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Q: 2020/2021 Where will we finish up this season?
a. Top Four, Champions League here we come
b. 5th-7th Europa League is well within our grasp
c. 8th to 14th anywhere in mid table is about right
d. We're in a dog fight before a ball has been kicked and we'll do well to finish 17th or just above
e. GSB have derailed our season before a ball has been kicked, the Championship beckons

goose 2:35 Fri Dec 28
Perez v Carroll
if neither Arnie or Hernandez are fit for Burnley - who starts up front?

i'd stick with Perez, missed a good chance but his link-up play was decent.
Carroll was a bit of a liability when he came on.

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Westham67 2:08 Mon Dec 31
Re: Perez v Carroll
Northern Sold 6:24 Sun Dec 30

Exactly he fits in more with the style of football that we want to play as a team now and in the future. Carroll is a BFS one dimensional busted flush Burnley were all over him to get him sent off and nearly succeeded ,yellow card in his first challenge

Over all shit performance last night including Perez

wanstead_hammer 11:50 Sun Dec 30
Re: Perez v Carroll
Yeh, agree. Ditch the pair of em.
Still don't know what perez looks like, he's been that insignificant.

Sven Roeder 11:13 Sun Dec 30
Re: Perez v Carroll
Hopefully both will be gone before next season.
We need better

camel-with-3-humps 8:50 Sun Dec 30
Re: Perez v Carroll
Carroll at least gives it a go. He flung himself around today and did a lot more than other players. Carroll always gives it a go. Never hides. He’ll take time to get up to speed.

camel-with-3-humps 8:49 Sun Dec 30
Re: Perez v Carroll
Pérez is utter dogshit. He doesn’t even look up for it. Just an all round prick and difficult character. Absurd signing. Must go in January.

geoffpikey 8:23 Sun Dec 30
Re: Perez v Carroll
Still can't decide.

Can't I just have two bullets?

Norflundon 7:30 Sun Dec 30
Re: Perez v Carroll
Like Zico says I have no idea what sort of striker he’s meant to be...he literally offers nothing I’m guessing he’s meant to be like Hernandez a fox in the box type but he’s on his heels when crosses come in rarely shows when I watch him he doesn’t seem like a natural striker even if you see the two he scored the other week both were terrible finishes but he offers nothing outside the box either
After the last two games I’d be astounded if he starts another game
All very disappointing when Antonio had played so well up front in the games he started

gph 7:22 Sun Dec 30
Re: Perez v Carroll
I don't want to go too over the top on how shit Carroll is now, as he has history for needing a few games to get back to his best.

And there is evidence that he's slowly improving this time round.

Our best attempt today, the only one where Heaton had to show something special, was Carroll's

zico 6:52 Sun Dec 30
Re: Perez v Carroll
Not sure what sort of striker Perez is tbh. If Hernandez had been fit I suspect he may have scored one with that ball across the six yard box but Perez was on his heels and I don't seem him as a poacher so can he hold it up and bring others into play? Haven't seen much evidence of it so far. However the final ball today was poor from all so maybe I am being harsh.

Carroll however is a waste of potential talent and doesn't seem to be able to do what he was good at now without looking like a red card waiting to happen. That game against I think Arsenal a few years back was what he should have been all about but injuries and I suspect a lack of professionalism has finished him really. See him nothing more as a last throw of the dice from the bench but his wages should probably be used better off elsewhere.

Full Claret Jacket 6:46 Sun Dec 30
Re: Perez v Carroll
If nothing else can we pay someone to take Carroll in January. We needed a goal and Carroll is having a sit in protest in their half waving his arms about for a couple of minutes. What a waste of a shirt that man is. Has no commitment or desire. Comfortable life for too long.
He could have been decent once.
Perez ran about a bit at times but offered nothing and got no service as everything was hoofed forward or off the pitch.

Mart O 6:42 Sun Dec 30
Re: Perez v Carroll
Yeah, 'cos we were far, far better in the first half...

Keep dreaming 6:42 Sun Dec 30
Re: Perez v Carroll
Answer to this question is NONE.

Play Silva instead

Northern Sold 6:24 Sun Dec 30
Re: Perez v Carroll
Norf.... Perez fits MP's style of play far more than the lumbering oaf... yeah it never worked today ... but in the whole we play better with his type up front... look at that 2nd half today... bosh ug ug football looking for Capt caveman up front.... like I said on the match thread... I thought and hoped we had moved on from that

Manuel 6:23 Sun Dec 30
Re: Perez v Carroll
i said earlier I have no idea what Perez is and still don't. Anyone?

Norflundon 6:20 Sun Dec 30
Re: Perez v Carroll
You know I don’t like Carroll but at least he adds something to the team with a bit of presence but Perez offers absolutely nothing no strength no pace no movement no workrate it amazing to think considering league one players go for about the same we bought a player from a premier league for 4 million and we absolutely got our pants pulled down ,.... shocking player

Hermit Road 6:07 Sun Dec 30
Re: Perez v Carroll
Both toilet and of little use at this level.

Maybe Carroll could be decent if he acted like a professional. It stuns me that a man earning the money he earns can admit that he doesn't pay any attention to football once he's left the training ground. He should be motivated enough to study up on the teams he's playing against. Might be the marginal difference between success and failure.

That's what annoys me most about him, his couldn't-give-a-shit-whose-getting-the-beers-in attitude.

gph 6:05 Sun Dec 30
Re: Perez v Carroll
Carroll, unless we are good enough elsewhere on the pitch of get the opposition chasing shadows*


Northern Sold 6:04 Sun Dec 30
Re: Perez v Carroll
18 games obviously

Raymond Reddington 6:03 Sun Dec 30
Re: Perez v Carroll
Both dogshit, both cunts, fuck em both off in January

Northern Sold 6:03 Sun Dec 30
Re: Perez v Carroll
Perez.... 11 apps... 4 goals this season...

The Bumper... 6 apps.... 0 goals.... this season

last season... 18 goals.... 3 goals....

Last season and a half.... 24 games and 3 games.... yeah what a footballer....

Mart O 6:01 Sun Dec 30
Re: Perez v Carroll
Carroll's fucking shite, a terrible footballer, but at least you know he's on the pitch.

Perez ? He's more like HIV; fucking shite and messing you up, but you don't even notice it's there...

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