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Crassus 3:02 Sat Dec 29
Come on The Gers
Beating the filth 1-0

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Pub Bigot 4:49 Sun Dec 30
Re: Come on The Gers
Fuck off Fred.

Mr Kenzo 3:49 Sun Dec 30
Re: Come on The Gers
When i was young, i had no sense, i bought a flute for 50 pence, the only tune i could play, was FUCK THE POPE AND THE IRA

Barmy Fred 2:39 Sun Dec 30
Re: Come on The Gers
Rangers are blue nosed wankers
Sectarian Glasgow / west cost Scotand - mental when it comes to Catholic/Prodestant football with the Rangers Huns that much worse.
When I asked a die in the wool Rangers guy back in the 80s how Rangers were signing all these italian players and no comebak from the terraces? Ah well see they're proper catholics not like these Finian Bastards!!

It's reported that when Jock Stein was manager of Celtic he was asked about signing prodestant players. he said something like
If there were two players of equal ability avalible at the same price I would go for the Prodestant,,, coz Rangers would never go for the Catholic.

Narrow minded bastards the lot of them

slippy 2:25 Sun Dec 30
Re: Come on The Gers
Hate them both. As bad as each other. F##k that sectarian bollocks.

BRANDED 1:12 Sun Dec 30
Re: Come on The Gers
The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is the official full title of the state. This name appears on official documentation such as British passports. For convenience, the name is usually shortened to United Kingdom, UK or Britain.[7][18]
The United Kingdom is a sovereign state. Its four constituent countries are sometimes considered to be of different status. This view may be supported by the existence of devolved governments with different levels of power in Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales (see Asymmetrical federalism).
Wales is also often erroneously[21] described as a principality of the United Kingdom. The title of Prince of Wales is usually given to the heir apparent to the British throne but it has no political or other role in respect of Wales. The International Organization for Standardisation (ISO) has defined Wales as a "country" rather than a "principality" since 2011, following a recommendation by the British Standards Institute and the Welsh Government.[22]
Northern Ireland is sometimes described by United Kingdom citizens as a province of the United Kingdom, which derives from the Irish province of Ulster, of which Northern Ireland is a part. Northern Ireland also had, until 1972, a far greater degree of self-government than the other constituent parts of the UK.
Great Britain is both a geographical and a political entity. Geographically, it is one island, but as a political entity it also includes the smaller offshore islands that are administered as part of its constituent nations – England, Wales and Scotland – such as England's Isle of Wight, Wales' Anglesey and Scotland's Inner Hebrides, Outer Hebrides, Orkney Islands and Shetland Islands.
The abbreviation GB is sometimes officially used for the United Kingdom, for example in the Olympics, or as the vehicle registration plate country identification code for UK-registered cars (see also British car number plates). SCO in Scotland, CYM for Wales (Cymru), NI for Northern Ireland, or ENG for England can also be used.[23]
The internet code .gb, although allocated to the UK, is virtually unused and UK web domains use .uk.

BRANDED 1:00 Sun Dec 30
Re: Come on The Gers
What's in the jurisdiction of the UK?

BRANDED 12:56 Sun Dec 30
Re: Come on The Gers
Can you have a country inside a country?

Hammer and Pickle 12:54 Sun Dec 30
Re: Come on The Gers
I just love the way you gammons are getting triggered here.

Just admit it - you hate everything the UK stands for because it is an inclusive and diverse entity with all the powers of a sovereign state.

Now fuck off and back to your bunker where you can all convince each other you are being invaded by the EU and the Scots.

SurfaceAgentX2Zero 12:45 Sun Dec 30
Re: Come on The Gers
Actually, Branded, since the discussion is about whether the UK is a country, with specific regard to whether Rangers fan waving the Union Flag are waving the flag of a foreign country, it's irrelevant what Scotland is.

Johnson 12:24 Sun Dec 30
Re: Come on The Gers

BRANDED 12:21 Sun Dec 30
Re: Come on The Gers
When Scotland play football. Are they playing for a country?

ironsofcanada 6:20 Sun Dec 30
Re: Come on The Gers
Here's me just going for Ranger because of Arfield.

I will say there was a great drop ball in the game.


Scott must have spent his visits to Canada well, because that looks like a hockey face-off to me.

Pub Bigot 2:26 Sun Dec 30
Re: Come on The Gers
Norf, he's on loan from Liverpool.

Northern Sold 2:02 Sun Dec 30
Re: Come on The Gers
Whether the Jocks... Welsh... Northern Micks like it... they are Brits... WW3 they will be wearing their kilts and sharpening their bayonets next to the best of us Brits... I mean English....

Norflundon 1:59 Sun Dec 30
Re: Come on The Gers
I thought that Kent kid had quite a bit about him couldsee him playing in the prem

SurfaceAgentX2Zero 1:30 Sun Dec 30
Re: Come on The Gers
BRANDED 1:19 Sun Dec 30

No. Not without the permission of Westminster.

Why are you so thick?

arsene york-hunt 1:26 Sun Dec 30
Re: Come on The Gers
It matters not one iota what you "think of yourself as", or what you would like to be, if you are living in the UK, your flag is the Union flag and your National Anthem, like it or not is God Save the Queen.( I don't like it by the way but that doesn't change the facts.)

Celtic fans fly the flag of a foreign and generally hostile country. (And were supportive of the psychopathic thugs who were the iRA).

BRANDED 1:19 Sun Dec 30
Re: Come on The Gers

bruuuno 12:49 Sun Dec 30
Re: Come on The Gers
Tickle my bum

SurfaceAgentX2Zero 12:48 Sun Dec 30
Re: Come on The Gers
I see hg is using H&P and comma's patented, 'get smashed to pieces and pretend to have won/been fishing' tactic.

mashed in maryland 12:43 Sun Dec 30
Re: Come on The Gers
In fact if you wanna take that yougov link literally, only 28% don't consider themselves British to some degree.

Is that a "small minority" or not, hg?

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