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andyd12345 12:18 Tue Jan 8
In the process of a buying a new kitchen. Got a mate that does all sorts of building work, and is fitting the kitchen for us next month on a day rate.

Mrs and I went into Magnet last week to speak to one of their designers who drew up our plans, and said they’d email the itemised quote across. Magnet then phone my builder mate, who hasn’t got a trade account with Magnet, to ask him if they want them to lump something on top of the quote for him to syphen off for himself.

Am I being naive here, or is this the biggest kitchen retailer in the UK openly doing something that is, at best, very immoral and at worst completely illegal.

Can’t believe the barefaced cheek of it. Magnet don’t know that he’s told me, but I’m gonna he telling them to shove the kitchen up their arse. Or even worse play along right up to the point I’m supposed to pay, then tell them to shove it up their arse.


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Mad Dog 10:51 Sat Jan 12
Re: Kitchens
Got my appliances from a combination of ao.com and Currys (using black Friday to ramp up the savings)
Rangemaster double oven range cooker and yank fridge freezer. Love the ice maker

twoleftfeet 10:11 Fri Jan 11
Re: Kitchens
Lamona is cheap shit how they can compare them to Neff is beyond me.

teddyp 10:07 Fri Jan 11
Re: Kitchens
Try Kitchens of Distinction

Mike Oxsaw 9:52 Fri Jan 11
Re: Kitchens
Have a word with Marko's agent. He's the latest expert, apparently.

eusebiovic 9:46 Fri Jan 11
Re: Kitchens
Lamona is the name given to Howdens own brand appliances...

As good as Bosch/Neff/Siemens according to their reps

Chinny and Reckon are pretty good as well

Sarge 11:50 Tue Jan 8
Re: Kitchens
I'm never using Howdens again.

Appliances are woeful

eusebiovic 10:35 Tue Jan 8
Re: Kitchens
I have been looking around lately for a new kitchen

Went to both Howdens and Wickes but felt that the reps were trying to get me to buy as many units as possible without listening to what I really wanted...when I said that I was sourcing extractor/hob/oven seperately the bloke at Howdens tried to convince me that their own brand was better.

Wickes units appeared to be better quality but I think that a visit to a couple of long term independents might be a better bet...

Mad Dog 9:16 Tue Jan 8
Re: Kitchens
*at wren

Mad Dog 9:15 Tue Jan 8
Re: Kitchens
Well I was happy with a much higher quality kitchen than I could have got a week or magnet at a fraction of the price.

twoleftfeet 7:57 Tue Jan 8
Re: Kitchens
The Howdens huge discounts are a massive con.

Each depot manager is paid a bonus paid on MARGINS not turnover so they need to keep a very healthy profit so these huge discounts are a nonsense as they mean fuck all.

I spent 6 months running a depot and trust me the quality is shit and the discounts are bollocks.

Gavros 7:37 Tue Jan 8
Re: Kitchens
Don Ravioli will be on here in a bit

Mad Dog 7:12 Tue Jan 8
Re: Kitchens
I thought Howden did great stuff.

Got middle end range and it's superb

Someone we know in the trade got us a huge discount too

Tomshardware 6:50 Tue Jan 8
Re: Kitchens
When I fitted our kitchen I did it all apart from the kitchen sink.

Gavros 6:47 Tue Jan 8
Re: Kitchens

Thank me later.

Beat Freak 6:39 Tue Jan 8
Re: Kitchens
For got to add the link..


We went for the below (comes assembled not flat packed and isnt much more than Howdens - at the time)


PS - if you have young kids dont go for the "high gloss" finish unless you like lots of fingerprints !

Beat Freak 6:30 Tue Jan 8
Re: Kitchens
We replaced our kitchen a few years back. Initally we looked at Howdens but in the end went for a Ashley Ann kitchen. It was commented on during the installation that all the trades were in arrangement it was one of the best kitchens they had seen in terms of asthetics and build. Only issue is the kitchens are made to order so getting replacement parts would be more difficlut that going to Howdens etc, not that we have had to replace anything. For the record our orginal kitchen when we moved in was from Magnet, high price and low quaility imo.

Syd Puddefoot 6:23 Tue Jan 8
Re: Kitchens
You already have the design, so use these people and have your guy fit it. I bet it will be cheaper and better than Magents.


Twoleftfeet, they okay in your book?

Westham67 8:43 Tue Jan 8
Re: Kitchens
We used a company called Complex in Thailand all the wood is teak and lasts for ever our bedroom suite as well had it fitted10 years when we built our house looks like new

hammerspain 8:40 Tue Jan 8
Re: Kitchens
Been fitting kitchens for 30 years, used to sub contract for Magnet, and, yes, mostly overpriced tat.

Anyone thats fitted a kitchen will know that you often have damaged items, or need to change lay out, as customers often change their minds etc. This is why Howdens etc are popular, cause all there in stock.
Also, they do a price promise, so go to somehere online, such as DIY kitchens, price up , and Howdens will price match.
DIY Kitchens tend to be better quality than your high street sheds, as said thicker back panels etc, so can always order from them.

When I fit Howdens kitchens , it does annoy me that back panels are stapled along bottom edge, so I put screws in before fitting, as cant get to them once fitted.

andyd12345 2:31 Tue Jan 8
Re: Kitchens
Backpass- the point is, in this scenario, the builder is nothing more than a front for my purchase. I am choosing the kitchen and I am negotiating the terms, who the fuck are Magnet to phone my builder up, and ask him whether or not he wants to con me

If my builder buys the kitchen, sticks on £500 and sends me an invoice then that’s fair game - he can argue the toss that the £500 is his expenses and costs for arranging it all. But Magnet phoning him up and practically encouraging him to do it is completely different.

Alfs 2:03 Tue Jan 8
Re: Kitchens
Contact The Sun. Seriously, they'll pay you £500 for that story, maybe more.

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