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Q: Manuel Pellegrini - What should we do
a. A good man & a good coach we should stick with him
b. A busted flush & he's outstayed his welcome, time to go
c. What difference does it really make who's in charge while the current owners are still in control

Northern Sold 1:55 Thu Jan 10
Nope not a moan about the lack of Black lab icons... but the prog'... been pretty good so far ... not all I agree with but certainly makes a good conversation point... anyone voted yet??


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Northern Sold 4:23 Thu Jan 17
Re: Icons
Not normal Joe's tho' Hermit son... test pilots to begin with ... and then years of mental training ..... mere mortals would have blacked up getting into the capsule never alone have to sit on a beast that produced 7.5 million lbs. of thrust that gobbled up 20 tons (40,000 pounds) of fuel per second... and that goes without his brilliant landing on the moons surface with only seconds of fuel to spare...

greenie1 3:30 Thu Jan 17
Re: Icons

Hermit Road 3:27 Thu Jan 17
Re: Icons
Shackleton far exceeded Armstrong. Armstrong just sat in a rocket piggy backing off the brilliance of thousands of scientists who made it.

Shackleton lost parts of his body tracking in sub zero temperatures.

Northern Sold 2:36 Thu Jan 17
Re: Icons

1. David Bowie … Mum mated with a Border Collie and out popped Mr Bowie… made famous for wearing make up and high heels and singing about sailors on a dancefloor.

2. Charlie Chaplin…. Unfunny British chap … well unless you thought twirling a cane and eating an old boot was funny… made a good Hitler mind you.

3. Billie Holiday… Err… was a prostitute at 11… and then found Jazz… and then found Heroin… and then found death…
4. Marilyn Monroe… Tits always looked bigger whilst clothed?? Loved her skirt being blown up on NY streets?? Put it about quite a bit… sung Happy Birthday to JFK… and then blew him off at Marthas Vineyard.


Northern Sold 2:36 Thu Jan 17
Re: Icons
Latest results


1. Marie Curie... Grandmother of Jon Curie British Olympic Gold medalist in the 70's... invented the X-ray... died of X-ray'itis

2. Albert Einstein ... errr e=mc2 and a load of bollocks about being 0.2 seconds younger if you are in space for a year?? Pipe smoker.

3. Alan Turing ... made the ZX Spectrum to beat Hitler (he only had a commodore 64). Also invented gay.

4. Tu Youyou... err?? Chinese??


Northern Sold 9:47 Fri Jan 11
Re: Icons
That's the British voting for you Jimmy me ol son... I fully expect ol Tammi grey Thompson to turn over Ali in the sports category!!

JimmyT 9:05 Fri Jan 11
Re: Icons
It defies logic that Shackleton beat Neil Armstrong.

While exploring the Antarctic is quite impressive, it doesn’t compare to being the first human being to step foot on another world. The moon landings are arguably the single greatest and most significant achievement in human history. If the human race is still around in 10,000 years, Armstrong and his achievement will still be revered and Shackleton will be a tiny footnote in the history books.

In any case, I think most historians would consider Amundsen to be a greater explorer than Shackleton. But the fact that he’s not British probably counts against him in such a silly programme.

Northern Sold 2:46 Fri Jan 11
Re: Icons
Shackleton and Mandela thro to the grand icon final...

geoffpikey 7:26 Thu Jan 10
Re: Icons
Good to see Tu Youyou in there.

Recognition for the BEST Chuckle Brother, and so soon!

Nurse Ratched 7:20 Thu Jan 10
Re: Icons
I'll be honest - I did expect this to be a moan about the black lab lackage.

You've impressed me, Sold.

Eerie Descent 6:31 Thu Jan 10
Re: Icons

Takashi Miike 6:24 Thu Jan 10
Re: Icons
is Harry Kane shortlisted?

MikeHammer 6:20 Thu Jan 10
Re: Icons
A programme on such icons which doesn’t include Elvis Presley or the Beatles but includes Dame Tammi and Alan Turing is a BBC programme aimed at pleasing the PC public

Eerie Descent 6:11 Thu Jan 10
Re: Icons


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