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westhamlegend 1:30 Mon Dec 10
I’m going to be in Dubai this Saturday for the Fulham game - can anyone suggest any bars to watch the game please? Cheers.

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REALGSA 11:38 Tue Dec 11
Re: Dubai
I always buy duty free when I land at Dubai.
Cheaper and better options and no agg holding it if buying in London.

yogib 5:12 Tue Dec 11
Re: Dubai
BTW - you can take in 4litres of booze in with you whether you buy it UK duty free or at Dubai duty free, or buy it here at pack it in your suitcase

REALGSA 4:32 Tue Dec 11
Re: Dubai
There's an Official group there. Dubai Hammers.

Nelsons bar looks like where they go.


westham13 4:17 Tue Dec 11
Re: Dubai
Nelsons is the one for WHU over there!

I have been a few times and do really enjoy it but agree anything more than 5 days is far too long

Its not really a place you would want to sit around getting hammered all day everyday. Very relaxing

Perfect for young families, all the kids clubs are 10/10, shallow kids pools and they don't muck about when it comes to security either!

Service in all the hotels you will not be disappointed with.

Granted the documentary on BBC2 last week doesn't paint it in the greatest light but again you aren't the child of a Sheik so cant see where you will cross paths with anything in it.

If you are going to go try and hold off until you see an upgrade offer including free half board otherwise dinners will cost you a bomb!

Be patient with it and its not too expensive to get out there!

Deanooooo 3:01 Tue Dec 11
Re: Dubai
Been a few times, I really like it although wouldn't go for shopping, its a lot more expensive than here.

Good for lavish hotels, unreal service, decent beaches and excellent restaurants. Also the most child friendly place I have been. Price of booze is stupid.

It is going a bit downhill now though with the beach clubs and nightclubs etc. Even Wayne Linekar is opening up an Ocean beach club there now.

Golf courses are great but £200+ for a round incl club hire.

lufbra iron 2:17 Tue Dec 11
Re: Dubai
NS - its definitely not the place to come for racing. Especially if you are a regular at Cheltenham, Aintree, Ascot.

I work in oil and gas so i'm here a lot on business. But wouldn't necessarily holiday here.

For the OP due to come here soon, i recommend the Budha Bar - attached to the Grosvenor. Excellent bar/restaurant.

yogib 2:09 Tue Dec 11
Re: Dubai
NS you can't even gamble at Meydan-need a vpn to access betting sites - but when I was out there there was a Chinese woman wandering around with a bag of cash taking bets!!

Northern Sold 1:59 Tue Dec 11
Re: Dubai
Apart from the racing at Meydan I can't think of any other reason to go there...

Eggbert Nobacon 1:51 Tue Dec 11
Re: Dubai
yeah but you can sit round a pool and pay 18 quid for pint

(yes some people genuinely feel this is a good thing)

boleyn8420 1:03 Tue Dec 11
Re: Dubai
Such a lovely, lovely place, I spent 3 years working in Saudi Arabia before being deported by gun point and vowed never to go to another backward middle eastern country ever again. And I heven't. Below are a couple of examples why Dubai is such a great place to visit, enjoy





Eggbert Nobacon 1:01 Tue Dec 11
Re: Dubai
Come to Dubai, buy the same things you can get at home for 8 times the price, then bore all your fiends with how great it is even tho it just looks like a big shopping centre

lufbra iron 12:13 Tue Dec 11
Re: Dubai
i'm in Dubai now spending shit loads of money

ATBOG 11:33 Tue Dec 11
Re: Dubai
It may be impressive on the outside but it’s a place run by backwards medieval cunts who need putting in their place.


People need to actively stop going there and spending money as it only helps them retain their power.

Charoo 11:24 Tue Dec 11
Re: Dubai
Was there all last week. Weather fantastic, great for young families, outstanding hotels, great service.

So for a week to relax, get some sun and get looked after it’s great and it’s very safe.

So pretty much agree with Duke.

Sven Roeder 8:12 Tue Dec 11
Re: Dubai
Must admit I’m a bit the same
Dubai always makes me think of big shiny buildings & shopping malls where you can buy a solid gold panther attacking an antelope.
Plus Sam Allardyce in his old England blazer drinking pints of wine with Andy Gray and Richard Keys

Lovejoy 2:56 Tue Dec 11
Re: Dubai
As mentioned by Josh, Nelsons at the Rotana in Tecom is where the Dubai Hammers watch games.

Chip butties at half time also. Ask for Dave who runs it. I’m sure you’d be welcome.

Darby_ 1:20 Tue Dec 11
Re: Dubai
The old town, Bastikiya, used to be cool, but I suspect it’s a bit more tourist-oriented these days based on the last time I was there.

If you’ve got a week or two, a drive through the mountains of neighbouring Oman can be fun. You could drive up to the ‘fjords of Oman’ and get a dhow out for a cruise. I’ve always wanted to do that.

DukeofDevo 1:17 Tue Dec 11
Re: Dubai
NO the only reasons to go there are:

Visiting rellies
A week away of absolute lazing around in good hotels with guaranteed sun and good service. Even the ordinary hotels are very customer focused. Any more than a week and you'd be bored shitless.
Good Tommy Bahama shopping

On The Ball 8:11 Mon Dec 10
Re: Dubai
I love to travel, and want to go everywhere - but I'm struggling to motivate myself to want to go to Dubai. I don't love shopping so I just don't ever feel a pull to go there.

Can anyone sell it to me?

DukeofDevo 7:31 Mon Dec 10
Re: Dubai
Used to watch games in The Belgian Bar which might be an alternative if you can’t get to Nelsons.

It was convenient for as I was staying at the hotel it’s housed in. It’s in the lobby at the Crowne Plaza Festival City!

yogib 1:42 Mon Dec 10
Re: Dubai
What Josh said - official WHU supporters bar, used to have chip butties at half time when I was there - look out for a short bloke called Dave and his wife Alison, good people I know very well.

It's in the Media Rotana, Nelsons is on the right as you come in the main entrance

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