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Q: 2020/2021 Where will we finish up this season?
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e. GSB have derailed our season before a ball has been kicked, the Championship beckons

Coffee 8:53 Sat Dec 8
Saturday football
There’s an uncharacteristically substantial programme on today to compete with Christmas shoppers out spending next month’s salary.

This is Liverpool’s best ever start to a Premier League season. The Cherries are doing pretty well, too, having so far collected more points than they’ve dropped. With both teams in fine fettle, this is all set to be a decent start to the weekend’s fixtures. Add to that the considerable incentive for Liverpool to end the weekend top of the table should Man City fall at Chelsea later. Away win.

North-south divide, top-bottom divide, whatever you call it there’s an immense gulf between these two. For David Wagner, this afternoon could be as long and tortuous as one of his namesake’s operas. A return to the bottom three beckons. Home win.

What this lacks in sex appeal, it makes up for with intrigue. Burnley’s inexplicable loss of form sees them off the bottom on goal difference alone. Brighton’s form sees them floating comfortably in mid-table, but they’ll have a battle today. Burnley to get their arse into gear at last. Home win.

It’s Cardiff’s misfortune to come up against a manager taking charge of his new side for the first time. This time last week, they would have felt that the three points were theirs for the taking today. You’d think they’d be a little less confident about that now. Exciting times could be on the horizon for the Saints, but first they have to ensure they get at least a point from games like this. Draw.

Poor old Jose. Poor old Fulham. United fans will look up the table and see Bournemouth ahead of them. Fulham fans will look up the table and see all other nineteen teams. Unless Man U win today, and do so convincingly, the clock will tick ever louder for their manager. Home win.

It’s rather pleasant to look to the prospect of three wins in a row with a high degree of confidence. (You’ve really jinxed us now, you cunt. Has supporting West Ham taught you nothing?) Palace has struggled to score goals – only Huddersfield have scored fewer – particularly on the road. Even with Arnautovic out, we have the luxury of significant goal threats: Hernandez, Carroll, Perez and Antonio. This should be routine. Home win.

There’s a good piece about Mauriccio Sarri on the BBC website, charting his rise from successful forex trader to successful football manager. He’ll need his wits about him to come away from this with a points profit, and it will be interesting to see how his meticulous attention to detail translates into Chelsea’s game today. Pick of the day, after the Palace game. Draw.

Spurs go to Barcelona in midweek. Claude Puel has no such distractions. His Leicester side have been ticking along nicely of late and he will hope to use home advantage to build on that. Jamie Vardy is out, so a good deal of emphasis will be on defence. Will Spurs keep Harry Kane fresh for Barca? Draw.

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Sven Roeder 11:41 Mon Dec 10
Re: Saturday football
Keeps Watford below us on goal difference
They led us 12 pts to nil after 4 games I think

twoleftfeet 11:41 Mon Dec 10
Re: Saturday football
A win on Saturday and a few results going our way and we could be 7th 👍

ironsofcanada 11:41 Mon Dec 10
Re: Saturday football
How much did we get for Quina again?

Sven Roeder 11:39 Mon Dec 10
Re: Saturday football
Watford player had the chance to run the ball into the corner on 95 mins and he went full Antonio

Sir Alf 11:39 Mon Dec 10
Re: Saturday football
best result for us?

Sven Roeder 11:38 Mon Dec 10
Re: Saturday football
Not as crazy as a Watford defender punching a ball away on the edge of the box
2-2 95 mins

happygilmore 11:11 Mon Dec 10
Re: Saturday football
Penalty missed...crazy few minutes

happygilmore 11:10 Mon Dec 10
Re: Saturday football
might be level again

happygilmore 11:07 Mon Dec 10
Re: Saturday football
Watford winning

Far Cough 11:06 Mon Dec 10
Re: Saturday football
A draw suits us I think?

, 11:05 Mon Dec 10
Re: Saturday football
Watford pressure pays off.

Mart O 11:01 Mon Dec 10
Re: Saturday football
Cheers, Sven.

Mart O 10:57 Mon Dec 10
Re: Saturday football
Like I said, diving cunt.

LeroysBoots 10:52 Mon Dec 10
Re: Saturday football
Quina first start for Watford

Sven Roeder 10:44 Mon Dec 10
Re: Saturday football
It was a Leicester player that was minutes late and got sidelined for 6 months

Gomes was put around by Barca. Think us and Spurs were mentioned but he had an injury I think

I do like the way commentators get over a small team like Watford getting done by the refs soooo easily.
If Man U or Liverpool had that offside against them they’d be going mental

Mart O 10:39 Mon Dec 10
Re: Saturday football
Is Gomes the one they signed after the window had closed and couldn't play for ages ? He can play, for sure.

Mart O 10:38 Mon Dec 10
Re: Saturday football
That cunt Success is a diving piece of shit. Only got one eye on it, but twice I've seen the cunt win free kicks with some full on Greg Louganis. Cunt.

Sven Roeder 10:33 Mon Dec 10
Re: Saturday football
Clear foul by Mina
Could have been a second yellow
Everton getting a bit of help

If Gomes keeps playing as he has not sure Everton will see him again
Some bigger teams getting to see his audition in Premier league football before buying him from Barca

Takashi Miike 10:25 Mon Dec 10
Re: Saturday football
really impressed whenever i see gomes play

Sven Roeder 10:23 Mon Dec 10
Re: Saturday football
Walcott clearly offside , moves towards the ball and touches it
Maybe one day we will be given a dodgy goal before VAR arrives

Can understand Benítez getting a bit uppity over the lack of VAR yesterday
That said the defender pulled the player back and prevented a clear goal scoring opportunity so not sure he can complain. Maybe he should tell his players to defend properly

Sir Alf 10:08 Mon Dec 10
Re: Saturday football
Everton goal looked offside. What a surprise

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