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Q: 2022/23 You are the Chairman what do you do with Moyes?
a. Stick with him obviously, he's delivered two good seasons back to back and will see us out of this dip in form
b. If we're still lingering around the bottom three by the start of the WC then that's the time to get rid
c. What are we waiting for 2 wins in the last 20 PL games is reason enough to sack him, go now
d. I've just got my new Orange & White 3rd Kit with Moyesinho on the back, I can't wait to wear it down to the supermarket, they call me Mr West Ham around here

, 11:45 Wed Dec 12
Worth more rent money?
West Ham have agreed to pay almost £450,000 extra per season to use London Stadium if the capacity is raised to 66,000.

The figure was revealed in a joint letter from West Ham and the stadium's operators E20 to the London Assembly.

That letter outlined the detail of the 'peace' deal that was agreed by the two parties in November.

The deal was reached minutes before a potentially costly court case, lasting up to six weeks, was set to start.

Under the agreement, London Stadium's capacity will initially rise from 57,000 to 60,000, with the club hopeful that extra space will be ready for the Premier League game against Brighton on 2 January.

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arsegrapes 5:05 Thu Dec 13
Re: Worth more rent money?
£15 a seat would be about right as most of these extra 8-9k seats are already there up in he gods covered up. That's £135k per game X 19 = £ 2,565000

Kiwi Hammer 1:44 Thu Dec 13
Re: Worth more rent money?
Good business - 9000 x say £50 a seat = £450k. Wow outlay could be paid off in one game.

Alfs 1:13 Thu Dec 13
Re: Worth more rent money?
Isn't that the going rate for a 2 bed in Hackney nowadays?

SurfaceAgentX2Zero 12:55 Thu Dec 13
Re: Worth more rent money?
You have to factor in that the LLDC keep losing to us in court. On that basis, they may regard it as 450k for nothing.

Gavros 12:53 Thu Dec 13
Re: Worth more rent money?
450,000 for 6000 extra punters. Even if they all went out at 300 quid a pop season tickets and no one turned up, that's still a return of 400%.

The LLDC are absolute mugs!

J.Riddle 12:31 Thu Dec 13
Re: Worth more rent money?
At a guess I would think they would get 5 or 6 times that if cat 5 on tickets, doesn't include any cut of food, drink, programmes and or purchases in club shop. Then advertising reach is higher so will increase revenue.

mallard 12:14 Thu Dec 13
Re: Worth more rent money?

simon.s 12:03 Thu Dec 13
Re: Worth more rent money?
We’ve probably paid more in wages for players who’ve never even kicked a ball in the first team.

They are businessmen. What do you think?

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