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mike hunt 1:19 Fri Jan 25
Frozen shoulder ??
has anybody had this, or a rotator cuff injury i have one or the other not been to the doctors as mine are a waste of time, they refer you to physios and the appointment never comes, so basically has anyone had a physio work on their shoulder, and have any recommendations

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mike hunt 8:03 Sat Jan 26
Re: Frozen shoulder ??
point taken mike

Mike Oxsaw 7:38 Sat Jan 26
Re: Frozen shoulder ??
The solution for this is provided on the ear injection thread.

geoffpikey 6:48 Sat Jan 26
Re: Frozen shoulder ??
Scalding mint sauce.

ted fenton 5:48 Sat Jan 26
Re: Frozen shoulder ??
Had Rotator cuff surgery a few years back was in a sling 24/7 for 6 weeks but well worth the ag as it's totally pain free.

It is a cnut in bed though trying to sleep as the sling is very cumbersome.

Sven Roeder 4:29 Sat Jan 26
Re: Frozen shoulder ??
Sounds like a Happy Ending

DaveT 4:25 Sat Jan 26
Re: Frozen shoulder ??
Harpenden Mike! And she wasn't old!

mike hunt 7:19 Fri Jan 25
Re: Frozen shoulder ??
dave t where was that, i fancy being pulled about by a little old lady

DaveT 6:04 Fri Jan 25
Re: Frozen shoulder ??
Like Alan I've done both my rotator cuff. It will take about a year of exercises. I had physio and it wasn't just exercises they did. Really pulled it around, God knows where such a little lady got the strength from but afterwards felt really good.

SUM A DING WONG 6:02 Fri Jan 25
Re: Frozen shoulder ??
I've been given the cold shoulder, before.

I wouldn't say it was frozen, just cold.

Jasnik 6:01 Fri Jan 25
Re: Frozen shoulder ??
Thanks Alan

mike hunt 5:57 Fri Jan 25
Re: Frozen shoulder ??
alan : that sounds like what i have, hence why i can still swing a golf club, without much problem, but i have trouble putting my arm in to my sleeve, and i cant scratch my back, with my left hand, but i can with my right

HairyHammer 5:51 Fri Jan 25
Re: Frozen shoulder ??
How do you wipe your arse with a frozen shoulder ?

You cook it till its dry allow it to cool then slice it very thinly like toilet paper.

Willtell 5:36 Fri Jan 25
Re: Frozen shoulder ??
Oh sorry to hear that Comma. I thought it was only your brain that had frozen matey...

, 4:31 Fri Jan 25
Re: Frozen shoulder ??
mike, have you done the reach test? reach as far up a wall with your good arm, measure the distance and then try reaching up with the frozen side.

When I was first diagnosed my bad side was some 7 inches lower by reach. I embarked on the physio exercises and it took about three months of gradually improvement in reach until the measurements were identical. By that time my shoulder ache had more or less gone and I could thread a trouser's belt and sleep comfortably.

SE5 Hammer 3:02 Fri Jan 25
Re: Frozen shoulder ??
Had this - really debilitating for over a year

Cortosone injection and 6 physio sessions sorted it.

The cortosoone injection was amazing was better in half an hour! Just need the physio to keep it from freezing up again.

Personally I'd Pay for it, wasted a year with it.

arsegrapes 2:06 Fri Jan 25
Re: Frozen shoulder ??
Wait until we draw Wall in the Cup at the cesspit and windmill a few into the canal, should loosen it up.

Alan 2:04 Fri Jan 25
Re: Frozen shoulder ??
I've done both rotator cuffs and both took 12 months of exercise to clear up.
Symptoms - difficulty reaching behind your back (like maybe putting a coat on) and pain when raising your arm.
Stand up with your arm straight down, hand flat against the side of your thigh (palm facing inward).
Now slowly raise your arm to the side, as high as you can. If, after the horizontal position your arm tends to drop back down (feels like you've lost all strength/feeling in it) it's almost certainly a rotator cuff problem. I had the same symptoms both times - a couple of years apart.

horrible 2:02 Fri Jan 25
Re: Frozen shoulder ??
"sat on me"

horrible 2:00 Fri Jan 25
Re: Frozen shoulder ??
Both my shoulders have been frozen at some point, not at the same time, and on both occasions the same cure was 100% successful.

My first one was treated in lots of ways. Quarterzone(?) Injections and others that I can't remember.

Eventually they decided to " manipulate" the shoulder under general anesthetic. My shoulder was in so much pain when I tried any movement so I was happy to try anything.

When I came round they asked me if I could raise my arm, I could, and could swing it about without ANY sensitivity at all. My words were , "bloody hell, that's great, no pain whatsoever, what did you do?"
their answer was "You don't want to know"
Then a year or so later I got the same thing in my other shoulder, and they put me "under" and did the same again .

Not sure if I was just lucky or not but I had no soreness or tenderness in either shoulder immediately afterwards and haven't had ever since.

They did eventually tell me that what they did was set on me and pulled my arm in every direction rather forcefully.until I spose it freed itself .

mike hunt 1:39 Fri Jan 25
from the sound of it i dont think its a frozen shoulder at all, i can move it, its just certain direction movements really fucking hurt, i think maybe a rotator cuff injury sounds more likely

The_Phantom 1:18 Fri Jan 25
had one a few years ago.
Saw a physio who manipulated/exercised it but he said it will just eventually come back on its own, in a matter of months.
Mine took 9 months I think.
All fine now.

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