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Claret Badger 10:25 Tue Jan 15
MacBook Pro Retina users
Dear Toms Hardware

have any of WHO suffered from image retention on older macbooks? Do you still own a macbook that does this - or does it get worse with time/knob wiping?

I bought a second hand retina model for a bag and it does this weird ghosting thing after having firefox open for anything over 5 minutes. Although its gone next time I turn the fucker on.

Normal? Or would you send the fucker back

joke or serious answers accepted


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threesixty 6:17 Tue Jan 15
Re: MacBook Pro Retina users
The first macbook pro retina's had a dodgy screen issue. (I think LG supplied those screens).

Apple gave a free replacement years ago. Not sure they do that anymore (being that those models came out in 2012).

I think I had my screen replaced. I'm still using mine! Best machine I ever bought. (apart from my speakers are blown).

Claret Badger 5:00 Tue Jan 15
Re: MacBook Pro Retina users
but I bow to the sages of WHO

and will throw it back to ebay whence it came

shame - looks nice - but not as a doorstop

Claret Badger 4:58 Tue Jan 15
Re: MacBook Pro Retina users
it was cheap
but reading google (yes all of it) seems most MBP retina have ghosting after using safari - which then vanishes after 20 minutes

thing is - will it get worse?
will a new one do this after 1 year?

my Imac doesnt have this problem

zebthecat 11:39 Tue Jan 15
Re: MacBook Pro Retina users
Although, with it being a Macbook, any repair normally means it has to be taken to bits with a sledgehammer and a heat gun to melt all the glue they bung into those overpriced idiot boxes.

zebthecat 11:37 Tue Jan 15
Re: MacBook Pro Retina users
The screen is fucked.
Return it or get the screen replaced.

lowermarshhammer 11:33 Tue Jan 15
Re: MacBook Pro Retina users
Buy cheap buy twice

greenie1 11:09 Tue Jan 15
Re: MacBook Pro Retina users
Send it back, or get someone to replace the screen.

Dr Moose 10:31 Tue Jan 15
Re: MacBook Pro Retina users
Probably why it was sold cheap to you, although the seller should have stated the problem. Send it back as ghosting shouldn't occur, second hand or not. Mr Cook will be happy to sell you a first hand mac book pro for £3000.

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