cako lot around Keston and also Chistlehurst.

Was asked as a favour by a local cab office to drive him one morning as I had old but nice wheels and they were short on drivers.

Four pound fifty cab fare , minimum fair, passes me a fiver. Gave him his 50 pence change.

Colin Wanker not want to tip 50 pence. Despite a reliable service , a 15 minute wait for him and gritted teeth smile from me.

He proper threw his toys out his pram over our Great Escape and Tevezgate.

Him and Sean Mr Bean.

Pair of Northern Cunts.

gph 12:45 Thu Dec 6
Re: Colin Wanker
Neil Warnock
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Helmut Shown 8:35 Wed Dec 5
Re: Colin Wanker
A bit of lipstick and a wig he'd make a wonderful pantomime dame

Any Old Iron 12:08 Wed Dec 5
Re: Colin Wanker
Colin's allright
a) He's British
b) He doesn't take himself too seriously
c) He's not another fucking Carlos Kickaball

jakehammer 12:08 Wed Dec 5
Re: Colin Wanker
I'm with you crassus, i hate the ratfaced cockwomble with a passion.

Crassus 11:56 Tue Dec 4
Re: Colin Wanker
Well I am alone then - I hate the northern cunt
Sooner he is out of the game the better

ray winstone 11:54 Tue Dec 4
Re: Colin Wanker
As mentioned on a different thread, I met him early 90’s when he was boss of Notts County, seemed like a really nice bloke, made a cunt of himself when the Tevez shit was going down though.

Sven Roeder 11:45 Tue Dec 4
Re: Colin Wanker
He has definitely calmed down a lot from around the time he was at QPR
As mentioned may have coincided with his wife being ill and maybe he realised that whining about Tevez wasn’t really that important

Reckon they will go down but hopefully they beat Spurs and Chelsea along the way

eusebiovic 11:36 Tue Dec 4
Re: Colin Wanker
I don't dislike him...

He's one of those people who might act a bit silly in the heat of the moment but it's all forgotten about afterwards.

He doesn't strike me as one to hold grudges

gph 10:34 Tue Dec 4
Re: Colin Wanker
I've always liked his persona, even if his teams never play exceptionally good football.

Don't know if his persona reflects his real personality.

WHUDeano 10:29 Tue Dec 4
Re: Colin Wanker
Lot of respect for him, one of my earliest memories in life was West Ham losing 2-1 at home to Notts Country and losing the league title to Oldham - Mark Draper scored two, I must have been 6 years old but never forgot my old man chucking me off his shoulders standing on the pitch when Oldham scored their last minute 3rd.

To think Warnock was manager of Notts County back then and is still managing at the top level now is quite an incredible achievement.

bruuuno 9:19 Tue Dec 4
Re: Colin Wanker
I quite like him. I used to have on vhs the recording of our fa cup semi final v forest in ‘91. Colin wanker was a pundit and was full of praise for West Ham and West Ham fans

smartypants 8:29 Tue Dec 4
Re: Colin Wanker
I agree with you Alvin - never in a month of Sunday’s did He think we’d beat the Mancs and they’d loose to Wigan. His face was a picture after the game, watching him staggering around the pitch looking like he’d seen a ghost

zico 8:14 Tue Dec 4
Re: Colin Wanker
I like Warnock. He was the TV pundit in our 1991 FA Cup Semi Final and had a right pop at Hackett and was singing the praises of our fans in the second half with the Billy Bonds Claret and Blue Army chant.

hammerforever 8:09 Tue Dec 4
Re: Colin Wanker
I have always liked him.

He has a good sense of humour and he speaks his mind.

Mind you, I was really surprised to hear that it was his 70th birthday last Saturday.

Vexed 8:07 Tue Dec 4
Re: Colin Wanker
I quite like him these days, either he's mellowed or I have.

Will probably hate him again after they turn us over.

only1billybonds 7:58 Tue Dec 4
Re: Colin Wanker
I dont know why he gets so much grief over the Tevez stuff,he was fighting his clubs corner. If we were in that situation and our manager didnt speak out half the cunts on here would be wishing cancer on him.

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