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Coffee 11:41 Mon Jan 21
Bizarre WHOmails
Going through old WHOmails and came across these substance-inspired missives.

From Sammy WHU

it is only tuesday and i have maid 400 bills already. hahahahahaha i get the pussy

From Rayleigh GH

Alright Coffee mate,

I had a Coffee yesterday as it goes but I ran out of coco pops before I could drink it.

Do you ever run out of coco pops?

Annoying aint it fella because I bought a car last week so my television just broke and I've got my nan coming round in half hour but I still don't have any bloody coco pops.

I've got plenty of milk though but my tree in my garden has fallen down and the kid next door tried to nick some coco pops last night so basically I can't use the toilet today.

I was thinking about trying frosties this time but my cousin aint got a motorbike anymore so I don't go on caravan holidays which means I have to shave my hair off tomorrow.

Let me know fella.

From Site Admin

You may be aware that WHO will soon be launching the new look site. This development follows extensive consultations and beta testing by a representative sample of WHOers. We hope you will like the new look and will use its many exciting features and innovations responsibly.

The consultations recommended that membership be reviewed for certain WHOers whose posting history has been flagged for excessive off-topic and off-colour posts. (We call this the Great Bullshitters List.)

It is my duty to inform you that you are on this list.

Before you are permitted to use the new site, your continued membership must be confirmed by the Owners/Mods. Confirmation (or lack thereof) will be done by personal online interviews. The date and time scheduled for your interview is:

WEDNESDAY 13 JULY at 3.30 a.m.

You are requested to confirm your availability and online presence at that time by replying to this WHOmail. Failure to attend will be seen as an indication of your lack of commitment to WHO and your continued membership may be at risk. You will be provided with the URL for the interview after you confirm. This will also be an opportunity for you to raise any issues or concerns you may have with using WHO.

This is a good time for you to review the WHO guidelines, which may be found here: http://westhamonline.net/faq.php

You were referred to the Great Bullshitters List for the following reason(s):

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Mike the Hammer 9:54 Mon Jan 21
Re: Bizarre WHOmails
That's OK NR, wouldn't have been the same without a private welcome...

Nurse Ratched 9:45 Mon Jan 21
Re: Bizarre WHOmails
Yeah, sorry about that, Mike.

Mike the Hammer 9:41 Mon Jan 21
Re: Bizarre WHOmails
Got this on the day I returned here in December...

'See your back then cunt...you probably don't remember me but you gave it large to me sometime ago..whenever you're up for a meet let me know cunt'

Mex Martillo 8:21 Mon Jan 21
Re: Bizarre WHOmails
That WHOmail from Rayleigh GH nearly had me in tears.
The last line of the Site Admin is classic WHO, GENERAL CUNTISM indeed.

Gavros 7:12 Mon Jan 21
Re: Bizarre WHOmails
Most of these whomails are Dicksie3, I would imagine.

gph 7:11 Mon Jan 21
Re: Bizarre WHOmails
Most of my WHOMail comes from sane people.

And even the one I got from normannomates could've passed for that.

Lovejoy 7:08 Mon Jan 21
Re: Bizarre WHOmails
Bleeding Claret one mailed me demanding that I fuck off and never post on WHO again - the irony.

Hammer and Pickle 7:00 Mon Jan 21
Re: Bizarre WHOmails

Just a little lighthearted WHO banter, I'd have thought.

Far Cough 6:56 Mon Jan 21
Re: Bizarre WHOmails
Blatant projecting

Nurse Ratched 6:55 Mon Jan 21
Re: Bizarre WHOmails
Toe Rag 12:12


I haven't had any mental ones for a while now. If I'd known Admin was going to periodically delete our WHOmail, I would have saved some of them for a chuckle.

Hammer and Pickle 6:55 Mon Jan 21
Re: Bizarre WHOmails
I got one from Zero:

"Give it to me with no lube - come on, pull my buttplug, bigboy."

Can anyone explain what he wants?

Vexed 6:47 Mon Jan 21
Re: Bizarre WHOmails
Got loads of weird whomail, mainly threats of violence, general insults, red and yellow cards or weirdness like the one below. Long may it continue.

Subject: Oi oi

13:49 Tue Mar 24
Sapnin fella long time no speak Listen got a little propsition lol.
Me and u, 6 brasses, 6 crates of corona, 2L of moet and a fuck load of bitches at my crib Saturday night, already got the diazepam in the post mate lol should be a good one let me no if ur interested mate if so I need to pick a few things up from b and q like more frozen mice for my pet chameleon and a new door mat. Reply soon mate anyway be good to see u


Dwight Van Mann 5:05 Mon Jan 21
Re: Bizarre WHOmails
SurfaceAgentX2Zero 4:56 Mon Jan 21


SurfaceAgentX2Zero 4:56 Mon Jan 21
Re: Bizarre WHOmails
I got one from H&P

pornhub cuckold husband mma russian piss FT

I think he may have hit some wrong buttons...

Mr Kenzo 4:41 Mon Jan 21
Re: Bizarre WHOmails
11:17 Mon Dec 8
YELLOW CARD awarded fella. Always posting shit or tarnishing other people's posts. One more and your out!

Kaiser Zoso 4:38 Mon Jan 21
Re: Bizarre WHOmails
These messages have got a bit of Banksy about them

Iron Duke 4:34 Mon Jan 21
Re: Bizarre WHOmails
I've still got this one from RayleighGH:

Jesus fucking Christ fella I have kissed it so fucking BAD pal but I just can't help but keep running out of coco pops it does me head in son I just love coco pop fella it ain't normal I like to Punani fuck the box sometimes it gives me a great sense of sexual activity and I also eat coco pop out of PUSSI hole geezer before I fuck the pussy

Probably Morley.

Toe Rag 4:31 Mon Jan 21
Re: Bizarre WHOmails
LOL @ erith jeff

Dwight Van Mann 4:28 Mon Jan 21
Re: Bizarre WHOmails
Once had ray winstone in tears because I knew he's real name and watched his shitty dashcam videos of him in his van and saw pics of him in a band. Blokes a mess.

ray winstone
19:39 Sun Oct 9
Congratulations for sussing out my name, great bit of detective work there.
I'm sure you get a hint a pleasure in using it every time I post something but may I suggest it's a tad childish?
Thanks to the wonders of social media it's not too difficult to find out a posters 'real' identity but I'm sure that as it's a forum that most would just prefer not to have it plastered over the website.

Northern Sold 4:15 Mon Jan 21
Re: Bizarre WHOmails
Some of my Erith Jeff's


modern footbal shit i rememer teraces have scrap shag blondy fiuck off home LALALLAA NORHTNER BEAT THE WIFE 0100 TIME I SHAG HER EVERYNITE hahaha lALALALA


Oi !!

Wat glue do u sniff u mad cunt haha my nose is block this mornin pal need tonfuckin get some super glue on there all over the nose n that u need a nose bag for that crystal meth u fuckun lunatic I need some tipexxxxxxxxxxx ahhhhhhh my ex is a cunt mate looool she want me for my MONEY but no moncler for her no more from bister village sluttytttttyt Sammy only like bitches from Canning twon anywa so Fuckd em all cunts

Evo stick Jeff son.... works every fucking time... enjoy.

nt heard of that on umad cunt., haha wait a sec FFS U AINT WELL is that the one where u dip in marmalde in stick it up ur ass FFS


Oi again

bank transfer me some money mate please

ironsofcanada 3:58 Mon Jan 21
Re: Bizarre WHOmails
Erith Jeff's one to me was quite sweet.

"oh Canada is wonderfullll is full of maple leafs and coco pops!!!!"

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